The alarm kept ringing, arrgrrhhhhhhhhh Eseohe mumbled as she reached out for the tiny piece of work laid beside her bed

"I don't have to do this everyday she muttered" just suddenly, her phone rang it was Adesuwa

Ade- hey girl, its 5.30 am I'll meet you up at the junction in 30 minutes

Ese- "okay!"

Eseohe sighed! if only she knew, if only she understood that this car was a burden, 6 months ago her life was perfect ( or so she thought) all she had to do was go to work, chit chat with 'the lover' for endless hours, spend weekends at resort sites, oh how the famous elegushi beach became her love niche, now I can't even bear the thought of going there ( she muttered underneath her breath). Picking up her towel she headed for the bathroom. Why is this mirror here tho!( this was a valentine gift from le boo *ouch*  now 'The ex') 

"mtcheeeewwww I should take this thing down"... she said

 She rushed into the shower and had a hurried Bathe There's no need to look any different, i have changed my wardrobe twice in the last six months yet am unnoticed!  She threw on an orange peplum top, a black pencil skirt with a pair of black suede pumps .... Picking up her hand bag, she looked at the dressing mirror and said,

"no makeup please, am already late for work besides, there's no light to do all that shit (the Generator had gone off in the middle of the night)No light, no admirer talk more of a boyfriend mtcheeewwww" Eseohe bitterly stated. 

Checking her wrist, she realized she hadn't worn her wristwatch, she dashed in hurriedly avoiding the Micheal korrs laying on her center table in the living room, she headed for the broken glassed armirton on her dressing table in her bedroom kicking furiously at anything lying on the floor as she made her way  in the dark room 

"I'd rather wear this broken watch than that useless gift given to me by that ozuo" referring to the Micheal korrs.

 Walking out of her apartment, a neighbor's car was parked behind her (talk about the chronicles of living in a big house with lots of tenants and a miniature parking space)Angrily Eseohe asked another neighbor (Dan) whose car was also stuck by the car parking charade 

"now who's the idiot that parked right behind me"?

Dan- "Good morning Ese, its Mama B you should go tell her to move the car"

Ese- "oh that full time housewife who does nothing but park her hubbys car and pop out babies yearly is blocking my way out yet again!!!! ... Make I reach that door first"

Ese-"knock knock, please come move your car am about to leave for work".

MamaB-- "Good morning (struggling in between petting her crying baby and pushing the older one into the house to go get dressed for school) I'll do that shortly"

Ese- "e better be shortly I nor send you message" she said as she walked away.

Driving out of her compound, Adesuwa kept calling, ignoring the calls she hissed "oh please, allow me drive there in peace instead of this one to enter Lagos traffic to work she dey find comfort, oya wait there am coming".

"Hi Adesuwa sorry I came out late, some stupid jobless woman parked behind me it took me almost 20 minutes to get her to move her car" she blurted out as Adesuwa made her entry into the car

"Ahhh Eseohe no makeup, today na Monday oh! You need to look sharp abeg"

"Since I don dey look sharp who I help"??? Eseohe said.

"You never can tell when your man will come knocking Ese, I think you should be prepared at any time"

"Na wa, na only Jesus them tell me to dey prepare for like this oh Ade, but I hear I go wear make up"

Adesuwa, turned to Eseohe tapping her, she said, "ehen E get gist when I be wan tell you oh"

"Wait wait not be here, see this LASTMA people make I comot this area first

to be continued....


  1. interesting.....i wonder what d gist is. When is ur next post?

    1. Next post for this story is on Wednesday.... But a new story comes up tomorrow

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