Vivian was irritable she had not slept the previous night. lately, her baby seemed to make her restless with its constant turns and positions. This morning she woke up with a foot stamp on her tummy.
"i can't wait for this baby to come out" she sighed.
Her phone was ringing but she could not find where she had thrown it into..."where is this phone?"

"grinnn grinnn" her phone rang on.. she finally saw it shoved in between the sofa she had laid on before she went to lie down on the bed.
it was Dave. "hello big brother"

"hey sis" Dave echoed.

"wahsup?" she asked

"errm... i wanted us to go out though. I need to see a colleague of mine but i want you to go with me. I'll take you shopping as bribery please don't say no"

"i won't say no i actually needed a reason to step out for a minute. This colleague of yours is  female innit?"

"yes.. but why guess in that line?"

"na man you wan carry me go meet before?"

"lol, i'll pick you up in 20 minutes" he said.

"okay bye..." she hung up

finally, Dave was taking her to see some girl he liked. She wasn't going to put much pressure on this marriage issue like their mum does, but getting a girlfriend would be a great start

Viv stood up to get dressed....
 "baby please just allow me have a little fun no crankiness for the next hour" she rubbed her stomach


Dave wasn't excited he wished Ese would have a change of mind and go with him. he took his phone and called her yet again.

"Hello E!

"Dave! good afternoon, am so sorry about the other day someone got on my nerve" ...she apologized

"oh no it's okay, i figured i caught you at the wrong moment. How are you?"

"am fine dear...you?"

"am alright still going for the baby shower?"

"yes i am. i just wish it was with you don't get me wrong, Ade is also my friend but i wanted to go with you"

"i didn't actually go to my parents' anymore my sister will be coming over to mine later today so i'll see them next week."

"oh meaning you are around then?

"yes i am..."

"can i come pick you? i heard your place is close to Ade's"

"well if Ade doesn't mind, why not?"

"She won't am sure of that i'll see you in 30 minutes. Thank you so much Ese this means a lot to me."

"okay. I'll be waiting "she hung up

Dave was super excited. yes! he was finally taking her to the party this way, he would ask his sister to compare and contrast he was certain Vivian would prefer Ese.


Vivian heard Dave's car honking outside she picked her bag and rushed out to meet her brother.

"my nose looks like a ballon" she hissed.

"not really".. he said amidst a laugh

"viv, am taking two of my colleagues out i promised i was going to take them out for lunch"

"hmmmm okay o.... these girls, is there anyone you particularly like?"

"well yes we are picking her up after the first girl her name is Ese and she's so down to earth"

"so why go out with the two of them?"

"Ade the first girl, is all over me she clearly likes me and wants to have something to do with me but i don't like her she looks like some gold digger"

"i laugh in greek... all women are gold diggers bro just find the one that's worth giving the gold to"

"wait till you meet Ese".

Dave called Ade to meet them, at her junction. she had earlier called to remind him of her address as Ade walked towards the car, Viv touched her brother and said, "Dave this one will kill you,she looks pretty exposed but she's beautiful"

"I told you".... Dave replied

Ade tried to open the front door of the car, the glass was tinted she had not seen viv from outside the car viv opened and asked her to go sit behind.

"Dave you didn't tell me you were helping a pregnant woman" Ade frowned

"she's my sister"... Dave replied

"ouch am sorry"... Ade said.

"no problem just sit behind"... viv spat

"You should always greet people it shows how respectful you are you know" vivian was angry

"I did say Hi before i asked Dave who you were" Ade replied.

Vivian ignored her. Her hormones were all over the place but she also knew this girl was rude....very rude.

Dave smiled "we have to go pick Ese can you describe her place from here?"

"i thought she said she wasn't coming"? Ade replied

"well, she changed her mind" Dave said

Ade was angry, this Ese knows how to spoil things.... well, she was going to put her in her place just like she had put this Dave's sister in hers no one can ride on her.

"just call her to meet us up around Lekki phase 1 gate, her street is sort of buried deep in other streets" she replied.

Dave didn't want to call Ese that could make her change her mind but for peace to reign, he had to.

"viv please help me dial a number on my phone i saved it as 'Ese colleague' i'll have the conversation on speaker phone" he requested.

"hello Dave, Ese's voice filled the car 

"hi, please do you mind meeting me at Lekki phase 1 gate?

"oh okay no problem, it might take up to 10 minutes though my place is quite far from the road" 

"that's not a problem i'll be waiting"

"this Ese girl has courtesy" Vivian hissed

Dave smiled.... The comparison he wanted had already started.

"Please can we stop at the fast food by the gate, am famished" Ade asked

"well yes, that's if you buy for everyone in the car" Dave teased  

"oh what would you like"?

"nahhh.. am fine, was just joking"

"what would you like?" Ade tapped viv from behind

"doughnut with a cold drink would do" thanks 

she stepped down from the car to go get her buys viv watched as she walked away and said, "this girl is just pretty without brains"

Dave laughed

As Ese got down from the bike, Dave wound down the glass so she could see them. she headed straightaway for the back seat.

"Good afternoon everyone" Ese greeted as she shut the car door.

"hello you" vivian replied

"Afternoon dear,you look nice" Dave answered

"Ese you asked for 10 minutes we had 
to wait another 20 minutes for you"  Ade spat

"am so sorry i didn't get a bike easily from my house i had to walk out a bit"

They all kept quiet while Dave drove off

surprise!!!!! they all screamed as Dave, viv, Ade and Ese stepped in

Vivian was all smiles this was amazing, the decor, the people, everyone was around. Her in laws, friends and even her husband! how did her mum pull thus kind of stunt?

"hey baby i thought you said you were coming home next week" viv hugged Tobias

"well, i decided to come in earlier your mum told me about the baby shower so i got an early ticket yesterday"

"am so happy"... she hugged him

"Dave! you were also in on this, i guess your friends were too"... she hugged Dave

"yes sis, you deserve this and any more... i love you" he kissed her forehead

"i love you bro"

Everyone went ahead to exchange pleasantries. Ese went to get a seat on one of the available seats while Ade went ahead to help herself with some small chops on the table.

Dave's mother had sighted the both girls she liked Ese, beautiful, tall and had a great skin color.

"Mum i'd like you to meet someone"...

"okay sugar"...

Dave took her to Ade first introduced them both and said mum," i have someone special i need you to meet"

Ese saw Dave and the mum coming towards her direction she stood up to acknowledge their presence

"Goodday ma"... Ese greeted with a smile

"hello beautiful" Mrs Ayodele smiled back

"Mum this is Ese my colleague and someone i really like" Dave was smiling

"oh really, i actually admired her the moment she walked in so calm and collected" Mrs Ayodele replied

"Thank you ma, i am flattered" Ese blushed

"Make your self comfortable dear i'll see you shortly i need to attend to my guests"

"okay ma; thank you.... by the way, you look gorgeous"

"awwnnn..... thank you" Mrs Ayodele smiled as she walked away

Dave held Ese's hands and ushered her out of the noisy environment he needed for them to talk outside.They spent the entire hour catching up with each other.

"feels like i have known you all along" Dave held her hand

"me too" Ese squeezed his hand

"I hope we get to be close friends E!"

"and i like the way you call me E!" she chuckled

"wait oh, so you guys have been here all along? its not fair, you ditched me to go bonding when i have been looking for you" Ade frowned

"oh am so sorry Ade, hope you weren't bored, Ese asked

"well i was, Dave you have to make it up to me" Ade tapped his shoulder

"i brought you to come party now, haven't you eaten and drank enough?" he teased

"i have; but i also wanted to spend time with you"

"okay oo Dave go spend time with Ade now".... Ese chuckled

"i don't have anymore spare time to spend we can all spend the limited time together that way no one gets slighted" Dave replied

Ade grudgingly sat down, they all talked about work and life.

"its past 8 pm" Ese checked her watch

"Yes it is any problem?" Ade asked

"you know i have a curfew i don't stay out late... i need to leave" Ese said

"ah ah, Ese you live alone, you don't have anybody you are accountable to so why the hurry?"

"well, i have myself to be accountable to besides, i need to read a little before i go to bed and my younger sister is also at home i need to get home in time so i can at least have some family time with her"

"okay then go i'll stick around for a while"

"Don't worry Ese the party is almost over am sure the after party is for close family members only i'll drop you two off in 30 minutes when they say the closing prayers" Dave cut in

"wait, the party is ending in 30 minutes? that's short i would love to stay for the after party" Ade asked

"Ade i thought you just heard Dave say the after party is meant for family members only?" Ese said

"That's true Ade you'll be the odd one out" dave replied

"Well then, i'll join you guys on your way out but i'll stop along the way i want to go  clubbing" Ade said

"Thank God"  Dave whispered.
He wanted to spend more time with Ese since Ade was going to the club house, he would get his alone time with her.
"let's go"..... he waved at them

To be continued.... 


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