"Big sis!!!! i saw that" Imade screamed as she opened the door for her sister

"Saw what? common go and sleep" she brushed her aside

"You are not getting off easily from this one.. who's that fine chocomilo of a man ?"

"Where do you get these adjectives you use though?" Ese laughed

"Who's he sis?"

"His name is Dave and he's my boss"

"Oh yea... he is single right?"

"You know i don't do married men"

"Yes i know... so this will be our new in law?"

"I have since learned not to be too expectant baby girl, i'm going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts"

"Why? don't allow anyone or anything kill the optimistic you"

"Hmmmm Imade, i'm still healing from Ralph's wound and even though i'm hurt, i'm not stupid. This guy is an eye candy and...."

"Oh look who got a new word in their dictionary" Imade cut her short

"Get out!" Ese smiled "well i was saying, he's an eye candy and i see the way girls drool over him. Have you seen me recently? i look like a shadow of myself  baby"

"Well, he came for you, he likes you and that's all that matters. As for looking good, i'm here now, we will work on that part"

"You know i can't live without you right?" Ese smiled

"Well i do" they both laughed

"Ralph called me though" Imade smirked

"Ralph? that moron? what did he want?"

"Well, he was lamenting...apparently, the young girl he left you for, is making his life miserable"

"Karma has everyone's address you know... to think i gave my all to that young man and he threw it in the dead sea"

"Big sis, one thing i know is that, that guy is a sad man. He wanted to know how he could reach you....he said your number wasn't going through"

"The beautiful thing about using an iPhone, is its blocking abilities. i blocked the miserable loaf" Ese laughed

"It's good to see you lively though...by the way, who was that guy?"

"The one i met outside?" Ese asked

"Yes.. i refused letting him in, i didn't know him and i wasn't ready to narrate my ordeal with a stranger to some blogs and news media"

"You are one funny being sha.. that's Kunle my colleague i met Ralph through him... all of a sudden dude is interested in me"

"Joker!" Imade laughed... "i should allow you rest"

"I was going to leave you here and go get a cold shower, i don't want to miss the 6.am mass tomorrow Ese walked away

"Your phone is ringing" Imade called out as Ese walked into the room

"Who's calling?"

"Our Dave..." Imade chuckled

Viv tried calling Tobias, it wasn't unusual for him to keep late nights This was one hurdle in her marriage that she couldn't bear anymore. How a man will spend months outside his home and still turn into a night crawler when he was around still baffled her. She married a junkie one who smoked anything smoky, drank, and did all the doable but she wasn't bold enough to tell her parents. Her mother wanted her to endure, even though she didn't know this part of her marriage, her mother always saw the good in Tobias.

"He's still not taking his call mum" Viv was restless

"Where would he be at this time of the night?"

"Honestly mum, i don't know Tobias keeps late night and......" never mind.  she sighed

"Is there anything you are keeping away from me?"

"No mum we are fine"

"I'll try to also call him on my phone maybe he'll take the call. Did you call Dave?"

"Yes.. he's on his way home. I told him to stop by the confectionery shop i am craving for flour"

Her mother chuckled.. "it's the baby not you"

"Either ways, i'm the one who'll eat and digest it" they both laughed.

 Viv kept calling Tobias, all her efforts were met with a busied tone

"That bastard will come meet me here today" she spat.  Dave walked in to see Viv pacing

"Is everything alright viv?"

"Everything is not alright Dave!"

"Tobias left the party even before it ended who does that?"

Dave held her "let's take a walk" they both walked outside the house he pointed at the pool side

"Have a seat viv... take a deep breathe please" he rubbed her back

"Dave i'm tired! i'm suffering in silence. Tobias doesn't give a hoot about me by the time he gets back, he'll be drunken to a state of stupor"

"Wait, how come you never told anyone about this"

"I'm ashamed i don't want a broken home people will laugh at us"

"What? is this madness? you want to die in that thing innit?"

"I can't just walk away we just celebrated our one year marriage anniversary"

"Viv, you are a queen...our queen. If Tobias isn't treating you right, come home to your kingdom"

"It's not that easy" she cried

"I don't know what else to say, i'm just worried for you"

"I'll be fine. Can we keep this between us please?"

"Yea sure. Here are your snacks i'll ask one of the domestic staff to get you a drink"

"Thank you. Please don't tell anyone i'm here, i need to be alone"

Dave kissed her forehead and walked away. He would kill Tobias if anything happened to Viv


Ade adjusted her dress as she got down from the car

"I had a swell time Tobias"

"Me too..."

"You wanna come in?" Ade asked

"Quite tempting but errmmm... your parents?"

"They are away for the weekend.. asides my brother and the domestic staff, the house is empty"

"Nahh... i can't... maybe you should stay in the car for a while so we can talk?"

"Okay" she hopped back into the car

His phone was ringing, it was viv... he ended the call

"So, what do you do?"

"Business! i'm into real estates, oil and gas and anything that pays"

"Oh that's juicy"

"Well you can say that again" he chuckled

"You and Viv seem to be happily married?"

"We are! did we give off as not?"

"I noticed the lovely reception anything you aren't telling?"

"errmm....we had an arranged marriage we are still finding our feet together. Viv is an awesome woman but she's also a spoilt brat i'm trying to handle that"

"Oh yea... enough about your personal life" she kissed him

"Okay" he mouthed "you don't mind if we....?"

"huh huh" she cut him short

He took off the arm of her dress her bare chest was revealed... she had such a good body, sumptuous and warm to touch

"You have great boobs" he mouthed as his mouth found it's way to one of them

"Thanks" she gasped

"He adjusted the seat and took off her dress"

"You have condoms?" she asked

"Of course i do...."

"Then slip one on..." they went into oblivion as his phone continued to ring endlessly.

to be continued......


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