IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Imade's Chronicles(Part 6)

"Hello Kunle...." Ade smiled sheepishly. Life within these walls had taken a toll on her. Ade sat on a chair provided in the visitors' room ensuring her restraints weren't caught. Last time she made the mistake of sitting carelessly, the shackles on her feet had intertwined and the ugly incident had left a mark on her foot.

"What happened to your legs?" Imade asked wearily. She was so surprised to see her deteriorated to this extent. This wasn't the once energetic Adesuwa she had known, she looked like blood had been drained from her

"i'm fine.. just a minor accident" Ade replied. She was still stunned to see Imade. The younger sister to one person she had dealt ruthlessly with. Life in prison had humbled her. She had become thoughtful. Ese had been a sweet soul, One with a great heart, if she knew, she wouldn't have been so callous to her.

"how's your sister, Ese...?" Ade smiled faintly

"She's fine...." Imade cleared her throat

"Imade, i'm really glad you came to see me. I would love to see Ese and maybe ask for her forgiveness in person. I know it's a lot to ask but could you please could make that happen?"

"errrmmm...i don't know...i'll just have to speak with her." Imade cleared her throat again. she knew Ese wouldn't flinch. After having a two hour-talk session with her sister over Ade's sudden positive change- kunle had filled her in on Ade's new turnaround, she expected Ese to at least think of her differently instead her sister had just shrugged and said " the leopard never changes its skin"
Who would blame Ese anyway? this girl almost made her lose her life.

"Ade, is there anything you would want me to do for you?" Kunle asked

"No, i just need to see you guys more often. This place is a den, more like a dungeon"

"I heard the new governor is thinking of pardoning a few prisoners with good behavior. Hopefully, you might get lucky"

"I really don't think I'm ready to face the outside world. I probably deserve the solitude"

"Maybe this was God's subtle way of scolding you.. You deserve to be pardoned" Imade joined 

"Yea...but I'd still be mocked and everyone I know must be two steps ahead of me" she replied wondering why Imade was showing her so much sympathy

"What do you mean?" Imade asked, suddenly shaken by her comment

"I know its a bad thing to say, but I really don't want to get out of this place. I can't face my friends or family. Besides, i'd be relegated to the background and i wouldn't have anything to fall back on. No man, Money or a Job"

Imade sighed. This girl hadn't changed. She was just humbled by life's circumstances. A demon she had remained 
Kunle shook his head. He knew Ade had struck the wrong cord. The prison warden reminded them of the short time left.

"I'll just walk out to get some air...." Imade stood to leave.

"Bye Imade...send my regards to Ese"

Imade walked out of the Prison room briskly. She was almost choking. Not from the room's atmosphere. One would know that the deplorable state of the prison was mostly due to bad governance. But Ade disgusted her. she was almost fooled, nearly  fooled to think she had turned a new leaf, but nahhh, this girl hadn't changed. If she was set free, she would wreck more havoc. "Just remain in there" she muttered as Kunle joined her in the hallway.

"Let's leave here" Kunle held her hands

"What do you see in Ade Kay?" she asked him as she eyed a randy male prisoner who had whistled at her

"I just believe no one is irredeemable"


"Yea... She's not beyond saving"

"Just know she's not changed....her humility is due to these walls..more like a dog who's been caged"

Kunle chuckled..."she hasn't even been granted the pardon yet."

"you might just be setting a dog free for the second time"

"I don't think so....."

"I hope not" Imade shook her head as she fastened her seat belt


Imade walked into the hospital's waiting room, there were a few clients before her and it seemed everyone preferred Tony the dentist. Maybe he offered better services to his clients or why else would they rather wait than see another dentist who was available.

"Good Afternoon!" she greeted the lady at the front desk. This girl didn't look like a Nurse she was probably an office assistant she thought.

"Hi ma'am" Yemisi smiled back at the cheerful lady. She was a breathe of fresh air. She seemed different from the usual clients she was used to seeing

"I'd like to see Dr Tony please"

"Everyone here is waiting to see him madam. Just take a number." she pointed at the little cards carrying different numbers. The next one read "19". "You would be called upon once it gets to your turn."

Imade wanted to say more but she scanned till her eyes found an empty seat and went to sit quietly. Her teeth were aching badly. The meeting with Adesuwa was the reason she had gotten here late.
She observed quietly as each person went in and out of the office. Luckily, a few other clients opted to see another dentist which made Tony's queue shorter.

"Madam you may go in now." The front desk officer said to her forty minutes after her arrival.

Imade walked into the office. She swallowed hard as her eyes caught the back side of Tony. He  was carried away by the few notes scattered across his table. A busy day he must have had. She cleared her throat to announce her arrival

"Holy Moses..." Tony gasped

"Yea...hi..." Imade smiled revealing her braces

"It's you"

"Yes its me..."

"I thought you promised to give me a call the other day"

"Maybe I got too busy and I forgot. Errm, you haven't asked me to sit. Dr!"

"oh, forgive my manners....Have a seat..." he said without taking his eyes off her

"What's wrong, why are you here?"

"Errmmm...I think a piece of my meal found its way into my braces. It hurts really bad."

"Okay let's take a look."

Imade sat on the dental chair. The piece of equipment adjusted and she almost fell off. She hadn't been in this particular type. Tony closed in on the space between them to support her from falling. They both held the gaze.

Imade cleared her throat and said, "shall I open my mouth now?"

"Yes yes please..." Tony replied. He went on to do an examination. "There really was a piece of meat hung to the strings of your braces... here take a look." He flashed the tiny piece at her before discarding it. "I see you haven't been doing your regular mouth wash. I observed caries in your teeth."

"Yea....my doctor is on his annual leave." she said after spitting out water from her mouth.

"Well, I could sit in for him. Come around next week for your mouth wash."

"I saw your rates. You guys are pricey."

Tony laughed. "We offer the best services....."

"Well, I love to cut my coat according to my material..I'd rather my old clinic even though your services are really impressive."

Okay you can pay a lesser fee... simply because you are friends with the dentist in charge you get a discount anytime you walk in here."

"Oh nice...." Imade smiled

"You know you have a captivating smile? I have waited earnestly for your call."

" Oshey, washer man." She chuckled "sorry i didn't call as promised. I wanted to go on a man-cleansing period"

" Man cleansing, what would that be?" he asked as he assisted her in getting off the high seat

" some sort of ritual where a lady stays off men... more like men and the accompanying heartaches."

"I understand but, i could be your go-to-guy"

"What does that even mean?"

"Someone you can pour your frustrations on... but mind you, there's a limit to what i can take." He laughed

"Then you won't be the perfect go-to-guy" Imade joined in the laughter.

"So Sabrina, this time I'm so getting your number" he brought out his phone to get her cell-phone number

"08033..." she paused as a knock interrupted her

"Yes, Come in" Tony replied

"Sir, Miss T is here to see you...I told her you were with a patient but she's insisting."

"Okay let her in." He sighed. What was this girl looking for today of all days?

"Tony you have decided to ignore my calls right, I'll sit here till you finish off with this patient and then we'd go have lunch together." Tania said angrily as she found her way into the office.

"Hi Tania," Imade greeted. "

Hi, you know Tony?"

"Not really, my boss knows him so I came in for a dental check"

"Who's your boss?" Tony ask bewildered. He had actually thought she came on her own accord.

"Barrister Charles...of Charles solicitors"

"Oh....I see, he's a close friend"

"He is? he spoke so highly of you anyway"

"hope we didn't disappoint?" Tony smiled

"not at all...i'm already contemplating forfeiting my allowance for a follow-up session here next week"

"i told you the next session would be on the house.... you didn't finish giving me your number"

"oh here's my card..." Imade was a bit uncomfortable, she could tell that Tania wasn't pleased by Tony's friendliness.

"I'll ring you later on..." Tony smiled 

"Okay Dr Tony, I'd see you next week...."

"Yes, yes.....Your bag Sabrina

"oh thank you....." she took the bag and her fingers trembled when they touched briefly

Tania looked from one person to the other... She didn't like the way their interaction was going. It was supposed to be a professional relationship not this one she was seeing.

"My regards to your baby sister...she's so cute.  Tania, i owe you a lunch date yea?"

"maybe..." Tania replied sarcastically, she was in no mood to be chatty the slimy woman was also gaming for Tony.... she was everywhere, all up in her face. 

"Oh dear.. she's never stopped asking about you. She would hear." Tony cut in...to boycott Tania's awkwardness. "You two know yourselves?" he asked

"Yea" Imade replied

"she's someone i met at the interview at Charles solicitors." Tania smirked... 

"Okay, i perceive Madam isn't in a palatable mood. See you guys later." Imade walked out of the room
Why did she have to bump into Tania everywhere? From the look of things, they were involved. She had too much effrontery barging into the office earlier. Yet he still had his eyes on her. Men! Demons! she cringed

"Oh now she knows your sister Tony?"

"Yes... we met at the departmental store a few weeks ago. I was even surprised to see her here today."

"Yea right? Don't you dare take me for a ride"

"Talking about rides, Tania, I think we both need to define this thing we are in"

"what's there to define again? we have been asked to marry each other and from the view of things, we both like ourselves"

"Now you are getting it wrong. I like you as a friend but as someone I'd marry, no babes, i can't. We should just be friends 'cause I can't marry you T. We have too many irreconcilable differences."

"What's this? And why is this coming up after you have seen this girl. Tony you are cheating on me right?"

"Hey, I don't even know this girl beyond professional bounds. Plus i'm not even dating you so I couldn't have been cheating on you. I just need us to think this through, marriage is a lifetime journey and we need to make wise decisions"

"You have all the time in the world to think things through. But i dare you to betray me. I'll kill you and I mean it."  She hissed as she stood to leave.

What had he gotten himself into? Tania would never make it into his life, Never.... he wanted a peaceful life. Not the scary one she painted daily. He picked his phone to dial Sabrina's number.....there was something about this young lady that he couldn't explain.. something unique

"Hey sabie...it's Tony"

"oh Tony... i'll have to call you back...i'm driving"

"okay... just save my number"

"i will...." she chuckled

This was it for him.... this was the kinda sound he wanted to hear for the rest of his life... that chuckle...

to be continued...................


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