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Come shop here for Christmas- It goes down here

Yuppie, xmas is just around the corner Ladies what are you waiting for?

Diary of a 9-5ver- Life outside work (Episode 2)

Tolulope hastily sewed the beads unto Eno's dress, Eno had a high-class Lagos wedding to attend over the weekend and she was yet to be done with it. 
"Aunty T you never still finish that your Oyibo friend cloth?" Fatima asked

Diary of a 9-5'ver - Life's Realities (Episode 1)

My name is Eno Chinemerem Okoye. I’m partly Igbo and fully Calabar. Well yeah, my father is Igbo but I have not seen him since he left when I was 6. If you ever see Rear Admiral Stephen Okoye, kindly tell him his 27 year old daughter would love to have him around for a father and daughter dance on her wedding day.