Diary of 9-5ver (Episode 11)- The Instigator

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Scott and Gbadamosi went silent as Greg and Eno walked in; they had been in a heated argument.

“Eno I'll like you to join Gbadamosi at the meeting with OPR on Thursday” Scott announced.

“Sir, we have a meeting with Star Bank same Thursday” Eno replied

“What’s the meeting about?” he frowned

“They want a banking system software. They couldn’t meet the demands of Interswitch so they have decided to use a smaller it company. The meeting is to show them an applicable demo and possibly sign a deal.”

“Why didn’t I know of this?” Scott felt his hand shake and held the edge of the table to hide it, Greg noticed the tremor.

“You did, I told you about it yesterday.” Eno replied

“So make the meeting with OPR tomorrow Gbadamosi…” He hit the table

“Are you alright?” Greg asked. He knew his brother-in-law well enough to suspect he was off his medication again

“I’m fine” he snapped

“We have to install and maintain some software designs for most of our clients tomorrow. It’s a full day and might even spill over to Thursday” Gbadamosi responded

“So what do we do with OPR?” he asked shaking visibly

“You should sit sir,” Eno said. She could tell this man was not fine.

“Thank you” he replied calmly and sat.

“So what do we do?” He asked calmly

“Since Greg is our best software man, I suggest he attends the demo at Star Banks with Tobi and Caroline. I’ll go to the meeting with Amara, and Eno can stay back with the others to continue the software maintenance” Gbadamosi replied

“No, that girl has nothing in her head” he spat

“I think you need to stop sleeping with her so we can discover her capacity” Gbadamosi spat back

Scott cowered

Greg observed the two, he didn’t quite understand their relationship but he knew Gbadamosi was more of a friend than an employee; still, something didn’t add up.

“Maybe we should ask Cosmos to resume then so he can accompany Eno, I want her in that meeting with OPR”

“No, I’ll accompany her” Gbadamosi said firmly

“With Amara?”  Scott asked

 “Just the two of us” he said calmly

“Okay then, I’ll go for the meeting with Mr. Gbadamosi while Greg goes with Tobi for the demo?” Eno asked

“I’d have preferred you go with Greg for the demo while Tobi or Amara accompanies Gbadamosi for the meeting but I need you in both places. Pheww!!” Scott expressed.

“Me too...” Greg said

Gbadamosi pinched himself and replied, “i prefer it remains as scheduled”

Scott understood, he knew not to disregard the subtle command

“Okay then Eno, go with Gbadamosi, Greg go with Amara”

“Why the change?” Eno asked

“Tobi would overdo it. Greg has the brain of 5 Software programmers, I don’t want a complete nitwit ruining it for me. Amara would only assist and bring in her knowledge, Tobi would want to outsmart Greg and end up running foolish”

Eno chuckled

Scott stared at her. “What’s funny?” He asked

“Nothing, just the way you said running foolish”

“Okay how is that funny to you? Uhhh?” He barked

“I’m sorry I didn't mean to…” Eno apologized

“Scott, sit down!” Gbadamosi ordered authoritatively. Scott sat down and lowered his head

“Eno, off you go” gbadamosi added

Eno hurried out of the room. She couldn’t bear another second with those two they seemed creepy.

“Scott have you been off your drugs?” Greg asked

“Don’t you dare act like you care” Scott fiddled on the drug bottle

“I don’t, but I don’t want any sick and insane person around me”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Oh I guess cherry would AGREE. Why have you been off your drugs?”

“GREG, its okay I’ll speak with him” Gbadamosi replied wiping his mouth with his handkerchief

“He knows what he stands to lose if he misbehaves” Greg added

“I said I will talk to him.” Gbadamosi snapped... he took out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth again. It was a ritual he practiced whenever he was getting angry. His anger management classes were paying off after all.

“If this trembling continues,” Greg pointed at his fingers, I’ll be forced to send Cherry a message before something terrible happens

“I’ll take my drugs” Scott said calmly.

“By the way, I know you have eyes for Eno, I hope you haven’t been sending her threat messages too. i found out recently that someone has been threatening her friend Tolu”

“What? I haven’t. I only met Tolu at the wedding last Saturday” Scott’s eyes lightened up

“Good, if you have, just stop, this time, you will not win and I will not pay for any of your sins.”

“Greg...” Scott called out. Greg ignored and walked out of the office. He paused outside the door to hear what Gbadamosi had just said. Scott had asked if he was the one sending the messages.

“I am not sending anything and you should take your drugs” Gbadamosi replied

“You put me in this state Gbadamosi”

“Shut up and sit down Scott”

“I’m sitting” Scott said calmly

“I will handle Eno, you love her right?”

“Yes I do…” Scott replied

“I’ll help you get whatever and whomever you love”

“Like Jacinta?” Scott asked

“Even better…” Gbadamosi replied.

Scott shivered. It had been Gbadamosi all along. Scott was mentally ill but Gbadamosi was mad! Deranged. He walked to his desk and opened his email

“Hi cherry….”

 It had been 10 months they spoke. Exactly 10 months.

To be continued.........


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