IT'S BEEN SIX MONTH'S- Chronicles of Imade (part 2)

"i love you very much...."

"awww me too darling..."
Imade gazed at the sun, it shone directly on her today. She had waited for this day to come finally Philip popped the big question

"i'm going to be your wife..... i'm so delighted"

"you are...?so you'd forgive my shortcomings?"

"of course...." she smiled as his soft lips grazed her neckline.

"Imade!, imade!!, wake up!!!" Ese shook her vigorously

"ohhh....... what is it? why did you wake me up" she asked groggily

"it's 11 am already and you are still in bed snoring"

" I slept late; besides today is Saturday Ese, please let me be!"

"okay, if you have to be lazy, go to your father's house and stay redundant, i need my sister to help me with some house chores"
Imade turned fully, pushing the pillows aside in the process...she looked at her sister wearily. Ese had jumped into happiness or rather walked into happiness six months after a heartbreak. There was no need telling the story, it had been on every tabloid, blog and even king Becca had written about it. Dave was the best husband anyone could ask for. Why her Philip had decided to be inhuman baffled her. Why did she have to kiss so many frogs before meeting the right one? She was the heart-breaker, the strong one, how did she fall so deeply for this man? she had thought Philip would be the one since he came around right about the same time Ese met her husband....Not that she cared about marriage, but lately, she had been so eager to retire from the play girl life and find her own happiness like her sister. Where was the God of Ese, the father of Six months miracle?

"he still hasn't taken your call?" Ese pushed the sheets so she could sit by imade on the bed

"no he hasn't" She rubbed her sleepy face

"why would he just go off the grid like that?"

"i don't know...Philip knows how much i care about him"

"hmmm....some men can be like that. I think you should move on"

"it's hard. How would you feel if someone asked you to move on from Dave"

"i don't even want to think about it. Dave is my life"

"you see, more reason why i can't seem to let go"

"yes...but remember how God removed Ralph from my life before i met Dave?"

"yes...to think he hasn't even spoken to me for over two weeks now. I'm in such mess"

"i understand baby..." Ese held her closely

"i'm sorry i spoke rudely when you woke me up...i was just having a nice...never mind"

"dream?" Ese chuckled "i used to dream about getting married to Ralph"

"huh..." imade gasped "you did?"

"yes....but i later understood it meant i would meet the perfect human"

"awww...and you finally did"

"let's go do some Saturday chores"

"Ese you have three domestic staff....i'm sure the house is sparkling at this moment"

"yes...but i feel useless, Dave isn't around and i have nothing left to do besides sitting pregnant...i barely even do my official work anymore, Dave insisted i take time off to nurture the baby inutero

"you and that your husband you are just three months pregnant i wonder what will happen when this pregnancy is seven months gone"

"i married my best friend, he sure knows how to spoil me silly, can't wait for him to get back home" 

"hmmm...spoilt brat" imade laughed..."let's go eat breakfast, and play some games"

"or we could even go shopping... it would take your mind off this pain"

"uh uh..... that's my sister" she chuckled


"hey babe"

"hey husband....
i miss you"

"i do too...when are you due back?"

"you asked the same question last night"

"did i? felt like we hadn't spoken in months"

"i know you miss me... i'll be home in a few days"

"i can't wait!!!"

Philip kissed his wife over the phone and he dropped the call. He looked at his wrist watch... the piece read 12.40pm...he had been a bad boy. Lagos was rewarding but it was time he returned to Uyo.....the only city where all he had worked for laid waiting

Picking up his phone, he cleared the messages and missed calls. Imade had called him thirty-three times in the last twenty-four hours. It was so sad he had to hurt her like that. She was an amazing being but she had been caught in his playboy net. Time to move on and go home to his wife. He composed a text message before he took out the sim card and threw it in the body of water across the road.

This life was a way to get out of the prison he had put himself in when he had married his wife out of sheer greed. She was the man of the home while he remained the woman. "Philip can you help microwave dinner please, Philip go fetch our child from daycare, Philip do the laundry!" all these had continued even when they had a domestic staff. At home, he was the calm, loving sweet husband but he had woken up one day and suddenly realized he could take life in his own hands and so his frequent unproductive business trips began. His first trip had been to Togo but it had been boring. Then months later,he registered for a course in Lagos, and after showing his dumb wife a little evidence, he set out on his journey to Lagos. He had spent eight months as opposed to the six months the supposed course was to take. In those months, he had met quite a number of women but none had been able to make him feel better till he met Imade, with the golden heart. If he wasn't married, he wouldn't have hesitated marrying her.....it was time to go home and leave his past behind him...time to move on, he liked Imade but he wouldn't lose all he had over his mere feelings....."Time to go home Philip" he said out loud as he turned on to the street the car hire was


Imade reread the text on her phone. Her eyes stung from the tears she was blinking back without results
"i can't do his anymore babe, it's over"
Just like that, this human being used and dumped her? she had been the queen of heartbreaks, the one who never attached unearned value to a man- how she had fallen for this one amazed her. Philip had been the calm, sweet and pleasant man; one who stole her heart within seconds of their meeting. Maybe i came too cheap- they had gotten intimate on the first night and she blamed the breakup on that... if i had delayed it a bit, he probably would have stuck around...."i was too easy for him" she whispered as she sniffed and wiped the free flowing tears from her face

"are you okay?" Ese came around from behind the hanger of clothes, holding onto a free flowing maternity dress

"yes...yes..." imade sniffed yet again

"no you aren't... oh come here little child" Ese held Imade who had bent to cry. Covering her mouth with her hands, imade allowed her tears to flow freely as her sister hugged her tightly

"what's wrong, did he call?" Imade simply passed the phone to her sister, she had to see the text message the devil incarnate sent her

"wow, he's such a loser, a bloody coward...imade he doesn't deserve you...he doesn't baby"
Ese held and kissed her on the forehead

"i had never fallen for a man, i usually just go on and off....i had trust issues but he came around and changed all that. Why would he begin something he wouldn't finish in the first place?"

"that's what cowards do, besides, God must have seen that he doesn't deserve a princess like you...shed no more tears for that man...he doesn't deserve your tears"

Imade wiped her face... she looked at Ese, her older sister worried over her like she was given the mandate to ensure her happiness... "Ese, you are pregnant, the worry lines on your face could hurt your baby..."

"you are first my sister before anything else...i'm sure my child understands her aunt is in distress"

"hello there...." Imade turned to see a young man addressing them

"hi...."Imade feigned a smile

Ese knew this meeting wasn't for her, no man in his right senses would ask her out in her current state and so she took the excuse of checking out more dresses to leave the duo

"my name is tony and while shopping, i couldn't help but notice your teary eyes"

"oh that, something flew in my eyes..."Imade smiled revealing her braces

Even though Tony knew that was a lie, he ignored the response and chose to go further "you wear braces...?"

"yes i do"

"i say you don't need them"

"hmmmm you should'a seen my teeth before them" she chuckled

"well, i'm a dentist and i can tell a bad dentition by merely looking at them even with the braces on"


"so what do you do for a living...madam...?"

" imade....i'm a lawyer"

"wow...i hope the person who made you cry is being sued?"

"nah...i won't waste my knowledge and time on a vague being"

"beautiful!. Okay, so i came here with my mum... it's her 60th birthday soon and my sister is in the other end of the shop, can we both have lunch some other time?"

"lunch it is..."

"here's my card...." tony stretched out his hand to give Imade the card, and just then, his sister called out his name

"hey..." he waved at her to come over

the lovely girl let out a wide grin upon seeing Imade. Judging from her looks, Imade knew she wouldn't be older than six or seven at most 

"are you going to be his bro girlfriend?" she asked in an accent that seemed British

"urrmmm...Sabrina, she's a friend i just met today" tony cleared his throat

" okay, Are you going to be his girl friend?" she asked again with a smile

"oh wait, your name is Sabrina? my name is Sabrina too" Imade answered dodging the question

"oh wow, no wonder you are pretty!" the little girl held her hands

Imade smiled, This new friend and his sister had brightened her afternoon

"let's go...Mama would be waiting" little Sabrina pulled his older brother's hand

"okay Imade, please call me...."he begged as his little sister led him towards the exit

Imade sat watching  the both of them, they had such great connection, she would call, she knew she would....

"hey, big Sabrina, let's go home" Ese mocked

"you were eaves dropping?"

"i was....so you new sis-in-law has the same name as you...splendid! feels like de javu"

"oh yea that's true, your husband's niece bears Sabine too"

"yes she does...."

The lord of six months had answered, it wasn't six months after all,  it was six minutes after the text message

oh well, my happily ever after might have just begun she smiled to herself as she hopped in on the passenger's side in her sister's car

to be continued..........


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