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ITS BEEN SIX MONTHS Imade's Chronicles- Part 15

Everyone looked from one person to the other. These revelations made by Chief Coker were shocking.
“I’d like to ask you a question” Charles said breaking the silence
“ermmm,” he cleared his throat. “How did ralph become a part of this?” he asked painstakingly

ITS BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade (Part 14)

“He has confessed barrister Charles... it was so easy with these files you gave to us. Chief Coker is currently being trailed and would be apprehended once we can get him. Cindy’s hideout has been found. We also found in her custody a drunk woman with hard drugs.”

IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade (part 13)

Philip paced the interrogation room. It was a cold, dimly lit space shabbily furnished with a rusted metal table and 2 chairs. It looked nothing like the interrogation room in the prison he had been kept a long time ago. He never thought nemesis would catch up with him so soon. A woman being one's downfall was the exact situation he found himself in.