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It's been six months- Imade's Chronicles(Part 8)

Charles rushed into his brother's apartment. The ten-minute drive had felt like 10 hours. He walked past neighbors who had rushed to the front of his brother's house, a team of police officers and paramedics. "Stephanie what happened?" he asked taking off his glasses to rub his now hurting eyes.

It's been six months- Imade's Chronicles part 7

"Why is everyone unnecessarily happy? A moody Tania walked in on her parents and her two cousins in the living room

"The governor has granted some prison inmates pardon"

IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Imade's Chronicles(Part 6)

"Hello Kunle...." Ade smiled sheepishly. Life within these walls had taken a toll on her. Ade sat on a chair provided in the visitors' room ensuring her restraints weren't caught. Last time she made the mistake of sitting carelessly, the shackles on her feet had intertwined and the ugly incident had left a mark on her foot.