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Even with the excuse of avoiding lastma guys from stopping her whilst driving due to lack of concentration, Eseohe knew she didn't want to hear anything Ade had to say! This girl talks too much she thought to herself. Ade kept calm hoping to break the news to her. This story was just too good to be untold more so she needed to let her know she wasn't getting a man anytime soon judging from the way she was acting. They drove together quietly until the awkward silence was ended by a phone call... Ade brought out her phone to check the caller and ended the call abruptly, the phone rang again and she did the same thing. Eseohe who was quietly observing asked her  "madam, pick the call now who dey disturb you this early morning?"
Ade saw this as a great opportunity to tell her what she had been waiting to Say

"It's Terry" she blurted out. 

"Which Terry?" Ese asked.

"Same Terry now, Chairman's son" Ade replied 

"Omg! Omg! Terry? and you are ending his calls?Dem swear for you? by the way, how on earth did you guys connect? Ade I hail oooo"

 Ade smiled, "we connected that night at the dinner party for the new board members" 

"Huh????!!!!" Ese had screamed For all heavens, she didn't want to hear this gist, they were both stuck in traffic she had no choice but to listen, how on earth do these girls catch a man? I mean, am beautiful, have got a great body, I have a good brain in my head.... I am independent, I even senior this babe for office, all these were running through her mind as Ese was giving an account of how she had connected with Terry. "But babes, wait o, I thought we weren't allowed to mix up how did you do it"

"Hmmmm my dear, I was on my own o sitting quietly, dude came around and offered to fill my almost empty glass, well I couldn't say no even though my eyes were set for his friend"

"Which of his friends Ese asked,.. The tall dark one now, the one with a slight curve around his lips" Ade answered with a smirk on her face

"Na wa oooo babes I was at that same party, I never met any guy or rather no one said hi to me, you had a whole chairman's son say hi and yet you are still saying you wanted his friend...This life is a pot of beans"

"Ade laughed out loud and said na really pot of Beans.... funny thing is I had eyes for another guy and I got two guys on my case right now! Terry likes me, Reuben also does"

"Who be Reuben abeg" ese asked

"Ade...'Oh, the tall dark guy with sexy lips'... Ade replied 

"And who's he"? ese still confused

"Ese you too ask question allow me gist you abeg".... Ade blurted out angrily

"Chaiii I nor blame this girl oh if I had driven alone to the office and she had hopped in One of these molues am sure she would have greeted me respectfully the moment she stepped her foot  in the office"...Ese thought to herself 

"Oya gist me now"... she said. 

"Okay as I was saying,.......Reuben is the son to one of the new board members and I heard, his dad bought the shares meant for two people making him a direct head over the other board members" 

"Oh boy"! Ese screamed! 

"That's one big shot o babe"! 

"You seeeee"??... Ade said smiling sheepishly

"problem is Terry is too overbearing and I really am not ready for any commitment! I am still very young I want a guy who would spoil me silly. Terry is calling because I told him I wanted a car last night which he agreed to get for me on the condition that I agreed to marry him"! Ade hissed

"Gbam Gbammer Gbammest Ese screamed out! What are you waiting for babes??? Grab your copy now now now"! 

"Well, how do I handle Reuben's case? I also told that one that I liked him and I wanted us to get down together, he's even planning a trip for us to the Seychelles" ..... Ade said

Ese turned her face towards her and quickly looked away so she could focus on driving 

"Babes, them dey do you and you never know! Terry is willing and ready to put a ring on it...This Reuben guy sounds like he wants to eat his cake and have it. For all I care, this could even be a set up"! Ese spat

"Ahh.... Nah nah nah its not abeg" Ade had said with a straight face. 

"Am so sure of that I even went as far as telling Terry about Reuben all he said was I don't care about anyone I just love you"! 

Ese slumped in thought, Dear God, can't you just look out for me from heaven? It's been 6 months, no man to do this, this chick doesn't even look as beautiful as i do 4 years after graduation and i have a good job, am done with Masters and i am even  a supervisor in a Multimillionaire organisation. This girl just did her youth service here last year, how she got retained is a question for tomorrow. I can't even hold down a man , yet she has two on her case two of several she has told me about in weeks  she wasn't even called to give any speech or receive any award, I was! yet two men noticed her from the same party we both attended? If there's an angel putting my calls on hold, please allow my calls ring directly God please pick up my calls.

Ade's question jolted her back to reality... "So babes what do I do"?

"Hmmmmmm for me, I'll say date Terry let Reuben go, be focused and See what life brings across your way" Ese had answered

At this point, they had arrived at the office parking lot. Ade was beckoning on another colleague (one of their managers who was tagged as 'the hottest bachelor' in the firm)

"ah you and Dave talk too"? 

Ade replied "yes we do"

 Ade and Ese both got down from the car, Dave walked upto them 

"Hi ladies", Ade replied giving him a hug while Ese replied amidst checking her car security. Dave turned and said something in Ade's  ears she laughed and they both walked away from the car they chit chatted for a little bit after which, Dave walked away. Ese, asked her, what he had said to her that made her laugh so heartily.

 "He said you looked great and would want to take us out for dinner sometime I think he likes you" Ade smiled

Ese smiled and said, 'Dear Angel Gab,thanks for putting me on a direct line to Baba God I'll talk to you later

 "Meanwhile, babes you have  to change some things about you, there's a lot to talk to you about, you are the reason for your problems"  Ade said cutting into her moment of adulation

 "Oh how"? Ese asked her

 "I will talk to you about it over lunch, Ralph even called me too so its an intertwined topic This is 2017, its operation get hooked my dear" Ade replied

At 28, Ese knew she needed all the lessons she could get from a 25 year old hottie. Ralph had ended the relationship on a bad-note they hadn't even spoken since they both parted ways six months ago and now he is calling Ade! What a world!!!!! Her stagnant relationship life didn't just start now, if she had to do anything differently to get a man, as far as it didn't involve, going diabolical, or snatching a married man, she was ready to learn. Besides, she needed to know what it was her ex discussed with Ade. 

"Okay, I'll be waiting for your prep talk" she said as they both walked into the office Complex

To be continued on Friday.....

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  1. I just don't trust this Ade girl, besides Ese is sounding really gullible.