Ese stretched, it was 1 pm she needed a break besides, she had been thinking about what Ade said to her at the parking lot. She picked up the intercom and dialed Ade's office, she was told Ade had gone out for lunch! 

"eish, this girl could not even call me. na wa o..." 

Ese picked up some of her personal effects and headed for the canteen. she spotted Dave and Ade from the canteen's window this was the time to put up a smiling face. Ade had previously told her of his intentions

"Hello pals" Ese smiled

"Hello Ese, sorry i didn't call you when I left for the Canteen. Dave actually came over to the office to pick me"

"Oh alright! I did call your office though"

Dave couldn't take his eyes off her. She was calm, confident and beautiful just the kind of woman he had been praying for.

"Ah ah Dave stop staring everyone in this canteen can feel the intense heat from your stares Ade teased.

"Well, one cannot help but to behold such a fine face"

"Awwwnn am flattered" Ese teased 

Ade was scorned! How dare he stare at her like that? He didn't even give any hoot about the fact that she was seated next to him.

Dave placed an order For Ese and they went on to eat quietly except for a few times they chipped in professional talks.

"Ese would you mind accompanying me to a family function?" Dave broke the silence

"Oh when is this family thing coming up" Ese sipped some juice.

"This Friday, its actually my sister's baby shower we are having it at the family house its a surprise"

"Errm, I have to go home on Friday, I haven't seen my parents in a while".

"Oh where's your family house"


"That's on the mainland" Ade mocked. 

"you won't be able to pick Ese up and still make it to your family house on banana island for the Party" Ade teased further.

"Maybe Ade should accompany you then, am so sorry" Ese smiled 

"No its okay, I just thought we should bond outside this work place" Dave said.

Ade was happy She lived in Lekki and it was quite easy for Dave to pick her up. She will finally get to see his family. She had taken this bold step, one higher than any one Ese would take

Dave was sad. How was he going to explain to his mum that Ade was just a colleague knowing how slimy the girl can be! He wanted to take Ese to the party. At least, the whole attention she would have gotten from his family would have made things easier.

"You guys, we should all hook up at the beach on Saturday you know Ese said

"Very good idea! Which one is closer to you"? Dave asked

"We could go to Elegushi beach its not so far from the Mainland".

"Nahhh Lekki legion would be better, Elegushi is always filled with touts" Ade frowned

"Does it really matter the kind of people who visits, besides Elegushi is quite popular and fun to be at I'd rather Elegushi Dave replied

"Okay! Elegushi it is then 2pm?" Ese asked

Okay fine they both echoed

Ese beckoned on one of the waitresses to bring her a bowl to wash her hands.

"What do you need water for" Ade asked 

"To eat my meat of course" 

"My dear use cutlery and stop embarrassing yourself"

"Well, I do know how to use a cutlery, I just feel better when I do justice with my hands"

"Bush woman" Ade spat.

Dave quietly observed them both, he liked Ese he just loved her! Who wouldn't? Girl was damn original no one would think she'll be this real considering her experience and exposure.

She carefully gnawed at the meat even the napkin around her neck didn't get stained while she was at it. 

"See I finished everything" Ese praised 

"Finisher well done I still finished mine too and I didn't have to use my hands"

"See how much food you left over? Your meat is almost untouched" Ese pointed

They all finished their food and stood up to leave 

"We should always do this"Ade touched dave.

"So we will be called the three musketeers abi?" ESe laughed 

Dave joined in the laugh and they all left the canteen.

"See you on Saturday" Ese said as they all left for their various offices


Mrs Ayodele Brandon was preparing for her daughters baby shower, the best she could do was pull up a surprise to cheer her up. She had been moody for quite sometime and she knew it was related to her marriage.

Marriage has its ups and downs, the most important thing is to be secured financially which was why she pressurized Vivian to marry Tobias they were new in the institution and they would find themselves as time went on.

This was a perfect time to push Dave into getting married.He was 33 and was not bothered about marriage. She won't have her only son turn into a eunuch if it meant her getting him a girl herself, then so be it.

"Hello Dave, how do we get Vivian out of the house that day, this place needs to be arranged and I want the guests to have arrived before she walks in" she was on the phone with Dave

"Mummy, don't worry, I'll pick her up and take her shopping, I also have to come around with my colleague. I could tell her am bringing a friend over to the house for dinner that way, she will be out of the house for a long time."

Okay then, see you on Friday she hung up. 

Thank Good heavens, Dave was bringing someone, colleague indeed. These children never admit to dating themselves. Anyhow he puts it, we finally get to see him with a girl she chuckled.

Dave knew he was in another fix, it was bad enough that he had to bring Ade, now he will be taking Vivian to her place just to kill time. He could talk to Vivian make her see reasons, explain things to her maybe she will understand but then, she was a woman she would always rat him out to his mother. Whatever the outcome was, he was never going to settle for less.

He needed to call Ese, see if there was a way to convince her or perhaps make her see reasons why she should make it to the party.


Kunle walked into Ese's compound he had not told her of his visit. It didn't matter he had to see her today and that was all that mattered to him.

"Ding Dong" the bell rang.

Ese looked at the wall clock hanging above the TV set it was past 9 pm, she had not invited anyone to her home, not even at this time. She stood up to check who it was.

"Kunle! This night? " she opened the door.

"Hi Kay, good evening I hope all is well" she asked 

"Yes all is well, I just needed to see you I have something very important to discuss with you" he said as he reached out for the three seater in the living room.

"Okay then shoot"

"I like you Ese I have liked you even before Ralph, I just didn't tell you earlier on because I thought you wouldn't accept me. I can't keep it to myself any longer hence am stating it clearly I really like you"

"are you mad, or do you have maggots eating your brains?" Ese replied fiercely 

Her phone rang at that moment. Ese pushed kunle who had been kneeling beside her and stood up to take her call. It was Dave. 

"Yes Hi" she Hissed

Dave sensed a cold response er....rm.. I was just calling to check up on you and also find out if you can still make it to the family thing on Friday" he stammered.

"I already told you I won't be coming. I need to be at my family's this weekend besides, you should always check your time before calling a single girl, its past 10.pm" she blurted out.

"Oh am really sorry about that I'll keep that in mind. Good night Ese see at work tomorrow"

"Good night" she hung up.

"Look here, I am not some desperate psycho, I don't jump from one man to another and I am not interested in your proposal please leave my house" Ese went on to open the door for him.

"I just can't  take my mind off you and each moment I procrastinated, I felt time was being wasted." Kunle lamented 


"Goodnight Ese".

Had he made a fool of himself? no! This what was he should have always done. Talk to her about his feelings not shove it up. He had to make this debut he was already seeing the way his new boss was beginning to look at her. Dave his new boss, had it all, the money, charisma and all he and to move faster before he snatched her from him.

Ese locked the door hurriedly as though kunle would change his mind and run back into her house.

"This is arrant nonsense though" she spat.

This stupid kunle had gone ahead to fool him into dating Ralph even when he knew Ralph was getting married soon. He never said a thing, now he was here talking about his own feelings rubbish! 

 She had to put a stop to all these nonsense she probably gave him too much leverage! Arrant nonsense she thought.


Ralph looked at his cold dinner irritated at the sight. His wife knew nothing besides making pasta and stale stew. How he missed Ese! He had just returned from his numerous trips and all he wanted was a good late night dinner not this worm looking feed.

"Why are we always having pasta Rachael?"

"Well, that's what I could whip up in such short notice" she hissed

"I called you at about 6 pm that I would be in Lagos today. The journey from Ibadan was less than an hour, if I wasn't held up in traffic I should have been home a few hours ago. I got in around 9 pm and all you could serve me is some badly cooked stew with pasta"! He screamed 

"Well, if you ain't eating it, i have an empty bin in the kitchen". she took the stairs and headed for the bedroom.

He was in soup. He had left Ese, a kind-hearted soul for this? Ese would have made a nice soup, something worth eating and he would still insult her still. She would pat him, treat him nicely and made him a warm bath to ease his hurt. Rachael knew nothing besides wearing fancy clothes, hair and shoes. He had changed her car twice. The fancy looks attracted her to him. Ese was always looking dull, same skirts, tops and shoes... they were neat but she didn't have fashion sense he had wanted a sharp looking lady and God cursed him by giving him his downfall! If only he Knew, he would have spoken to Ese about her outlook she would have listened. Ese always listen,She was the virtuous woman and not this cartoon character he married. All these played in his head as he settled for his cold and stale dinner.

to be continued....


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