WORK KPALAVA - Lagos waka

Phewww....i sighed as i walked through the streets of Lagos. Someone cannot find a good job in this town? i was a nurse i had just graduated all i needed was a good job. it seemed B.sc nursing was new in town as every hospital i walked into, the receptionist/secretary gave me the confused look each time i told them i was a B.sc nurse.
This was the exact reason i left Benin city that place! how a doctor priced my services for N35,000 still baffles me. Hiannn i had graduated with a B.sc bros, i wasn't an auxiliary nurse asking me to work for 30 days to earn N35,000 was  an insult.

I decided to try Lagos, the annoying body traffic on the mainland drove me to the almighty island now i could not find a job. The small money when i get i don use am print CV tire... Haba! luck shine on me now.

 As i walked into Lekki, i expected more after all this was Lekki phase 1 i suppose see better offer here now i walked into several places and got the usual response, "there is no vacancy".

The annoying thing about this job hunt was the fact that i had to trek long distances. Enter bike? omo you fit miss hospital for road o as the bike man go use short cut when you nor know. Enter keke? you will get too comfortable and miss your way too so trekking was the real deal. You trek under the sun and buy cold pure water to ease your hurt Na wa! i was told nursing was lucrative but as e be "lucray" nor dey this matter ooo.

The most interesting part of this trek was the fact that horny yeye boys would stop for you. okay now! with my hips who wouldn't stop to help a JJC. Lagos can jonz you though. That's how one guy stopped to help me and asked me -"oh would you like to work as an entertainer? i have an opening for OAPs' your voice is awesome". Even though i wanted a job, i couldn't be fooled i attended Delta state university for crying out loud! Warri nor dey carry last kpata kpata na draw! who was going to be an idiot? saying you have a job for a jobless female graduate was an easy pass into Jerusalem! bros kolewerk. Anyway, i just calmly replied-"oh well i don't mind o any job is a job as far as i get paid". 

My plan was to engage him in a lively conversation while i enjoyed his AC and looked out for more hospitals to drop my cv! who be mumu?


  1. I laughed all through. This is actually hilarious. Kudos Becca I just subscribed to your posts

    1. Hahahahahah... Lasgidi for life! But come to think of it. Nurses get jobs now maybe you nor waka well. This narration made me laugh I swear. Wehdone ma.

    2. I like your plan. Lol. We should all have this kind of plan so how far? Did he woo you or what?

    3. Thank you darlings. My dear Gold being a Nurse doesn't guarantee You a good job o. I'll do a post on the hurdles of nursing job soon. Blog lord of course he wooed me but like I said in the post, I knew he just wanted to zap in and out of my panties so I never gave room for that.
      Dear anonymous thanks for subscribing you can also comment with your gmail account so we can all identify ourselves. Kisses y'all💋💋

  2. Lagooosssss! Becky did you enjoy any nice place ? Give us gist on places one can have fun. I am currently working in lagos. I just moved here and I hear it's so much fun