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from my Instagram page:

They keep saying "if you continue like this,you wont have any friends".

 I agree no man is an island but we shouldn't allow demons into our lives all because we want to be tagged as people with friends, there are still loyal and real ones out there. I refuse to accept any form of friendship that's deceitful, vague and unreal. if you know me well, then you know i don't conform to just any friendship! i see so many pretend friendships around me and you hear them say "abeg na pretend we dey pretend for each other".

 What does that even mean? i cannot pretend with you, if i have my reservations about you, i keep my distance. If you used to be my pretend friend,and i get a glimpse of your real self, i stay away. There is no common ground about it, we meet at events and exchange pleasantries doesn't mean we are friends i see women in each others homes/ bedrooms every other day and you hear them say "she nor be my friend" LOL please what are you saying? how can i break bread with a phony? even when they manage to call you friend? they lie through their teeth and manipulate situations. 

No i will not call you my friend if we don't talk every other day because my real friends know how we ball. I don't do pretend friendships because if you know me well you know how open i can be when i call you my friend, so why should i be friends with you and hide the real me all because i want to level up to your distasteful, pretentious and fake life? i don't need validation from women who haven't realized their worth know themselves or how to live without envy or jealousy! if i ever considered you a friend and i stop being how or what we used to be, please am not your friend, "i get am before nor be property" am in my lane sipping my tea trying to get my goals undisturbed this is 2017 everyone needs to know where they belong in people's lives, stop faking friendships and ties that won't add positivity to your life, stop all that nonsense it actually irritates when i see those kind of friends acting like best friends but they ain't shit to each other....

I actually conform to this write up. i'll be reading comments let me know your take on this. 


  1. Personally, I don't trust females. Girls lie too much and when they don't lie, they are extremely jealous. I agree with this

  2. Pretence! Why is it that most female friendships are coated with envy? I support the writer.

    1. Its in a girl's nature to be envious. The key is guarding your heart jealously. Well, I hardly keep female friends and I don't have strength for the usual hating. I lost a boyfriend to a back stabbing friend and I pushed them out of my life because I realized they both deserved each other.

    2. I have had my own share of bad friendships y'all but then, I realized recently that there are a few good ones. Be as selective in making friends as you would when trying to get a dress in a heavily packed wardrobe. There are good ones|one. The key isn't to have them trooping, its to have one who is God fearing, and not a user.

  3. Girls, girls when are we going to start loving ourselves genuinely? I once had this friend that was in constant competition with me I just couldn't deal. I broke off the friendship immediately

    1. Any competitive friendship isn't a healthy one. Thank God you broke off dearie


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