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Thanks for your comments

I'm so appreciative of your support.

Nigerian Wedding Brouhaha- Be different!

Holla! Que Pasa? i presume you all are well. This section has been quiet. Well, that's because i haven't been to any weddings in recent times until last-week when i had two invites; one was from my bosom friend and the wedding was held in delta state; unluckily i couldn't meet up- blame it on nursing i had to work on that day. Luckily, a colleague of mine also wedded on the-same day and i had to go slay, slay, slay.... 

Married singles and complicated - The Reveal

"Where's George, George where are you?" Tonia murmured unconsciously.

"Tonia he's fine... Tonia, can you hear me?" Ego shook her hand

Married, Single and Complicated- Trouble comes to town

Tonia paced in her little office. She had a feeling something was wrong but couldn't place her finger on it.

"Tonia are you okay?" Celia walked into the tiny office