Double Spear- Episode Three

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Osarodion was agitated. He had noticed those two at the cafeteria having lunch together again. “That irritant won’t learn,” he hissed loudly. 

He liked that girl. -There was an aura about her, she moved gracefully and had a poise most could not pull off. 

The only reason that stupid boy had failed his course last year was because he defied him. He had scored highest in the previous exams, apparently the irritant studied the course well but if he had given him his actual score, other students would think they could rely on textbooks and refuse to buy his handouts, an important source of income for him. 

He checked his ringing phone to see who was pestering him. “What is it?!” He asked angrily when he picked his wife’s call. 

“Ah, ahn, Odafemwen {meaning my husband}” Omosede’s rich Benin accent did not interfere with her sultriness. 

“What?” he relaxed a bit. 

“I made your favourite, ikpowu soup {this was a native Benin soup made from cotton seeds} and I wanted to know if you don't mind coming home for lunch” she chuckled.

“Thank you, but I do not think I want food right now” he hissed. 

“I hope the upcoming exams are not stressing you?” She tried to probe the cause of his sour mood. 

“And what would you know about exam week?” His wife had attended the Edo State College of Education and married him as an American returnee who could free her from the clutches of the extreme poverty her family suffered, so he looked down on her and never failed to show it.

“You have started o, I am also an NCE holder naw, why wouldn’t I know about exams?” she threw back at him. 

“That’s your business!” he spat. “If you have nothing more to say to me, just leave my phone.” He said then hung up the call. 

He paced the small office as he deliberated A plan. “That twat will suffer for this!” he fumed. 



Omosede looked at her phone worriedly, wondering why her husband was in such a sour mood. Osarodion was not the best of husbands, but he was a providing father, their two children were currently schooling in Ghana fully funded by him and he had even helped to send her three siblings to the university years before. That was why her parents reminded her that their family’s livelihood was tied to him whenever she tried to complain of his incessant cheating. 

She knew this anger was probably related to one of his numerous side chicks. As a wife, she had done her best to make him happy and satisfied. She did not pursue further education or a job because he did not want it and though the main reason had been for her to raise their kids, he still insisted she could not return to work now that the kids are grown and away from home. She would stay home daily, bored out of her mind until he returned at night to be catered to. Most of her friends were businesswomen and had business empires of their own. 

She picked her purse. If he was not ready to eat the soup, she had taken so much time to cook, she might as well go over to her friend’s place. She took one last look at the living room as she used the dining room mirror to check her makeup. 

“Kayode!” She called the driver. 

“Yes Madam!”

“Get the car ready, we are going out”



Tayo smiled as she watched Dayo, he made her so happy. She blushed when he caught her gaze.

“Babe, why are you staring at me like that?” He asked. 

“Nothing, I just think you look amazing when you smile.” She chuckled.

He laughed. “You know sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky. I mean, no one will believe I would land such a beautiful girl, talk more of someone way above my league.”

“What do you mean, way above your league?” She smirked. 

“Well, thanks to last year’s failure, I am still an undergraduate while you…errrm…”

“Don’t do that babe…” Tayo took his hand. “Don’t do that. I love you and no, I am not in any league. Remember we have always been playmates? since primary school.”

“Yea I do, and I always wished you would marry me as a child.” He winked, then brought his other hand to cover hers. 

“Wait. What? You were the coolest kid everywhere Dayo, at school and in the neighbourhood… all the girls wanted to be around you... I was so shy, especially with my huge block glasses” She laughed.

“Nah, you have always been beautiful. I had a huge crush on you from primary 2, the first class we shared, and I was tongue tied the first time you said hello to me, I wanted the ground to save me.”

This time, Tayo laughed out so loud, it drew stares from most people in the cafeteria. 

“Oh my...” she said self-consciously. 

“Why do you care?” He asked motioning the cafeteria.

“I don’t!” She laughed again. This time no one looked.

“You know I saw Osarodion storm out of here.” He continued eating his food.

“Babe you read the meaning to too many things; I doubt he even saw us.” 

“He was across the room for a few minutes waiting for his to-go order to come through and I saw him.” 

“You do not have to bother about that. I have learned he won’t be marking the exams this year. The other assisting lecturer and I for the course will do the marking, best believe you will get what you deserve this time.”

“I really hope to study hard and get out of this place babe. My dad is so angry at me, we have not spoken in months.”

“You should call him you know” 

“I have done so many times; he ignores my calls. You know he always wanted me to study medicine so this study path, my monthly podcast and YouTube thing gets on his last nerve.” 

“Have you told him how much one of these “things” fetches you? or that you really enjoy doing this? You practically live like a king, and I have seen your ratings on the social media space babe.” 

“He does not care. To him, all these social media things don't matter.”

“He’ll come around. meanwhile, congratulations again on the Samsung influencing deal”

Dayo grinned widely, her opinion really mattered to him. “Well, look at me. I mean, I work really hard to keep these things going and once I get my degree, I was hoping to work for BBC pidgin, they actually reached out to me asking if I had any local news I wanted to share.”

“Soon babe, soon. You’ll get your gig” She smiled. 

“Let's get out of here” he said, signalling their server to bring the bill.

to be continued.....

Disclaimer- All stories on this blog are completely fictional and are products of the writer's imagination.


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