I woke up this morning to an article from one of the Oyedepo's family on getting married. either we all like it or not, getting marital advice from someone whose marriage has worked for decades, is a blessing. Don't just read, send the link to any single friend of yours, comment and also encourage others to learn from this piece.
Here it goes,
"Don't marry any man or woman based on their financial status or physical appearance please. That will be one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make! Money or a good looking man or woman cannot give you genuine joy or peace. 
Be futuristic in your choice of a potential spouse. Is he or she adding value to you? Will he or she be an asset in helping you fulfill your assignment in life? Does he or she draw you closer to God? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being attracted to them but never lose sight of what is more important. That man may be tall dark and handsome, and he may have all the money in the world but if he has a bad character, why carry on? If he is dishonest, lazy, disrespectful, etc, why do you keep forcing the relationship? Don't you know you will be affected by all that in marriage?

That woman is absolutely gorgeous, but she is quarrelsome, she is not prudent, she behaves foolishly as described in the bible among other things; it would be foolish of you to carry on. Yes we all need to improve in various aspects but if that potential spouse is not interested in changing to become better, you'll have yourself to blame if you carry on with her because of how fine she is. When she makes trouble for you at home, will how she looks console you? Be futuristic! Single ladies, stop going around looking for an already made man. There is nothing wrong in marrying a man who has made it but it should never be your focus. Look at the potential in that man. Is he hardworking? Is he diligent? Is he focused? If all that is within him and He has God on his side, why are you worried about where he is now? To build anything in life, you must start from the ground. So believe in him, pray for him, encourage him. 

My point is that don't be so focused on material things or physical appearance; those things will fade away whether we like it or not; it is the worst foundation to build a marriage upon. Every home that is built on such a foundation eventually crumbles. That won't be your testimony.

 However, remember that the steps you take and the choices you make will determine your experience" -

 Kemi O @theoyedepojnrs 


  1. Marriage marriage marriage can they just allow us be single in peace?

    1. This topic cannot be over emphasized witht he rate at which people divorce they need to write more books on marriages. Half the time most people marry for the. Benefit they stand to gain. Am tired of divorce cases being brought to court daily. As a lawyer, I hope and pray that we don't end up having all kids in the next generation from broken homes.

    2. Lawyer! And your tenses are this bad. Na wa o. Its people like you that will ask women to die in marriages. While divorce is not okay, I strongly believe that any home with irreconcilable differences should dissolve

    3. Bose, as per the anonymous Lawyer,it could be typographical error you know.
      But then what is 'irreconcilable differences' this is why this post was put up. The things that cause those differences are what we are blinded by during courtship. If we marry for love, companionship and take the union as God's purpose, we won't be having those differences anyway.

    4. being single is a beautiful thing but the best time to prepare for marriage is when you are single so it cannot be over emphasized