Feminism... A curse or a blessing ? So yesterday, I had a chit chat with a doctor friend and a close colleague on Relationships generally, feminism and why there were too many divorce cases on the streets of Nigeria Here's our take on it....Have a seat on my cushion let's talk!

God created the man to be the head And the earlier we accept it, the Better for us.... Am not saying this to Fuel their ego, but a lot of failed marriages today is as a result of women trying to rub shoulders with men. Now don't get me wrong, am not saying a woman should be a slave, but the bible said and I quote, that women should be submissive to their husbands, while men love your wives as Christ loves the church. The only obligation is to be submissive....

There are times, God doesn't answer our prayers it doesn't mean we have to give up or loose faith, rather we have to keep up our faith and hopes so it is in marriage, all a woman is asked to do is submit!

The problem we have today is too many people comparing their marriages| relationships with that of

others, what works for A, may not necessarily work for B.... That your friend has a boy friend or husband that calls her 10 times a day doesn't mean you should kill your man who calls at least once daily to check up on you, he may just be very busy or that may probably not be his style also....

I have always said the only reason any woman can boldly walk away from her home, should be as a result of domestic violence, any other reason can be sorted out! These vows you take on the alter are sacred If you have no business upholding it, do not take them at all

This is my 2cent you may agree or disagree but then the comment box is always here to share your view...

Leave your comments and I will reply or put it up as a post for others to learn from...


  1. hmm mm... maybe you should expatiate more on this... a part of me does not agree with this your view but then what do i really know?

  2. Expantiate more you mean? Okay then I'll bring up a post with juicer details on feminism. Thanks hun and do get a blog ID for easy identification❤❤❤