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Hello please keep me anonymous, yesterday i had unprotected sex with someone i met at a friend's valentine party... i was ovulating i checked your blog and saw that you were a nurse, i have taken an emergency pill before now and from what i read online, it won't work anymore.. please what can i do? i have a good relationship and i don't want to ruin it. please what do i do. treat as urgent. thanks

Postinor 2 is a form of emergency contraception. This is not recommended to be used ideally more than two to three times in a month as it does not give the effective level of protection that other methods of contraception offer.
You can take it again and it will work as a contraceptive.  From your description it probably isn't necessary though.

FYI, the World Health Organization has warned that repeated use of emergency contraceptives exposes you to higher doses of steroids.

Emergency contraceptives should not be used in place of regular birth control.  You may experience some side effects including an early or late period and a heavier or lighter period.  They are a very large dose of hormones.

From the manufacturer: You should only use POSTINOR-2 in emergencies and not as a regular method of contraception. If POSTINOR-2 is used more than once in a menstrual cycle it is more likely to upset your menstrual cycle.

in other news, get an emergency contraceptive like postinor 2 and use it... it may not be 100% effective like the first time, but thats as much choice you have right now.
Always use a condom dearie, besides getting pregnant, there are too many STDs to battle with out there.
E- hugs


  1. You have a good relationship yet you went ahead to open your legs for another man. Smh

  2. Very dumb something!

  3. Anumpama! Tueh is sex food?

  4. why the judgement though? some of you here have done countless abortions yet you'd judge anyone who brings their problem to this kind of platform. smh