Efe's Diary: slightly opened chapters 1

The Exes Series
Who else has a wrong timing Ex, That one EX who would never go away?

My name is Omosefe Adeola Uwadiae and like every other girl, I do have a story.
First question- why on earth do these Exes keep coming back?
Question two- why in the heavens do we ever keep that tiny little space for them to crawl back in?
Let’s begin with mine, how I met my first. The one EX whose window remains slightly opened unconsciously.

I was walking along the road. You see, this thing about being a virgin and wanting to be noticed by fine boys even when you know you’re not ready to give up the cookie is damn real.
I was in my early twenties, had a fine ass, round full boobs and trust me my skin glowed radiantly. Some people already nicknamed me “oyinbo pepper”.  Even though a virgin, I wasn’t entirely termed innocent. I had dated a guy who lived close to my house. Once in a while, we would steal kisses but that was as far as it went. For me, he was a distraction from the other guys in my street. Once they knew I was with him, they stopped flying around me like a hawk.
Well, that was before I turned into a UNILAG babe. I was now in my 400level and all I needed was some well to do dude who would at least shower me with love and gifts and in turn, I get to keep my virginity for him till we got married- yea, roll your eyes.

It was sunny, I had moved to my aunt’s place. What most people did not understand about me was that I grew in a home where poverty was lurking around. We weren’t entirely poor but my dad had a habit of squandering funds, smoking and womanizing. My mother on the other hand was a very hard working trader. She had married my father in hopes that he would better her life by sending her to school but man never did- story for another day.
 When I got into school, I could manage fairly, my skin and looks gave me away as an average ‘aje-butter’. I enjoyed the “hey girl” these spoilt rich kids threw around smilingly. This was UNILAG you are not supposed to carry a placard in your neck stating you were poor. While I wouldn’t join the “wobe girls”, these ones used what they had to get what they wanted for themselves. I would rather find me some handsome dude who would be lucky to have a great girlfriend who was a virgin- trust me, these niggas don’t care, had to learn this the hard way.

So yes, I moved to my aunt’s place. They had money, I mean they had both money and connection and luckily I looked so much like her people thought she was my mother. Trust me, I love my mother, those who were close to me knew my mother. I couldn’t even hide her, I was a spitting image of my ma-the reason I had a life.

So the tales of being a G.R.A kid began. I would meet with kids of the high and mighty and since I was the calm, reserved one, no one had to know anything. My cousins were also helpful, they loved me too and wanted to always be around me. I quickly formed a bond with aunt’s first child- a girl. She was 2 years younger than I was but was bigger in size. Most people thought she was older until she told them I was her big sister. Life was good. My mother had less than one mouth to feed and worry about and I in turn, sent home the little freebies my hands came across.
So this sunny afternoon, my aunt sent I and my cousin over to her tailor’s to go get a dress she was going to wear for a party.
We both walked along the road swaying our buttocks absent mindedly, then it happened. A car stopped and the driver screamed my cousin’s name ‘Rose’. One thing I forgot to add was that rose was the happening babe, she knew literarily all the fine boys in that environment. Someone screaming her name didn’t mean much; I figured it had to be a toaster or one of her many aje-butter friends.
Well, yea I guessed right, he was an old friend. They went on to talk and I walked away towards the tailor’s gate (we were close to her shop already) I gave them the space they needed to talk but I kept noticing stealth gazes from him. I would turn my neck and there he was gazing at me with a smile while he continued to talk to my cousin in hush tones.
 “Efe!” My cousin called to me, she beckoned on me to come closer
“So, this is my friend Lanre, he likes you, he says you have a great body” she said smiling at me and nudging me to say something
Damn, this boy was fine. Dressed in a black kaftan and clear sunshades, he looked tall and all shades of creamy. I had seen him from afar off but coming closer, I smelt him and he smelled great. There was a conflict of smell between 212 by men and an Arabian oud in the air and I knew it was from him. He cleared his throat and took my hand. Rose went on to meet his friend who was sitting in the car. I soon learnt this was a way to give us space to talk.
“Efe, you look really great I must confess” he smiled showing me his well aligned dentition. Damn, my head was spinning, I felt dizzy from the glittering gold chain on his neckline.
“Errm,” I found my voice. “Nice to meet you too.” I replied in a rush
“You seem so shy, with your look one would think you’re very outspoken” he took off his glasses and rubbed his face with his free hand.
In my head, I was like boy, do not be deceived I don’t even know what it felt like to be French kissed, I mean I was only pecked twice by my distractive boyfriend. Oh I forgot to add, we were still dating or so the dude thought.
“I’ll like to take you out for lunch someday, say tomorrow?”
“Lunch?” I mean my uncle would never allow that. There was no way I could leave the house in the afternoon without them knowing
“I won’t be able to leave the house in the afternoon” I replied
“Oh, Rose should know how to sort that, but wait, does Rear admiral still do that to you guys, and you both are grown now.” Rear Admiral was my uncle. He was a retired naval officer turn politician. Every one of my aunts sibling was raised by him because my aunt married really early. They lived with him and most people who knew him, knew he had grown females in the house.
I chuckled. “He wants the best for us.” I replied calmly
Lanre took my number and kept staring at me till we walked into the compound. I know this because, twice I had turned to see if he moved his car after we left he remained in the car and was looking my way.
“See as that guy dey gush over you!” my cousin said nudging me
I smiled
“He really likes you, he kept saying he had found his wife”
“Rose, how do you know him?” This was quite important. I knew everyone had asked her out I wasn’t about to date my cousins ex
“Lanre has been my friend since secondary school, like my older friend” she rolled her eyes. “He used to play football across the field next to our house” she said as we walked into the tailor’s shop
“So you guys never dated?” I asked
She gave me the eye. That sign meant the end of the conversation. The tailor was her mother’s friend and a great gossip. She could tell her mother about this and that would be the end of anything we thought we had.
We went on to pick mama’s clothes and tried a few clothes of ours with her.
“Efe, e don tey I see you o” the tailor tried to spark a conversation with me. I was very uninterested. First I hated to talk, secondly my mind was clouded with Lanre.
I smiled that told her to let me be
On our way back, Rose saw other male friends I waited while she stopped to greet and halfway flirting with them. I loved her, she had a great thing with life, cared less about anything and was real to a fault. She knew what she wanted from life and did everything to get it.
“Fine girl,” she said smiling at me as she dismissed one of the boys
I rolled my eyes, when people told me I looked beautiful, I just thought they were trying to make me feel good. It couldn’t be true, I mean I had low-waist, - sort of sagging butt and my boobs were big which made dem obey the law of gravity when my bra was taken off. I was good, but not as beautiful as they claimed – so I thought
“Well, as per Lanre she continued, he asked me out a long time ago but I didn’t accept, I knew he didn’t like me like that” she snapped her finger
“What do you mean like that?” I asked imitating the finger snap
“Well, look at me!” she turned around. She was beautiful, big hips, great waist, perfect sized boobs and a great glowing melanin skin.
“Yea you’re pretty” I swallowed
“No dumb head” she hissed even though I was older, that didn’t get in our way of being silly with each other. “I look sensual and most men come at me because of that”
“Well, isn’t that a good thing?” I asked
“It’s hard to find a man that would love you for you when your body is always the center of attraction- most of them just wants to hit and run”
I sighed. “But then, you could have tried him”
“Efe, Lanre and I weren’t like that, he was more like a big brother to me I didn’t want to ruin that friendship because he used to buy me gifts and he protected me from all these hawks around G.R.A”
“Oh nice.” I didn’t know if that was the right thing to say but I had to voice out something
“So, I think he likes you genuinely, I have never heard him use the word wife for anyone. You should give him a try and dump that your distractor. You’re in G.R.A now and you need a rich boyfriend to augment what daddy gives you for school and also help them back at home.” She knew everything about me. I was really open with her and she looked out for ways to protect me when the need arose
“He wants us to go out on a lunch date tomorrow”
“Lanre? Date? That’s new! See, he likes you!” she threw her hands in the air laughing hysterically
“But daddy...”
“We will handle that” she stopped me half way. You know tomorrow is Saturday and daddy likes us making our hair.” Rear admiral liked us looking good so she was right
“Ehen, daddy knows I hate to waste money I made my hair 2 weeks ago.” I was the child who wanted to save her father’s money
“Mumu! It’s just an excuse to leave the house. Go out on your date, go to the saloon, lose your hair retouch it and go for your date. When you return, tell daddy you waited your turn to make the hair but the crowd was much so you had to leave after retouching because you noticed the time was far spent.” He would love you more for keeping the curfew.
“I smiled looked at her. You know you’re the best thing that has happened to me yea?’
“Yes I know, I’m your messiah she said mockingly” as we entered the house.

To be continued... 
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