ITS BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade (Part 14)

“He has confessed barrister Charles... it was so easy with these files you gave to us. Chief Coker is currently being trailed and would be apprehended once we can get him. Cindy’s hideout has been found. We also found in her custody a drunk woman with hard drugs.”

“What’s her name sir?”

 “Adesuwa...she is also an ex-convict who confessed to being part of Ralph’s murder”

“Hmmm... well-done sir I must really commend the Nigerian police force for swinging into action fast”

“We do our jobs, the populace just doesn't understand the rudiments of apprehending suspects. You actually made our job easier by supporting us with evidence”

“Wonderful, I’m really glad this has happened. Finally everyone involved in this will pay”

“Yes they would.”

“Sir....!” a police officer walked in saluting commissioner of police

“At ease...”

“Sir, chief Coker and Cindy are on their way to the airport, they are scheduled to fly out of the country in thirty minutes.”

“Get the boys and go now, tell patrol to be on the lookout for them, also send their pictures everywhere even to the airport. Get me those two!!”

“Yes sir...” the man left the room.

“Barrister Charles you can go home, we will contact you when an arrest is made”

“Alright sir... thank you for the assistance”

“Anytime, anytime.”


Stephanie rushed to give Charles a hug

“Welcome back...”

“Yea... thanks”

“Have you heard?” Charles asked

“Philip confessed, chief and Cindy will be caught soon”

“Wow…. that's great news!”

“Of course. We can go home now,” Charles said to Steph


 They met Ese at home.

“Ese thank you so much for everything, I’d like to take Stephanie home now”

“Oh that’s great... and Stephanie, Ember isn’t dead; Charles asked that I keep it away from everyone”

“Oh dear lord!” Steph sighed with relief. “This is awesome news; thank you. This would end well after all”

“Of course it would... let’s go home ” he said taking her hand 

“You know, you can always forgive and take her back Charles, she was only trying to save my life” Ese said

“I bear no grudge against her” Charles replied

“But you still love her yea?”

Charles rubbed his head, truthfully, he still did. He loved Stephanie and the many fights he had with her over his brother's will was because he loathed her for hurting him. He looked at her, she was so frail, and the recent happenings had dealt her a blow. 

“I’m so sorry Charles, I still love you” Stephanie looked into his eyes 

“So do i...” he said taking her in an embrace..... “We should pick up from where we left off...” he kissed her

“We should?”

“Yes...” Charles smiled. “I miss you”

“Me too... But what of Imade?” Stephanie looked from Charles to Ese

“She would be fine...” she nodded giving them her approval

“Hey everyone,” Imade walked in hand in hand with Tony

Charles cleared his throat, she had seen them. “errrm,. Sabrina, I really wouldn’t want you to think I took advantage of you when we worked at my place”

“Don't worry Charles, you  didn’t, it was just some unexplained drama, I’m fine, I noticed you two at your house the other day suspected something was between you...congratulations”  Imade said smiling

“I really apologize for...”

“You didn’t do anything bad, you kissed me twice...let's call them brotherly kisses” Imade laughed

Everyone joined in the laughter.
“Baby check the news” Dave shouted from upstairs. Ese switched channels to watch the breaking news and everyone watched eagerly.

“This must be the best thing I have heard all year” Ese said happily

“errmmm...okay since we are in the mood to celebrate, I’d like to drop this.... we are dating!” Imade said clinging to Tony

“It was about time you guys spoke up!” Ese chuckled

“Congratulations sisi,” Dave said hugging Imade....

“Tony that's great news!” Charles said shaking him

“Thank you! Thank you...!” Tony replied

“Now that the dust has blown off...we might as well start handing back the documents to you. I’m sure Ember is better now, we would break the news to her and Tony can officially resume duties as the CEO Duraoils
“Wait, he's Dr Akande's son?” Dave asked bewildered
“Yes he is....” Charles replied

“okay Imade, you really hit a big one...I was a business partner with your father” Dave shook him

“No, you were someone my father really admired, he thought more of you than just his business partner. He always spoke about you and you handled the business well”

“Your father always had a way of making me feel better... I miss him”

“Well, I hope I can live up to his memory”

“I have no doubt” Stephanie smiled

“Till then, I’m still a dentist” Tony chuckled

“Of course you are!” Imade laughed

Charles who had stepped out to take a phone call came back into the room as everyone laughed and teased each other.

“I think I have to be at the station, Tony you might want to come with me... chief Coker has a lot to say to us…especially you.”

“I’ll accompany you” Imade said holding his hand

“We might as well just go together....” Stephanie suggested

“Errmmmm you guys go... I have an urgent meeting to be at” Dave told his wife 

To be continued......


  1. finally, my guys are falling for each other. I await your lovely romantic descriptions

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