Efe's Diary: Slightly Opened Chapters 2

Lanre called me that night and we spoke. Another thing was that in Rear Admirals house, you cannot be on a marathon call.
Dinner was served at 7pm and after papa ate, we cleaned the kitchen, fed the dogs released them and retired for the night. Even at that, we had to wait for the golden sound- the sound of papa going to his bedroom and locking the door. Sometimes we even planned with my aunt to make sure he goes to bed. He loved to watch the news in the living room even though he had one of the most recent version of a giant television set in his bedroom. That night he retired later. Lanre had called twice and I had to tell him I would call him back on both occasions. But you’re in your room you might ask, papa usually stopped by to check if were sleeping before he retired to bed.

“Daddy don enter room” my cousin told me. We both shared a room while her younger brothers shared another.
I dialed his number it rang and he didn’t take the call
“He didn’t pick” I told her
“Maybe he wants to call you back, he probably doesn’t want to use your airtime”

“Talk of the devil” I said raising my ringing phone
“Hello Lanre” I chuckled
“Eh, eh love nwatiti!” my cousin whispered. She stood to go to the bathroom while I spoke with my new found love.
“Okay, I am Lanre but my English name is Larry, so stick with Larry”
“Why? I like the name Lanre”
Well, it may be hard for you to pronounce besides everyone except your cousin calls me Larry.
“My mother is Yoruba, I even have a Yoruba name” I chuckled
“Oh really, that’s great what’s it?”
“Oh nice one, Deola I really like you. I have never been drawn to anyone like I am to you.”
My stomach knotted in a sweet way
“Maybe seeing you tomorrow would make me say all the things I have reserved to say to you”
“Oh Alright what do you do?” I asked
“I work for myself. I own the Turn-nights club”
“Oh, a party rocker” I smiled
“Well, I like show biz and once I got the needed cash, I invested into show biz, I also own a few restaurants, saloon and a lounge in town”
 “You sound pretty achieved, how old are you?”
“I’m 29, turning 30 in a few months”
“Your birthday?” I wanted to know everything
“July 10th
“Oh, I’m just a couple of days away from you, I’m July 30th   and I turn 24 this July”
“See, we have many things in common. I like you Efe, I think what I even feel is way more than likeness”
I went mute. He sensed he had made me uneasy.

“And you deola? What do you do? Your cousin told me you were in UNILAG studying Pharmacy”
Yes, I’m in my 400level
“That’s good, beauty with brains”
“Please don’t wash me” I replied laughing
“Oh wait, you think you’re not pretty? Even my friend who was in the car with me when I saw you was tripping and saying, I had found my wife.” Larry went on to speak about the qualities that attracted him… “And your innocence”
My pulse raced. How did he sense that? My cousin didn’t even know I was a virgin. I wanted to give them that mindset that I was experienced I mean, if I told her I was a virgin, she wouldn’t be free with me, she was not, she had a boyfriend and he was her first I also needed to belong- first mistake
“I am not entirely innocent” I replied calmly
“I do not know what it is, but I sense peace with you”
“Omo, this guy was smitten o. for me, it was just mere crush, mere emotional feeling but I could tell this guy was smitten.” Thread cautiously I thought
“Okay, I don’t want to sound too in a rush, let’s wait till we see tomorrow” he said
“Alright Larry”
“Sleep well Efe.” He said ending the call
I looked at the screen to my phone. Even though I knew what I felt wasn’t love. It wasn’t exactly how they said it would be. I had grown up reading books from Mills And Boons and I didn’t feel any of that type of way. But I wanted this. I wanted to experience this with this person but another problem, I had a distractor. So called boyfriend
My cousin came in with a funny smile on her face
“You guys took a while”
“Yea, he kept blabbing about liking me”
“It’s no blab Efe, he really does”
Just then the bolt to daddy’s room door sounded… “creek”
Shift, shift, shift, Rose said jumping in bed with me.

To be continued....

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  1. I'm trying to understand why you posted this short piece. Mtchw

    1. Nor vex now, I had to reduce it so you'd crave for more

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  4. Ada, this one is short o ah! Make it longer next time. I used to have this kinda sweet cousin o ijeluv, God rest her soul.

  5. I'm such a loveydovey person see me smiling at their convo. So wait, Lanre will eventually be Deola/Efe's ex? They started on a good foot tho. Wish they stayed together forever.

    1. Don't we all wish we could be with some persons forever?

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