PRAY FOR ME - Part 2

Titi was worried, "why on earth is this man not taking my calls"? she asked.
She was on the verge of losing it.  She was known as one of the happening babes on campus before this ill fate befell her. Who would have thought the 'ever blazing Titi' as she was fondly called would be in such a mess: two babies with no money to cater for them. All her sugar daddies had left her immediately they found out she was pregnant thank God for her parents who had stood by her mostly because they knew who was responsible for the pregnancy and her father who despite Akanbi's jobless nature, had an unwavering soft spot for him. She remembered when she had met Akanbi  at the exams and records office back then in the university where she too had gone to sort out her results .... 
"Can someone ever come to this school without going through unnecessary stress"? A baritone voice had said behind her. She turned to see the bearer of such sulky voice, even the looks were captivating... 

"Oh Hello my name is Titi what's wrong"? she had asked him. 

"I have been here all day, I am trying to apply for my transcripts and this school has kept me for God knows how long". 

"Oh am really sorry about that, have you tried reaching out to anyone who can be of help"  

"do I really know anyone'? I am going through the normal process and its really tortuous" he said... 

"Oh well then, I can help you talk to one or two persons, can I have your details please"? 

"Oh sure why not? A happy Akanbi had said.

 She had thought things were going to get better with time, meeting him in second year and him sticking by her for another 2 years when she had to probate was some sort of miracle as she knew how dedicated Akanbi was to educational pursuit. She wasn't one of the dullest student in her faculty, she was just not focused academically. The late night parties, consistent clubbing, hangouts, several drop offs by different men were the reasons for her lack of dedication to her studies and her constant failure. Akanbi had stuck by her even when he kept hearing news of her philandering acts... She too had stuck around because she wanted a better future for herself, besides Akanbi being a broke man, he was too good for her Soft spoken, hardworking, principled and any good acts one could mention were attributes to be found in him.. 

"When are you going to ever be serious with your life" Akanbi had asked her one day

 "Ah baby, serious people are found in the mortuary as far as am alive, I need to have fun" she had replied.
Despite his inability to get a Job, he never lost hope, he went ahead to do ICAN and paid for it with money from odd jobs an examination he aced with flying colors. 

"Only God knows why you don't have a good job" she had told him in one of their many discussions

"well am sowing a good seed into my career, I won't stop growing academically, someday, the right job will find me" he had replied

Everything seemed okay, she had continued her illegal way of getting money 'runs' as they called it. While he also gave her from the little he could get from any of his too many awkward jobs She was from a comfortable home and Akanbi's support though miniature, would have been enough if her whole life wasn't lined with greed and lack of contentment

 "Can you just minimize your spending and save more? It will do you more good Titi" Akanbi had angrily blurted out on one occasion

"Well, if you had a good job, and you were man enough, you won't be worried about how I spend money" she had replied sarcastically

"Akanbi am pregnant" Titi had told him this on one of the days he was frustrated about life and its outcomes

"I should be happy about this but I am so sad I can't even find any reason to be glad" Akanbi had replied her

"Ehen so what should we do?" She had asked

"we are keeping it' Akanbi replied

"Keeping what? Do you want to ruin my life? I just manage-ably scaled through my second probation. The last thing i want is a responsibility that I didn't plan for"

"Ifemi,this could be a sign of better things for us" Akanbi begged

"Better thing ko, better thing ni" Titi hissed. 

Akanbi had gone to her parents to tell them about the pregnancy and they insisted she kept it 

"This is the only good thing to ever come out of your life Titilayo" her mother had painfully told her

"you can't even graduate from the so called sociology after 4 years in school, this child will bring sanity into your life", her father had angrily spat out.

Even though she wasn't happy about the decision, she had no choice but to oblige her angry and disappointed parents

"Madam its a twin gestation" the doctor had told her "twins ke? This is double wahala ooo" 

Getting back home, she broke the news to Akay who didn't seem bothered about the situation

"Akay, the doctor said its two babies o... 

"wow that's double blessing"
"Blessing indeed I just hope the money to cater for them comes handy"  Titi hissed.

Three months after having her twin girls, Akay had told her he was leaving for Abuja to find a better life. Even though she didn't like the idea, 'Men aren't loyal' she had thought to herself, she knew Abuja was a good starting point and in no time, she too would become an Abuja woman... May God keep covering our shame...no one knows how water got into the coconut' she shuddered' 
Joyce had just arrived the airport, Abuja airport seemed crowded than Usual 

"where is this driver"she hissed

Mr kabiru had seen her. Who else would wear a transparent dress in a Northern state if not his madam Joyce 

"Welcome ma am here ooo" waving from the entrance other bystanders were asked to stay

"Please pick up the other box"

The drive from the airport to her house was mostly quiet except for a few questions she asked

"How's the electricity consistency"

"Madam e nor good at all ooo" 

"Damn this country" she spat out....Her phone rang

"Hello Mr Bayo I just arrived Abuja now"

"oh welcome back madam" Bayo had replied

"I'd like to see you around 5.30 pm later today, I need to know your plans for this new contract" 

"oh alright ma'am I was just about calling you to fix an appointment" 

"Oh okay then see you later" she hung up

 Joyce thought about her life, she was going to be 49 in a month....amidst her busy and chaos filled life, her cherry blossom fruit like she always called her was the only source of her happiness She had forgotten to call Reya on her birthday, the nuggets of being an extremely busy single mother.

"Kabiru, take the next turn, I need to get some flowers for Reya"

"Okay Madam"... Kabiru replied.

To be continued on Saturday..... 


  1. hmmmmmm... this is getting real

  2. Please oh. Why do I have this ill feeling about Titi maybe its my gut sha. Joyce reminds me of my old boss Akanbi is such a sweet soul