Diary of a 9-5ver- Life outside work (Episode 2)

Tolulope hastily sewed the beads unto Eno's dress, Eno had a high-class Lagos wedding to attend over the weekend and she was yet to be done with it. 

"Aunty T you never still finish that your Oyibo friend cloth?" Fatima asked

"I’m done o... just a few touches left"

"I thought the last dress we made for her was also in peach colour" Fatima asked again

Tolu laughed. "This is for another wedding now. Besides the shades of peach are different"

"Hmm na wa ooo..." another apprentice sighed

"But aunty T, that oyibo aunty too like wedding, marry she never marry o"

"Oya it's enough. You both know she is my friend right? If she doesn’t make more dresses how do we pay our bills?"

"Exactly," Aisha the only apprentice who had been quiet added

“Code red! She just parked her car oh everyone mind your business” fatima warned

Eno stepped into the shop. Tolu had been a friend from her secondary school days. After she had transferred to a new secondary school, most students who had heard her story kept their distance. Tolu had been the only one who stuck around. After secondary school, Tolu had lost her both parents and couldn’t afford to further her education. She had gone on to learn tailoring and today, she's one of the most sought after tailors in Lagos. If it wasn't for their history, she wouldn't be able to afford her.

"Tolulope my darling," Eno smiled giving her a hug

"Eno, I was beginning to think you would never come for this dress"

"Well, I know you can be really busy, I just wanted to give you enough time to make the dress. Besides, I don't think I’ll be going for this wedding"

"Why aunty?" Fatima, the apprentice who had bad mouthed her just before her arrival asked showing a feigned concern

"Well, I’ll be working on Saturday and I just don't feel like going for any wedding"

"Is everything alright Eno?" Tolu asked

"Yes," she forced a smile. How was she supposed to tell Tolu that she had work issues, her car had suddenly developed a fault and she had to spend her entire savings on it just last week? Then her grandparents were returning to Germany because the country's economy was sliding, everyone had to save themselves from the impending doom.

"How are nana and papa?"

"They are good, they will be returning to Germany in a few days"

"Oh dear, why now?"

"Papa lost a contract and it’s affecting him... they are aged, and Nigeria wouldn't pay them any benefit so they'd retire home"

"Wow, how's your mum?"

"She’s fine...."

Tolu smiled. Ms Clarissa, as they fondly called Eno's mum, was a sweet soul. She had been her primary school teacher and she looked out for every kid in her class like they were hers. Eno was lucky to have her as a mother. "Please give my regards to them"

"They’ll hear. My mum keeps asking of you maybe you should join us for dinner this Friday before my grandparents leave on Sunday"

"That’ll be great" Tolu lightened up

"Ah, ah... I have some gist for you oh Eno"

"Oh well, I’m all ears"

"You know this guy now, Jayson"

"Who is that?" Eno asked 

"Barrister Emele's son... the one who contested for governorship position last year”

“oh that proud brute?"

Aisha chuckled...while Fatima coughed. Tolu turned and gave them the ‘mind-your-business look’

"Eno you have started again, when will you agree to date one guy, when?"

"And when will you understand that all these men want is to get in your pants and walk away? I want to fall in love and then get married not just date some man who'd use me as a sexual fantasy"

"But you have to start somewhere, love doesn't fall from the sky"

"Well, I’m not about to start with the loins of Jayson Emele... have you seen the way women flock around him?"

"Well, I don't know. I went to apply for the Eko fashion exhibit happening next month and I met him. He kept asking after you"

"Well, tell him I am well and totally uninterested in his quest"

"May the lord help you?"

"See who's talking, why did you leave Folusho?"

"You know I love Folusho, I’m just waiting for him to come around"

"See this one, you broke up with a man and now you are expecting him to come around?"

"The break up was to make him see what he is going to lose if he doesn't sit up"

Eno burst into laughter

"What’s funny?"

"Nothing... just the dove on your head, it's covering your sense.

"Just get out!" Tolu said laughing.

"Aunty you should try your dress,” Aisha suggested

 "Yes I should..."

Eno looked radiant in the light peach ball dress... she was a beautiful woman, if only she would embrace the fact that relationships don't just work, you make them happen. Tolu thought to herself

"You look great aunty Eno," Aisha complemented in her Fulani accent

"Aisha, my beautiful princess, thank you"

"Tolu, please send me your account details oh, I think I might have to go for this wedding, this dress can't go to waste besides, I still wonder why you don't want to attend. I heard Folusho would be around, he might just start the regret when he sees you gorgeously dressed"

"Are you sure Folusho would be attending?" Tolu asked

"Yes he would, it's the entire Lekki association now, cosmos is everyone's friend both at the office and in the neighbourhood, trust me the high and mighty would be there."

"If I were to attend because of Folu, what would be your reason?"  Tolu asked

"Well, I get to eat free small chops, get some sun, listen to good music and maybe meet a CEO to chat with, who’d find me intelligent and employ me"

"chaii...!!!"  Tolu hissed, hands akimbo "you don't have one sense walahi"

"Whatever, are you coming or not?"

"See you on Friday evening... I’ll pass the night at your house"

"I’ll be expecting you"

Eno walked back to her car she held her hands over her face trying to shield her face from the scorching sun

"Hey miss," a young man tried to get her attention

"Yes hi,"

"Your rear tyre is flat"

As she walked round to the said tyre and bent over to access its condition, the man swung into action and snatched her handbag from her.
"Thief, thief, thief!!!" Eno screamed after him as he ran off

Tolu who had not seen what happened rushed to the scene. "What happened sis?"

"Some guy tricked me into believing my tire was flat and dashed off with my purse"

“In this Ajah? Broad day light for that matter"

"Everything I had was in the bag, my atm cards and all" she panicked

"Wow this is really sad. Where’s your car key?"

"I have it here with me, took it out before the thief called out"

"You should head home, call your bank if possible to avoid stories that touch"

"Eno sighed, just another bad, no; horrible day! I can’t even say I’ll call you when I get home... he took my phones too"

"I’ll call your mum later today to know how it goes with the bank"

"Okay”. Eno got in her car, started the ignition, that bag had been a new buy, she hadn't even rocked it well... "Oh no she gasped!" Mr. Scott’s cd was in it. The only thing she had compiled for the meeting tomorrow... this was the beginning of the end for her... the beginning of the end!

To be continued..................