Diary of a 9-5ver- Episode 8 (Serendipity)

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Amara rushed to her desk from Scott’s office. That man was insane and only God could save him. They had been together all weekend and Scott still welcomed her to work today with his crazy sexual fantasy.

“You look exhausted” Tobi said as he settled on his desk

“Yes, the weekend was stressful.” She didn’t know if it was the weekend or her most recent escapade

“Where is everyone?”

“I don’t know” Amara sighed as she leaned on her desk

Hellooo… People!” Betty announced on arrival as usual. She was the attention seeker.

Caroline and Greg walked in about the same time. Greg had picked Caroline on his way.
“Thanks George…” Caroline greeted as she sat on her chair

“You are welcome” Greg said as he closed his eyes and prayed for a few minutes.

“This office looks like it would be boring without cosmos” Tobi said

“Would it?” Caroline asked

“Yes now… he’s the happening guy” Tobi Replied

“Well, face your work then” Betty answered

“Where’s Eno?” Greg asked

“She’s not here yet… I’m even surprised, she never comes late to work” Tobi replied

“Yes. I was just going to say the same thing” Betty joined

“Why is this one sleeping this early morning?” Caroline asked when she noticed a sleeping Amara.

“Is Scott around?” Betty mouthed

“Yes he is...” Tobi replied

“Oh no wonder!” Betty and Caroline laughed in unison

Greg ignored them and stood by the glass window. What was keeping her from work? They had spoken last night and although she had been tired from the Sunday running around, she didn’t say she would not make it to work today. He tried to call her then noticed his phone’s battery had run out. He moved from the window to charge the phone while he waited for the device to come up


Eno stood beside her car, this thing had decided to hang her by the road today of all days
What the hell was wrong with her life anyway? Today was Monday, same day she had an appointment with Jayson Emele- her new found love -and now this car was faulty.

She tried futilely to call Greg, if there was anyone she could ask to come get her it would be Greg. His number went straight to voicemail. “Where are you, where are you?” Eno, hissed and walked back to her car, her other phone was ringing.

“Hello,” she replied tiredly


“I’m sorry, who’s this?”

“It’s me Jayson”

“Oh Jayson good morning...” She wondered when she had given him this number; well, with the way she was so locked in with him, she had probably given the man her credit card pin

“Are you okay? You sound stressed”

“I’m not... My car broke down on my way to work”

“Wow. Where are you?”

“I’m on the Lekki-Ajah expressway heading to Victoria Island”

“Okay can you give me your precise location?”

Eno went on to give the description using landmarks.

 “I’m about heading out myself. Just put your indicators on, so I’ll spot you”

“Oh, thank you, I appreciate.”

Eno walked back to the front of the car and closed the bonnet. This was a thing and not a car anymore. No one would call this a car. She sat in it and waited for Jayson, hopefully, Scott would not be at work when she got there.

While waiting, she picked her phone and surfed her social media feed. SHE stumbled upon a beautiful wedding dress and thought, “I should save this and send to Tolu.” Oh Tolu, she had been wanting to call her all day. Tolu had been moody when she left her place after church on Sunday. YET, she had given no reason for it. Tolu was unpredictable when it came to her moods and if she wanted to stay away she would have to give her all the space she needed.

She looked to see a dark colored jeep pull up behind her. Assessing from her rear-view mirror, she observed Jayson alight from it, he looked like a box of gloved chocolates this morning

“Hello sunshine!” he said smiling

“Hi, I’m so sorry I hurried you out of your house” Eno apologized

“If I knew you were here I would have hurried out earlier. Come on, let’s go”

“The car?”

“I brought my mechanic, picked him up on my way here so he’d fix the car and bring it to you at the office”

“Thank you so much Jayson”

“Anything for you Eno”

Eno smiled, that sounded like the crunchiness of Pringles. She liked that. He opened and held the car door for her while she entered then shut it.
Once he entered behind the wheel, they began to talk about everything and anything else.
She liked the man, he was smooth, nice and simple.

“I’ll pick you up for our lunch date later today dear”

“Oh I almost forgot” she lied. She had dressed specifically for today’s outing

“I thought you dressed this good to impress them, although you impress me”

“Thank you,” she smiled revealing a perfectly set dentition.

“You know you look so beautiful” he said holding her hands as he brought the car to a halt by her office.

“Errmm… thanks” she stammered

“I mean it”

“Thank you….”

He rushed out to get the door for her as she stepped out of the car

“You spoil me too much”

“Allow me,” he said giving her a light peck

She stiffened

“See you later Eno”

“Yea... She whispered and walked towards the office. She had noticed a dark figure staring down from the top floor, he'd scurried off when he realized she had seen him, who was that though?

To be continued.................


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