Married, Single and Complicated- Trouble comes to town

Tonia paced in her little office. She had a feeling something was wrong but couldn't place her finger on it.

"Tonia are you okay?" Celia walked into the tiny office

"Yea..Yea I'm fine"

"You don't seem fine, why are you pacing about?"

"I.. I.. Just....never mind' she brushed off the topic

"You can talk to me babes, I don't like the way you look. You look terrible"

"I sense something bad is about to happen"

"sense, you and these your senses. It's your seventh month, you are just being uneasy because your EDD is fast approaching and maybe because your boss has asked that you stop work for now; you know being idle is not one of your favorite things."

"I don't think so...I just have this feeling there's doom lurking around"

"There's no doom! Enough with your assumptions. Come sit, I'll go get you food. I wanted us to go for lunch anyway; stay put, I'll go to the canteen and get food for us"

"Thanks dear...Please help me pass my phone it's ringing"

"Okay...." Celia passed the small phone to her. "This phone needs a break" she chuckled

"I didn't tell you my husband found a job, I'll get the much deserved break soon... Hold on, I have to take this call" she waved at Celia

"Good day"

"Good day Ma, is this Mrs Tonia?"

"Yes it is...Who am I speaking with?"

"My name is Dr Ben, your husband was rushed to the Hope land Medical center in Victoria Island"

"What do you mean my husband was rushed to the hospital!" Tonia jumped off her seat

"He was involved in a ghastly motor accident we are trying to revive him. Please find your way Here madam. Thank you" He hung up

"Oh my God! I knew it! I felt it....I knew something was wrong" Tonia cried

"Tee relax what's going on, what's wrong with George?"

"George has been in an accident, I've been asked to come to Hope land hospital in VI...Oh Jesus....My waist!"  she gnashed her teeth from the painful contractions

"Wait wait....tee take it easy...Somebody help!" Celia screamed

"My waist, cee cee my waist...I'm in pain"

"Tonia please don't do this; hold on please...Somebody help!" she screamed again

Tonia's other colleagues and a security guard rushed into the office and assisted Tonia to the car. Celia drove off hurriedly. If anything had happened to George, Tonia would not make it alive in this state if she delayed further. "Get out of my way!" She shouted at the driver of an incoming vehicle. "Don't worry tee, breathe in and out slowly you'd be fine" Celia reassured

"My George....Where's my George?" Tonia groaned in pain

"George will be fine....Just be strong for me please, be strong for George"

Celia rushed into the hospital and called for help. Tonia had slumped in the car, the distance from her office to the hospital was long and the traffic didn't help matters.

"Celia what's going on, why are you here?" Ego's voice rang from behind.

"Tonia is in the car she's gone into labor...what are you doing here, I thought today was your day off?"

"I had to come in...The hospital called that George had been hospitalized; i thought Tonia stopped going to work"

"Yea today was supposed to be her last day at work. I was at her office to help pack her stuff and also drive her home. The news actually forced her into labor"

"Oh dear Lord! She's not due for 2 months....Where's she?"

"In the car outside"

Ego called on two assistants who helped her in wheeling Tonia to the critical care unit of the hospital. A doctor walked in, introduced himself as Dr Ben and suggested that she should be operated on immediately.

"I need to call my parents...I can't do this alone Celia" Ego cried

"I'm here for you Ego, call them but I'll be here till Tonia delivers that baby and George, How's he?

"He in the ICU too; I haven't seen him yet, but I heard his prognosis is poor."

"Oh Lord... This isn't great news"

"It isn't...Excuse me, I need to sign the consent form for Tonia's surgery"

"Alright...Go on, I'll call your parents and my mum"

"Thank you...." Ego sniffed


Remi kissed chief Mrs... She was older, bolder and daring; that was the best description he had for this woman. Lisa was young and beautiful but Chief Mrs was better in other ramifications.She was a widow yet young at heart, she was  generous. With her and Lisa, he would be retiring from this lifestyle soon.

"Remi pass me the phone please"

"Here you go"

"Hi baby girl," Chief Mrs grinned

"Mummy, George has just been involved in a motor accident"

"George, Tonia's husband?"

"Yes mummy..."

"Oh My God! where is he now, and you?"

"I'm at the hospital I brought Tonia here when she went into labor as she heard the news"

"Oh my dear child.  I hope the baby survives this"

"She's in good hands. I just thought to let you know mum..."

"Celia, please take it easy, I know how close you two are, please take it easy"

"I will mum.. Find your way here; Tonia's mum would be needing all the support she can get."

"I'll be there shortly. Send me the address"

"Alright mum"

Madam Adebisi kept her phone in her purse as she stood to dress up. "Get dressed, I have an emergency"

"What's wrong?" Remi asked

"Family matter...My God daughter's husband was involving in a ghastly motor accident"
"Oh that's sad...I hope he is fine?"

"I don't know the state of things, his pregnant wife went into forced labor. Poor girl she's never had it easy in marriage. I pity her"

No one has...I'm with you because I want the good life, my marriage is a living hell."

This isn't about you young man, get dressed!" she spat. "Check the side drawer, you'll find a hundred thousand Naira there and don't call me till I have need for you"

"As your ladyship pleases...."he leaned to kiss her

"Shoo shoo off you go..."

"Okay..." Remi rolled his eyes. Chief Mrs was never the lovey type; as far as his financial needs were met, he cared less.

Chief Mrs Adebisi hurried into a flowing Abaya dress. All she could think of was Tonia and the husband. Some women never had it easy in life. Before her late husband's death, it wasn't easy....she had always battled for her husband's attention. She had known what she was getting herself into by marrying chief and when he had died, it felt like she had regained her freedom. Eight years of being widowed, several lovers and she still missed the good love life she never had. Hopefully, Celia would make up for that part of her life.


Ronke ran down the flight of stairs. What was this she was hearing? Oh dear Lord! George had rushed out of the house over a mere fight they had. The young man was obstinate. She only wanted a good time with him. Haven dropped her off at the office, she had called George hours later to come take her home. If only she had controlled her urges, he won't have rushed off like that. His was like joseph running away from Portiphar's wife... The only difference was that he ran to his doom. Her hands shook as she called her husband for the upteenth time. "Bastard!" she cursed

"Remi whistled into the living room.Why are you acting as though someone died? he asked

"Our driver has just been involved in an accident"

"I don't understand, I thought he dropped you off at the office this morning..."

"Yes....But I came home earlier I had some work to do at home" she lied

"What other errand was he out running?"

"I really do not know. I think he drove out to run his personal errands" she lied again

" So,Where's he now?"

"Hope-land hospital in Victoria Island....I heard his pregnant wife is also there forced into labor as a result of the sad news"

Remi suddenly remembered. George's wife was Madam Adebisi's Goddaughter; How close!!

"We need to go to the hospital" Ronke said

"Oh dear, today was his first day at work why this?"

"I just wonder...This isn't good at all.." Ronke hissed

Ronke and Remi drove to the hospital; they were both quiet for most of the trip. While Remi thought on how he'd face Chief Mrs if she was there, Ronke lamented quietly and counted her sins. Never again, she would never be involved in an extramarital affair. Remi had ruined her life. She was never the type of woman who jumped from bed to bed. "Oh lord let him survive this" she prayed


Dr Ben walked out of the theatre into the waiting room. He hated breaking bad news. Today, he had mixed feelings about the case. He had just delivered the baby of his long time crush. 

Tonia had been a long term obsession of his back in the day. She was too in love with George to allow anyone dissuade her from her relationship. Like some other men, Ben had ended up bottling his feelings for her. Mostly because he was too shy to approach Tonia. He had learned of her marriage to George when she graduated. Ben had moved out of the country since his hopes were dashed. He had wanted to leave earlier but because he had house Job and Youth service to complete, he used the opportunity as a waiting period to see if she'd leave George. When she hadn't, he had hurried off after his service year. Today, the lives of the only woman he had ever loved and her lover, were in his hands.

"Dr Ego please," he waved at her

"No, no, doctor please tell me about my daughter and son in-law I can handle it..."Chief Okafor said

Please Ben, speak to everyone, these are my parents, my god-aunt and her daughter....We are one family and those are George's employers" Ego pointed identifying everyone.

"Okay," Ben cleared his throat. It was a successful surgery. Tonia had the baby,but she's premature so the baby is being nurtured in the incubator"

"Okay, and my daughter?" Mrs Okafor asked

"She's fine....Lucid at the moment, but she's okay"

"Thank God..." Everyone mummured

"Dr. How's George?" Ronke asked

"The doctors in charge of his surgery would be out soon. We only stabilized him....he had a severe laceration on his skull. The surgeons are working to repair it as we speak"

Madam Adebisi turned to see Her lover and his beautiful wife. "Ronke!" she called out

"Aunty ekasan ma" (meaning: Good afternoon ma)... Ronke curtseyed

Remi was fixated. These two knew each other? The end of the world was nigh

"You are his employer?" Chief Mrs asked

"Yes Aunty... He simply drove out to get a few personal things I didn't know something like this would happen"

"Nobody knows these things my dear.... That's your husband?" She pointed at Remi

"Yes ma..."

"Hmmmmmm....No wonder you always look miserable!"

"Hmmmmm....Aunty, we will talk about him later. I'm hoping George comes out alive."

"He will...."

Remi walked up to Ronke who had retunred to her seat. "You know that lady?" he asked

"Yes I do....She's a family friend"

"Oh, a family friend I don't know?"

"How many times have you called my mother let alone visit her? Madam Adebisi is a long-time friend of my mum. They own a few gold shops inside Lagos island market together"

"I see.... I know nothing about your family. If you can hide your family friends from me, maybe I'm not your husband then"

"Not now Remi. Don't be selfish; This is not about you please. She is a family friend and you can't know all my family friends."

"If you say so..."

Why was her husband suddenly so defensive, and why did chief Mrs look at him in such manner? Who wouldn't. A grown ass man married with kids sagged his trousers with studs on both ears and a stylish  haircut.....He reeked of irresponsibility. Like she told her husband, this wasn't the moment to be selfish... This was the moment to pray for George's life.

Everyone rushed towards the surgeon who walked into the waiting room.

"The family of Mr George?" The elderly looking surgeon called out

They all rushed forward to answer... "Please speak doctor we are all here for him" madam Adebisi  replied.

"I'm so sorry....He didn't make it. He lost a lot of blood....He couldn't survive the surgery"

"Oluwa ooooooo ( Meaning God!)"  Madam Adebisi screamed as she sat on the chair.

"Please don't tell my sister, please don't tell Tonia" Ego murmured, walking into the call room.


"Gabby i hate to see you ignore me. I have been here for a few days and you haven't said anything about this baby"

"Amanda, please i am in no mood for your tantrums, take it elsewhere"

"where else would i go?....you left me for another woman after i told you i was pregnant;
 which responsible man does that?"

"Really? Amanda; i have never known peace since i met you. Now, i take the decision to walk away, you suddenly pin your pregnancy on me."

"what's sudden about being pregnant, oh please; don't feign ignorance, you were right here when it all happened"

"Mandy, i might have slept with you, but i am damn sure that baby is not mine." he stood to leave

"the baby is yours and you will not walk out on me come back here!" she pushed him from the stairs

Gabby spiraled, then held a pillar by the staircase to balance himself. "You want to kill me? i could have fallen and landed on my head"

"i want you to own up to this responsibility. You are the reason i have cheated on you all this while!"

"what, how? i have shown you nothing but love, cared for you. What's my offence?"

"you were never around, always travelling from one location to another"

"all that, was to make you happy"

"how...."she cried

"i wanted to make enough money, so i could meet your needs; put a good meal on the table, be a good father to Kimberly... i even stopped my trips three years ago yet you still cheated on me right here, upstairs, on our matrimonial bed"

"i couldn't take it..."

"take what?"

"i couldn't bear the fact that you were seeing another woman right under my roof!"

"i started seeing Celia two years ago you liar; right about same time i found you and Re-mi in my Bed!"

" That was because you slept with my domestic staff!" she shouted

"what?...which staff?"

"Becca! the young lady who used to come here to help with Kimberly, she got pregnant with your child"

"ama..nda.." he stammered

"yes i know, i found out she was pregnant and she opened up that she had been seeing you"

"Pregnant? i never knew about that" 

"that was because i secretly asked her to abort the baby,then paid her to stay away!"

"oh lord, what have you done? Gabby gasped

"You are lamenting, really?"

"you don't understand....you really don't..."

"all i know is that incidence drove a wedge between us...."

"you don't understand, Mandy"

"understand what? you pathetic liar"

"i'm not saying i didn't have a thing with her. You left me no choice. Before her, do you know how many lovers you've had? how many babies that weren't mine; some you even aborted behind me! we were married yet you continuously defiled our bed... i fell for Becca, she gave me the peace you never did"

"and when you didn't see her, you fell for another so easily" Mandy laughed wickedly.. "whore hound!" she mocked

"i have looked for her everywhere, what we had was lust" She knew i was still attached to you, she fell in love with me, but i constantly rebuked her. The sex was a one time affair; another drunk night that had gone bad. All i wanted was a friend, someone i could talk to whenever i was hurt by your actions- which was almost all the time"

"and... for this Celia girl,"

"i love Celia, i really love her, and there's no stopping me..."

"oh God!" Amanda gasped... "I thought this was just another play thing, like the maid... i didn't know it was deeper. You are bent on the divorce aren't you?"

"if i wasn't, this revelation just sealed it!"

Gabby please....she begged

Gabby hissed and hurried off...his life was filled with too many downturns, where would he find Becca, he had defiled an innocent 22 year old who came seeking for help in his abode. She had carried his child and he hadn't known this fact, he hadn't.. "Oh My God, what have i done?" he said as he wept bitterly

to be continued


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