Kunle was restless, the last encounter he had with Ese was not a good one. There was no way he was relenting on his pursuit for her.
He got dressed and decided to pay her another unannounced visit. Ese hasn't been taking her calls and he wasn't going to sit back and wait till she does before going to see her.
Kunle noticed her car parked in the compound as he walked in... she was around he thought

"ding dong," the door bell rang

Imade rushed to the door, she was shocked to hear the bell ring Ese had called to tell her she was around the neighborhood but won't be home anytime soon. who would that be? she peeped from the keyhole but the face wasn't familiar. "Some randy neighbor i guess," she said as she opened the door.

"good evening who are you please?" Imade asked

"my name is Kunle i am Ese's colleague. Is she around please?"

"no she's not... you didn't call her before coming?"

"no.. errm.. i was just in the neighborhood so i thought to drop by" he lied

"well, shes's not around right now"

"do you know when she'll be back"

"no i don't"

"but her car is outside, i don't think she went too far"

"i just told you i don't know where she went to... you should call her" Imade eyed

"okay... can i at least come in to wait for her?"

"i don't think that would be possible though, it's a bit late, and i don't know you"

"okay i'll wait for her out here"

"okay" Imade slammed the door

Kunle found a brick by their door and sat on it. He was going to wait for her.. maybe, this time he'll be in luck.


Ade knew no amount of alcohol was going to wash away the pain she felt inside. Dave had rejected her offer to stay back at the party, same offer she knew he would have obliged if Ese had suggested it. As she got down from the car, she feigned a smile and bade them both good night "don't do anything silly" Ese had called out  amidst a chuckle.
The girl behaved like some saint and it infuriated her. Dave had been quiet for most of the drive except when Ese asked a question or when he wanted to ask if she was okay.
Ade soon found her way to the bar, the club house was still empty it was quite early but she would sit around just so she can have a good smoke, and a few bottles of alcohol. She beckoned on the valet

"hi, can i get two shots of vodka please?"

"yes please," the valet nodded

"urrm... add a glass of sex on the beach"

"alright" the valet walked away.

she noticed some guy had been staring at her... she was in no mood for frivolities but she needed to take her mind off those two. She walked towards the guy and asked to sit on his table he gave his approval with a nod.

"hi, my name is Tobias, i met you at my wife's baby shower a few minutes ago"

"oh you bad boy, i thought everyone was asked to stay for the after party"

"that shit would be boring, i needed a drink and an atmosphere with puffs of smoke"

Ade laughed.

"you look really beautiful.. i couldn't take my eyes off you now you are here.. coincidence?"

"i actually didn't notice you at the party, but yes... a good coincidence"

Ade got her drink and they went on to talk while they had more drinks.

"you smoke?" Tobias asked her

"yes i do.. why?"

"i wanted to order for the shisha... heard they've got really nice coal here"

"oh really, i don't mind..."

"we could do this every other day you know...." Tobias touched her hand

she smiled

"unless there's a guy around the block who will stop you from seeing me"

"on the contrary, you are the married one.. i am so single" she showed off her fingers

"ahhh! marriage doesn't stop you from having fun girlie... so i'll take that little debut for a yes?"

"well, maybe...."she chuckled

"a toast to that?" he raised his glass

"well yea.. a toast to us" they clinked their glasses

Ade excused herself to use the ladies she looked at her self in the mirror, why was she the beautiful one without brains??? this was Tobias, Dave's in law! but the guy was fine! she thought. There was no big deal if she had a fling with the guy. He was definitely going to keep a sealed lip over this affair because, he would want to protect his marriage to Viv. She was young, enjoying her life was paramount. She threw one last look at the mirror, adjusted her wig and blouse, and stepped out of the convenience.


Ese saw a figure sitting by her flat entrance. she told Dave about it. he was worried.

"who might that be?" he asked

"i can't see from here... maybe you should drive in"

"okay then..."

They both got down from the car at this point, Ese could see clearly who the guest was

"hi Kunle.." she greeted

"hi... been here waiting for you" he stood up

"yea, that's because you never call before visiting"

"Ese we are close friends, i don't have to call you all the time you know"

"well, meet my friend Dave, Dave meet Kunle..." she introduced

they both shook hands

"can i see you for a moment?" Kunle asked Ese

"okay" she responded as they walked away from Dave

"i wanted to apologize for  the last time am really sorry about my attitude and i won't trade our friendship for anything"
"it's okay, i forgive you" she shrugged

"i see you have a guest.. i'll just go home.. we'll see at the office tomorrow"

"its alright good night" she saw him off to the gate.

Dave was standing by her flat when she walked back. she rang the door bell but before Imade could answer, Dave swung her to his side and given her a kiss..."good night" he mouthed
"good night" she whispered

Dave walked towards his car while she waited for him to drive off... this was a man she had prayed for..God indeed answers prayers

to be continued....


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