Married singles and complicated - The Reveal

"Where's George, George where are you?" Tonia murmured unconsciously.

"Tonia he's fine... Tonia, can you hear me?" Ego shook her hand

" Georgeee...." she murmured again before slipping back into unconsciousness

"When is this anesthesia wearing off?" Her mother asked her. "She's been like this for the past forty eight hours"

"The anesthesia should have worn out by now...I really don't know what's wrong. I'll speak with her doctors and get back to you"

"Its just the two of you I have, I can't afford to lose anyone of you...God please keep my baby safe." Mrs okafor prayed

"Mummy even though she's unconscious, she can hear us. We need to be positive. Please, she will be fine all she needs is our prayers." Ego comforted her mother.

"Ego walked out of her sister's room. She stopped by the door to cry her eyes out. Tonia had been the super woman of her family. The one with a golden heart, one lady who could not be defeated by life's circumstances."

"Dr Ego are you okay?" Ben's voice jarred her

"I..m fine..." She stammered

"Its okay to cry. I'm worried about Tee too"

"Tee, You know my sister? Sorry I know she's your patient but calling her Tee means you'd have known her personally."

"Yea... I knew tee way back in school. I graduated before her though"

"Wait! Are you the Ben?"

"What Ben?" Dr Ben seemed confused

"I heard of one Ben, a medical student who never gave my sister a breather even when he knew she was with George."

Dr Ben chuckled..."Yeaa...."

"I've been observing you, First when you came to work very late and it was overlooked. Then when i discovered you were a senior Reg-an indirect boss, now you used to be my sister's admirer. Okay, maybe this world may be as small as they say"

"It is small; and about coming to work really late, I called earlier that day to explain that I'd be coming in last-minute. I saw a man having an epileptic fit on my way to work that morning so I had stopped to help him to the closest government hospital."

"Oh... I didn't know, I just assumed..... Never mind"

"What? You assumed I had serious backing, and my father probably owns this place?"


"Let's say your assumptions were correct, wouldn't i have had an aura about me? i'm not given any preferential treatment; as a matter of fact, i do the most work here"

"You actually do. By the way, Tonia is still slipping in and out of consciousness what's wrong?"

"Its an aftermath of the shock that forced her into labour"

"When would it wear off..."

"That's something we are uncertain of for now. If he was alive, his presence would have done a lot of good."

"I'm so sad. Tonia deserves to be happy. I've never met a more wonderful person like my sister"

"You wanna tell me about the woman I have loved all these years hoping she'd be mine?"

"Hmmmmm.... How were you able to cut her open? it's against the ethics. You were emotionally invested if things had gone wrong, it could ruin your career."

"I had to save her life...If anything had happened, I don't think I'd be able to live with it. I just checked pediatrics the baby girl is doing good"

"Yea...I was there last night. She's fighting hard to live"

"Dr Ego, I have a few patients to see...I'll see you around and as an indirect boss, you can take the week off. I'll speak with the head of Administration"

"Dr Ben...."

"Ukuagwu, please" He smiled

"Hmmmmm...Tonia would need a friend when she wakes up. Please don't stray away."

"I won't!..."

Tonia walked down to the pediatric unit. She needed to see her niece. The one good that had happened amidst all these chaos. As she entered the ward, her eye caught the plaque by the entrance..."That name," She whispered as she stopped to read its display.

'This pediatric unit was commissioned by his excellency, The Governor of Abia state alongside the Chief Medical Director, Dr Ukuagwu of Hope-land hospitals, Nigeria.'
I knew it! Ben's father owned this place and several other branches across the country. This was the best Private owned hospital in west Africa! I just knew it. Everyone might not have seen the aura, she did.


Celia knelt by her bed. Within forty-eight hours her entire life had become a mystery of untold circumstances. Her best friend had lost her husband and was now battling for her own life and her fiance had a dark past she couldn't blow off.

"Cee-cee you are the only woman I can talk to. I had to tell you about Becca before you found out elsewhere"

"Where is she,...The girl?"

"I don't know; I have to go looking for her. I don't even have her cell phone number"

"If this girl had a baby for you, it means we can't be married. Amanda would win the lawsuit against you. You'd be asked to pay her more than 50 percent of your income if you want the divorce."

"Cee I don't care! If leaving Amanda would make me go broke, I don't care. I can't pretend to be  happy when I'm not. She pushed me into the arms of another woman"

"Oh please! Amanda might be anything but you are no baby. You opened your eyes and defiled a girl who trusted you. How bad can it get?"

"I know it's horrible but trust me, I really didn't mean for it to happen."

"Gabby, I can't do this anymore. I've been with you for two years hoping someday you'd decide on what you want. I saw Tonia almost die for the man she loved and believe me, it was worth it because they were together before he died. If anything happens to you, I'd have lost out in life. Nobody knows you and I together everyone knows Amanda. Go back to your wife and make peace with her"

"And our baby?"

"He or she will be fine. I won't deny you Access to your Child, but I can't be with you anymore"

"Celia no,no,no....You want me to die? You are the only beautiful thing in my life right now"

"That's not true. You have Kimberly your daughter and your repentant wife. I can't be the reason you guys go apart."

"Baby please don't do this, I'll make things right. Amanda and I are done"

"And Becca? you both had history before me things are too complicated; i can't"

"I'll look for her and make things right"

"I can't do this anymore....Gabby leave my house and don't come back!"

"Celia...I have never loved anyone like I love you. Not even Amanda. I used to think I couldn't live without Mandy but I don't think I can live without you...Please don't do this to me."

"Get out!" Celia snapped

Gabby who had wanted to hold her from behind, retreated and walked out of the room.

Celia banged the door, let out a loud scream as she leaned on the door and slid to the floor. Her life was now in shambles. If Gabby thought he loved her, he didn't. Her love for him could wake the dead

"Mama will take care of you....Mama will make you proud." She said, sobbing and rubbing her stomach

Gabby was driving at top speed. Celia meant everything to him. Before now, he had never hoped to find someone who could make him very happy. Celia did. Losing her would mean returning to a sorrowful world. "I can't live without you Celia, I'll find Becca right my wrongs, find who's responsible for Amanda's pregnancy and make her pay for all these. I'm coming for you, I'll make you my wife whether or not you like it..." He turned off the voice recorder and sent the message to Celia. If he wanted to find Becca, the one person who'd know her whereabouts would be Clifford. Clifford was a close friend through which he recruited Becca.

"Clifford, how are you.. Its Gabby"

"Oh! Gabby its been ages ooo... I never thought I'd hear from you again"

"Family, life, and hustle"

"Yea....I heard what happened. Remi shouldn't have done that. I'm so sorry"

"It's okay....My wife's betrayal isn't recent"

"How's she and your daughter"

"They are fine. We are getting a divorce"

"Finally, you need to break lose Gabs. I don't support broken homes but for your sanity, you need to leave else that woman would kill you."

"I know right?"

"Yes....she's still seeing Remi and I'm really disappointed in him"

"Really?! Clifford, I thought they broke off a while ago"

"Remi has his prey but your wife will always be his lover..."

"Hmmm...thanks for the information. Meanwhile, I'm calling because I want to know where I can find Becca"

"Becca, she lives here in Lagos. Her brother Damian lives close to me I see her sometimes."

"Oh really," Gabby shifted in his seat

"Yea..What's wrong?"

"I have a lot to say to her. I..."

"You got her pregnant and Amanda asked her to abort it right?"

"Clifford! how did you find out about this?"

"Becca came to yours around the time things were rough for them. She told me about falling for you and how it had been a terrible mistake."

"Wait, cliff you knew all these and yet didn't crucify me?"

"With the kind of home you have bro, I'd jump in anything that makes me happy if i were in your shoes. Becca took responsibility for trying to win your heart but she was angrier that you are still with Amanda.Everyone is, we all thought you'd have moved on by now"

"Hmmm... it's not that easy. I recently found out I had slept with her after I got drunk. She's pregnant."

"You and alcohol. Same reason Becca was able to lure you into bed. Well, as for Amanda being pregnant, you should investigate properly. I've known you two for years and she has never been faithful for 12 straight months. I won't be surprised if the baby isn't yours."

"I thought so too....Clifford I don't know what I'd have done if i didn't have this conversation with you. I am in love with another woman. And she's having my baby too... I don't want to lose her"

"This other woman, is she worth it? Gabby I know you. You are the guy who married really early to save himself from the escapades bachelorhood brought and you stayed faithful to a whore regardless of what she brought to your table. Is this other woman worth it?"

"I knew Amanda had her shortcomings yet I stayed back. Celia is different. I have never met a woman as peaceful as she is. Right now she's asking me to reconcile with my wife and be happy. She's insisting she won't be the reason my marriage packs up."

"Hmmm... she must be a good woman then...I'll ask Becca to call you and resolve whatever differences are between you"

"Thank you Clifford....Thank you so much"

"Gabby, you are the best friend anyone could have-You've had my back over and over again. Though i was angry at you for sleeping with Becca because i loved her, but she explained and told me it was all her idea and you regretted the incidence"

"Oh my God, I didn't know you two were an item"

"I didn't have anything to offer her. She was from a poor home and her elder sister won't hear of us. Gabby before you disappeared from my life, you had been my trouper."

"Cliff, we have been friends for over 15 years, I'd do anything for you and George, I haven't spoken to him in a while though"

"George is dead. He was involved in a car accident and he died in surgery"

"What?!!! Oh dear Lord!where was he headed?"

"He got a job as a driver. Remi's driver. I hooked him up with that job and still regret it. Which is why I'm trying to make up for my mistakes. I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry I hid Amanda's promiscuity from you. I always knew she was promiscuous"

"Its okay, I might have found out late, but I'm still alive to right the wrong... I am really sad. we should go see his wife sometime"

"Yes we should."

"I asked him to come work for me but he refused and insisted he was going to find his feet on his own. He cut off communication with me after a while. I couldn't get through to him. I'm really sad... I wonder how his wife will survive the grief, they loved each other."

"I hear she's in a coma...From the shock of the news.. She doesn't even know he's late yet "

"Oh lord... I feel so terrible! This Remi is evil i wonder how you stay friends with him.  I'll call you so we can go see her..."

"Okay...I'll be expecting your call..Take care Gabby I don't want to hear anything evil about you please"

"I'll be fine. Thanks bro" he said as he hung up.

Clifford and George had been friends with his younger brother. They had gotten close when his brother died. Although younger than him, George and Clifford had managed to stay close even after marriage had separated him from them. Geroge's death really shook him. The young man had never enjoyed  life save the time he shared with Tonia. May God comfort Tonia. He sighed


"I know you very well...you think I don't remember you but I do!" Becca spat fiercely at Re-mi"

"I don't know you and I don't understand why you hate to see your sister and i  together"

"Aren't you Remi, Mr Gabby's friend? The one who sleeps with his wife when he's not around"

"Oh! You are the pretty little girl who thought she could have her madam's husband. Wow!"

"I never planned for anything like that to happen" she cried

"Its okay, Gabby is randy he forced you I understand"

"No he didnt. i was just carried away so I spiked his drink. I was obsessed with him and i thought i could make him leave Amanda if I told him i was pregnant for him"

"How Pathetic... I'm telling your sister all of these"

"Don't you dare!"

"Let's say you'd keep my secrets and warm up to me" Re-mi smiled deviously

"Never I won't. I want you to leave Lisa alone! I know you are Kimberly's father. I have evidence to prove you are, Don't ask me how just stay away from Lisa and I'll keep your secrets"

"You re threatening me I'll kill you!"

Becca chuckled ... Try...My diary has all of your dirty secrets. Lisa may  not have read to that part yet, but if anything happened to me that'd be the first thing my siblings would look into."

"Jezebel!" He spat as he walked out of Lisa's house.

Lisa had promised to raise some money for him. Now he had to stay away from her so this demon of her sister wouldn't expose him. There'll be other prey. For now, he would protect the life of the only woman he loved- Amanda. Amanda would only win the court case and rip Gabby off his money if this didn't come to light. That was his retirement plan-Escape with Amanda and her loot. For now he'd lay low find other prey.


"Chief chief...I'm really sorry you had to find out from someone else my family married me off without my consent. I even had to rush over here immediately the man left for the states."

"Monica you must think I'm a fool because I'm old. That boy you married is my distant cousin and I learned of your union from my kinsmen"

Monica was gobsmacked....What would she do if chidi found out she had swung with his uncle.

"I don't know how you girls of recent times chose to jump into something you don't know of. I begged you to be my second wife, you refused and accepted the offer of another man; One who can't even take good care of you."

"Chief that's because my family wouldn't want me married to someone who's married"

"Look at you...You are a child. Chidi is married with three kids. How else did you think he legalized his stay"

"That's not true...He told me he worked really hard to get his stay legit"

Chief doubled over in a bout of laughter. "Chidi left Nigeria with some of my money that's the reason he is too scared to approach me. He's been married for ten years now"

Monica stood and paced about the large hotel room. "Oh my God! What have I done?"

"If you had respected me and told me of your intentions, I would have warned you. Instead you went behind my back and plotted the lies.... I don't hold any grudge against you. I thought i would collect everything i had gotten you, but no; I'll just leave you to fate instead Chidi would deal with you. His Hungarian wife mustn't hear of this else... She would have you killed that's if chidi is even willing to take the risk of allowing you know"

"Chief I'm ruined!" She lamented

"Of course you are. Get out of my room." He yelped

"Chief please you can't leave me like this please. I'm ready, I'm ready to be your second wife"

"Never, you are married to my cousin and even if you leave him, I won't want a used property."

"Oh chief please allow me work things out please." Monica knelt down begging

"Leave my room!!" he growled

Monica picked up her purse and left the room in tears, while 
Chief puffed on his cigar, and roared with laughter.

Monica cried as she drove home. She had been played; Her instincts had warned her she knew something was off yet she had stupidly gone on with the marriage . Come to think of it, Wasn't it better to be a rich man's second wife than a poor Americana's hidden wife? You can't eat your Cake and have it Monica...You'd have to lie on this thorny bed you made... She thought

To be continued


  1. Wow! No matter how long a secret stays hidden, it will eventually come to light; however you make your bed, you will lie on it that way. Beautiful piece, Becks!

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    1. Why do men like passing blames? The only bad person(s) in this plot is the woman. How preposterous! men will never take responsibility for some of their disdainful actions. Yes women may have One or two faults, all we see here are a couple of women who are at fault because of the bad men they are involved with. Celia is in love with a broken married man, chief Mrs turned an early widow she had to make do with what she had and others, There are a few bad eggs but its so wrong to generalise Men too share the blame.

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