Diary of a 9-5'ver - Life's Realities (Episode 1)

My name is Eno Chinemerem Okoye. I’m partly Igbo and fully Calabar. Well yeah, my father is Igbo but I have not seen him since he left when I was 6. If you ever see Rear Admiral Stephen Okoye, kindly tell him his 27 year old daughter would love to have him around for a father and daughter dance on her wedding day.
My mother is half-Calabar and half-German. she's a half caste who was raised in a moderately rich home while I’m the quarter caste (if there's anything like that) who went through four primary schools, two secondary schools and two universities all because, my maternal grandparents wouldn't let me suffer any form of bullying. - I was often called a bastard, and mocked for my red hair and bulging eye balls during my childhood days and at the university, I was molested twice because I was found “too attractive”. Ever since I was a little girl, I had many dreams but two stuck as I grew – working in a multinational company and having a fairy tale wedding with my knight in shining Armor. If dreams were horses!

Well, I haven't fulfilled any. Bagging two degrees and four relevant certifications hasn't gotten me anywhere. After I had graduated with a B.Sc. in computer engineering, I thought I’d get a job at some big it firm- more like google or oracle (it never happened).  I got a job working in the bank; I was consequently harassed sexually so I resigned. Then I went to Kenya for my second degree. This time I majored in international business and voila! I landed a job at this it firm as a business consultant- what that really means, I still don't know because I earn my salary by being a web-designer, web manager, curator for the company's website, etc. oh well, since I can't find me a good man to get my fairy tale marriage, I’d rather focus on keeping this job till I get an excellent one that'll pay me enough to buy a house with a glass view of the ocean on banana island, my dream car- Range Rover to be precise and a nice cat to sing me to sleep.

I currently share an office with 7 other people, in a generic bungalow office building at Victoria island, in Ikoyi, Lagos state, Nigeria - it has big picture windows, and on a clear day I can see the high rising towers of various multinational companies I’d love to work for, and when I go to the window, I can see the fine roads as well. We are surrounded by a few banks and then houses on the other side of the road. 

"Calabar girl! haba your own is too much jare"  Cosmos hissed

"Cosmos please let me be, I have these files oga wants me to work on, I’m not even close to finishing them" Eno retorted, her mind had drifted off work for a moment

"Forget that thing, even oga eye sef go water by the time im see you" he eyed her lustfully

"Cosmos don't you have work to do?" Eno hissed

"It’s past noon, I’ll soon go on my break, just waiting for oga Scott to make his appearance"

"oga's eyes water ke? This one isn't Mr Gbadebo the skirt chaser ooo" Amara chipped in.

Everyone laughed besides Eno. She was so engrossed with her work she didn't have any time for frivolities today

"Please let Eno be I don't want that man shouting down this roof. Seems like he's got some personal issues" Caroline who had been occupied with the latest TV series, 'single ladies' joined in too.

"Which personal issues? He’s just a mean man!" Tobi a web developer commented

"He isn't. I’d rather say strict" Amara replied eyeing him

Eno shifted on her seat, the noise and distractions weren't helping her focus. She shot a quick glance at Greg who smiled to show his disapproval on the idle gossip.  The office was built in a way everyone could see themselves.  My desk and office cabinet holding 11 files were against the wall where a calendar and an abstract artwork by my cousin (aged 3) hung. on my desk I had a rubber airplane with "zeus" written on it, a small fluffy airbus toy that makes a loud noise when you drop it, and a plastic homer Simpson, dressed as the stone-cutter' chosen one. That summed up my work station.  My desk was a mess though, lots of papers scattered all over it – user guides, product specs, functional specs - the standard detritus. Today, the table looked like there had been a war right on it.
The secretary walked in carrying two briefcases

"Wait is he around?" Cosmos asked almost in a whisper

"Yes he is...." Betty answered.

Eno raised her head to catch the secretary who flirted with almost everyone in the office.

"Eno are you done?” Tobi asked

"Not even close" she sighed

Betty giggled and swung her waist as she headed for the MD's office

Scott walked in gallantly, turning to look at everyone as he stepped into the hall-room that hosted a fraction of his staff.
Midas technologies was the fastest growing it company around. The company built software for well-meaning companies both home and abroad. it was a family business – Scott and his only sister owned the company but since she lived outside Nigeria, the  day-to-day running was left to Scott while she only showed up for management meetings when necessary – it hadn’t been since she was employed into Midas technology.

"Eno," Scott called out

"Sir?" she looked up fidgeting

"I’ll like those files on my desk in thirty minutes"

"Yes sir" she replied

The chatter resumed as Scott stepped into his office, this time, in hushed tones.

"I should come help you." Greg offered Eno. Gregory was the only smart IT consultant in this office. The others ran their mouths too much to get any work done properly.

"Yes please, thank you so much Greg” she sighed

The duo worked on the paper for some time before declaring it fit for the oga's perusal

"Good luck Eno" Amara chuckled

She needed all the good-luck wishes she could get, oga was a difficult person to please, extremely difficult

"Sir?" she said walking into the office

Scott stretched out his hand to collect the document while his gaze remained on his desktop. When he took his eyes off the screen to observe what she had done, it was only for a few minutes.
Eno stood still, the pin drop silence was starting to make her uneasy.

Scott cleared his throat, "well, I wouldn't say this work is perfect, but it's good. Better than I expected. I’ll ask Mr Gbadamosi to review the files with you" Mr Gbadamosi was the head of the department

"errmm sir, I’d prefer Greg" she sniffed...damn, this office was cold

"Oh... now you have a preference?"

"Not really sir, Mr Gbadamosi would be cleared for bidding, right now I need to get the programming language in place"

"I actually think that's the loose end on this document... tell Gregory to stop by when you go out."

"Thank you sir!" she said gesticulating

"Here you go" he handed her the document, letting his fingers brush hers.

She stiffened, drew her hands away and walked briskly out of the office. Eno blinked, took off her glasses and wiped her now hurting eyes. How long would this linger, she repeatedly dodged Gbadamosi because the man wanted to jump in her skirt, now her boss? Or maybe it was a mistake, just maybe

"Are you okay?' Amara asked

"Yes I’m fine"

"Is chairman in?"  Amara ignored her flushed face

"Yes, yes..... Eno said clearing her throat

"errmmm..." Amara cued her to move out of her way

"Sorry..." Eno stammered as she stepped aside.

"Hey baby!" Amara called out as she stepped into the office

"Hey beautiful!" Scott responded

Eno had heard that, they were both loud enough for anyone around to hear. She shook her head and went into the main office. What will she not see in Midas?
"Greg, the boss wants to see you... errrmmm not now though, after Amara" she said sliding into her sit. They all got the hint

"The man dey chop that girl too?" Cosmos laughed

“tey tey!” Caroline mocked

"Just mind your damn business!" Tobi fumed

Apparently someone had a crush on Amara.....

To be continued…………


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