"Telema... Telema" Anita was screaming at the girl on the other side of the road

Telema turned to see who was calling her. she couldn't recognize the person but the way the girl called out her name, showed that she knew her.

"Telema you don't remember me right?" the young lady asked her

"no i don't.." she responded

"my name is Anita..." we attended the same secondary school FGGC Akure

"oh oh oh Anita, kentura"s bunk mate right?"

"yes..." Anita smiled.

"where are you headed?" Anita asked

"i want to use the hair dressing saloon on the other side of the road"

"oh i was going to make my hair as well... let's walk together"

Telema began to remember little details about Anita, the girl who could gossip for hours without getting tired. She knew this meeting between them, would reveal a lot about their old friends.

"when was the last time you heard from Kentura?" Telema asked

"Kentura? she's in the US.. that one has refused to get married i heard she even has a baby for a man no one knows of"

"wow... i haven't seen her after school" Telema replied

"oh! we all went to OAU Ife, we socialized together. i, Kentura, Hope,Eve, Danielle and that girl who always cried for no reason back then in school... Kimberly"

"Kimberly!" Telema exclaimed  "I follow her on social media but i haven't really had time to send her a private message. She's really well placed right now from the pictures i have been seeing"

"my dear don't judge by what you see ooo... Kimberly lives off rich men i mean, she's a big time prostitute" Anita snapped her fingers

"i thought she was an actor"

"which actor? how many movies have you seen her in? she only gets cheap roles to advertise her body for more clients..." Anita spat

Telema knew this wouldn't be the end of the tea spilling but she listened anyway. So what about Hope, Eve, Danielle and Kim? i really wish i could see them i miss school though..." she smiled

"my dear, Eve is fine. She's working one 8-5 job with little pay all she does is come on social media to write long epistles. With the grammar she dishes out on her social media handles, one would think she reeks of wealth" Anita shrugged

"does it really matter? the most important thing is to get a job and stick to it. Jobs are hard to find these days so when you find one, you have to do all you can to keep it"

"i'd rather not work that do that kind of Eve's job tufiakwa!!! That's slavery! She's always borrowing to survive" Anita spat

"hmmm... life is not that easy you know?" Telema sighed

"we all know Danielle's father is rich, hence it was easy for her to go to the UK for her masters, she's back here with a good job the only problem is that she can't keep  a relationship, very proud something..."

"Anita, stop it. Danielle is just someone who won't tolerate nonsense, she's not proud. Back then, i noticed she barely mixed with others because no one really understood her" Telema defended

"she's proud and she'll remain that way if she doesn't change her attitude" Anita hissed

"but wait Anita are you married? Telema asked

"not yet i'll be in a few months... i see you are also wearing an engagement ring?" Anita responded

"no its not an engagement ring, i got it from one of my trips to Romania; i got attracted to the stone. Emerald is my birthstone. I loved it,so i got it."

"ah... don't you think it'll chase men away?"

"right now, am taking time to cool off.. i just got out of something horrible besides I've got a few bother that i need sorted"

"hmmmmmm.... you want to talk about it" Anita asked

hell no! there was no way she was giving her story to this rumor monger, miss goody two shoes.. tomorrow she'll be spilling to any body who cared to listen  "i don't want to talk about it" Telema sighed

"be strong for yourself... at least you have a good job and you are really humble unlike Hope whose job is to complain to everyone about her marital problems"

" wow hope is married?"

"yes she is.. to something you cannot call a man"

"that's rather harsh Anita..." Telema warned

"i'm serious, Hope is in a mess.. no one sent her anyway. She rushed into the marriage thing. She'll carry her cross like that"
"i'll be back in a moment" Anita said as she walked away without waiting for Telema to respond. Telema was now engrossed with her phone and that meant two things, either she Anita, was beginning to be a bore, or Telema was no longer interested in the conversation.

Telema was done making her hair, she stood up to pay the lady and turned to leave but Anita had left her side

"madam please where's my friend who was sitting on the chair you are now occupying?" Telema asked another client

"she's at the clothing department just on the other side of the shop" the woman replied

"oh okay thanks..."

Telema saw Anita with a shopping bag, she followed her to the counter where she was to pay for the clothes but the security man tapped Anita on her shoulder

"we would like to search you ma'am..." the man requested

"search me? for what? that's insulting" Anita spat

"we caught you shop lifting on camera" the security personnel replied

"wait wait, there must be some mistake" Telema scratched her hair

"no mistake ma, we saw her" another security personnel replied

Anita had begun to shout... "this is rubbish, i won't take this am calling in my police guard"

"we will use force on you ma if you do not cooperate with us" the security personnel spat

"allow them search, if they see nothing, i'll personally sue them for false accusation and defamation of character" Telema begged

"oooo...kk...aaa..y" Anita stammered

the female security Personnel who searched Anita, found two wristwatches and a few hair accessories on her

"We might have to detain you if you can't pay for these items" she said

"am so sorry its the devil's handwork" Anita begged

 "The devil? did he steal those items for you? one would think with the way you point out other people's errors, you had no fault of yours. Nearly, all our friends you spoke about, had a dent to you. They were either too lazy, too vain, not fit for their jobs, proud, suffering in their marriage, or a prostitute. Who would have thought your own was worse? a common thief! If you spend so much time as you do on others to investigate on how to make your life better, am sure you won't be drawn to stealing petty items like this. Oga please hand her over to the authorities" Telema said as she walked away


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