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Episode 13 (diary of a 9-5ver)

Tolu picked the bag of clothes on the table, the living room had clothes scattered all over. She wanted to speak to Eno about moving in. This house was certainly too big and pricey for her. Her rent would expire in a short while and it'd be wise to have a housemate- not just anyone, but her childhood buddy. Moreover, Eno's mum needed all the space she could get. She had noticed her former school teacher with some man at the mall the last time she went shopping and Ms. Clarissa had pulled her aside to ask her not to inform her daughter just yet. Hopefully, Eno would see enough reason to move in with her.

Diary of a 9-5ver ( Episode 12)

Cherry heaved a sigh of relief as she raced through her street towards home. Running was good for clearing her head but this morning, she simply ran out of habit.