PRAY FOR ME-part 4

Akanbi arrived at the office earlier than scheduled. He didn't want to miss his chance to be gainfully employed.

"Hello good morning my name is Akanbi Olaoluwa and i have an appointment today" he was at the receptionist's desk

"Hello sir, okay hold on while i check" she scanned through her appointment list "the appointment is for 9 am sir, you might have to wait a little" she replied

"oh no problem i'll wait" he replied.

At about 8.30 am a tall lady walked in. Every staff at the reception, stood up to acknowledge her presence "This must be an important person he thought" a few minutes later the receptionist called him to say her madam would see him now.

He walked into the office and met Bayo seated, he greeted him and "the madam" and went on to have his seat.

"Mr Akanbi, my name is Miss Joyce and i am the regional manager.   

I am sure Bayo has briefed you as regards the job this is a representative of the HR team she pointed.

I"ll like for you to report to me at all times, Bayo and the HR officer will see you out thanks

That was brief! he had thought he would be asked a lot of questions luck did shine on him after all. The HR officer told him of his benefit packages and his job description while Bayo introduced him to the driver and the site workers. He was finally allowed to go home and resume work the next day. He checked his wrist watch it was 11.30 am it was too early to go home he had heard so much about one famous restaurant called Jevnik. "maybe i should go there and have lunch" he thought.

The place was really big. It was just 1 pm and the crowd in the eatery was alarming. He ordered for his food while he found somewhere to sit and wait for the food to come. Someone actually owns this big business he thought. A finger tapped on his shoulder looking above him, a young lady was asking if she could sit on his table, "why not"? he answered. The girl had ordered jollof rice and fish and her food arrived shortly afterwards this wasn't fair someone actually came a while ago to take his order yet, his food wasn't in sight.

"you must have some good influence around here" he smiled

"well, not really, i placed my order and went out to take a call my seat was taken by someone else so i had to come over to your table".

"oh i see" he replied.

His food came shortly afterwards and he marveled at the size. "are this people trying to feed us fat?" he asked

"the food right?" she laughed

They both ate in silence. 

"i hope you enjoyed your meal" she asked as she beckoned on the waiter to get his money.

"yea i did but i still can't finish this food".

"you don't eat much then" she chuckled.

she sat there for a while waiting for him to be done while they talked about Abuja, and life in it. They walked out and she headed for her car. 

"you didn't get to tell my your name" she asked

"my name is Akanbi, but my friends call me Akay"

"I am Reya she said as she got into her car".

Akanbi watched her drive away as he flanked a taxi. This girl was a pretty one.


Reya liked him, he looked so calm and collected. These days, you can hardly find a man who is this reasonable in Abuja. They didn't have one long  conversation, but then she could tell that he was one of the good ones.

she had just ended a cold relationship and even though it was too early to start off another, getting to know Akanbi was not a bad idea.

"hey mum? dinner at yours tonight?" she was on the phone with her mother.

" errm no, i'm a bit busy today, Saturday evening?" her mum replied

"okay then Saturday it is... i love you mum"

"love you too baby girl" she hung up

A few days ago she had turned twenty-seven and her mother reminded her of how important it was for her to settle down. She wasn't  one to pressurize but she had a good reason for suggesting that she found someone to be with. 


Titi am so sorry i have not called you since i arrived Abuja i have had so much to do Akanbi was on the phone with Titi

"its okay, i figured you were trying to settle in"

how are the kids.. hope they are doing fine... and mama?"

"everyone is fine. The kids are with your mum and sister i left for my parents house yesterday. will be going back tomorrow".

"Titi those kids are barely four months old. Leaving them alone with my sick mother and only sister who has so much on her plate already is not nice" he was angry

"see! i have my own life to live, you asked for children, I gave you. Can't i also go out and live my life? besides i have been out for just one night i'll be back tomorrow afternoon."

"what will they eat while you are away?"

"I never breast-fed those kids now, you know i don't want a sagged breast. The baby food is still available i taught your sister how to make it"

He knew titi was careless, but having two kids should at least change her he sighed.

"okay...please make sure you go back home tomorrow to check on them. can i say hi to your mum"?

"shes not here, shes at the market, my dad is also out with his friend"

"okay send my regards when they get back"

"i will. how's the job hunt?"

" not bad... do you remember Bayo? my friend"

" Baaayooo... errm.... i think so"

" well i saw him yesterday and he hooked me up with one job. its based on contract but its something good.

"wow! that's great! Abuja life is so easy. you got a job on your second day in Abuja. that's nice o..." 

"Yea, am not working as an accountant though. Am a project supervisor for an ongoing project in a construction company".

"which construction company"

"Julius Berger"

"Hmmmmmmmm we have arrived oooo" she giggled

"its not much Titi,  i know you have so many bills waiting for me to attend to i will attend to them but just know its not much"

"Yes o... there are so many bills you'd have to attend to first you have to send me N30,000 for Taye and Kehinde's feed

"i knew it...i will. Just give me a few days to raise the money" 

"i don't have a few days o unless you want your kids to go hungry. besides i will be travelling to Lagos next month and i don't intend taking the kids along so send more than that so i can give my mum some money for their upkeep while am away".

"Lagos! those kids are too young to be left alone now Titi. Besides i thought you had final exams to prepare for. What's happening in Lagos by the way?"

"Here you go why didn't you consider their age before leaving for Abuja or where in the books was it written that the care of a child solely depends on the mother? stop asking me jamb questions send money so your children won't suffer" she hung up

This was the only problem he had. Titi was an inconsiderate woman one who her mind revolved around money. He loved her so much despite all her crankiness.

"How do i get some money now?" he thought.


Bayo knew Joyce so well he couldn't miss that lusty look she gave Akay, this was the same look she had given him the first time they had both met. He needed to mark his lane. Joyce was his money bag his link to so many contracts besides her gorgeous body, he enjoyed the other benefits attached.

 "Joyce i tried calling earlier you didn't take your call" he was on the phone with her.

"oh really? i have been quite busy how are you?"

"am fine. I know you are busy tonight can we have lunch tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is Saturday, i have a dinner date with my daughter.

"okay after work today?" 

"No Bayo, i have a meeting from 11 pm till 2 am our foreign investors are coming in...i can't"

"Sunday then?" 

"i really don't think so, i will want to take out time to rest so i can start off the week properly"

"Joy, why do i have this feeling that you are blowing me off?"

"am not, am just busy"

"well i don't think so... he was waitin
g for her to respond but she had hung up

"hello...hello..." he hissed

Just today she saw Akanbi,she had already started misbehaving. slut! he spat


Joyce was irritated. Bayo was beginning to get on her last nerve and she hated it! The guy knew she called the shots how dare he call her to fix a date considering her busy schedule. she had told him the last time that she wanted them to see other people Joyce was beginning to feel the need to settle down. Her daughter, Reya had moved out of the house on her twenty-seventh birthday and she realized how lonely life could be. Settling with Bayo was a no no dude was greedy she could smell if from afar. she wanted to date an older man someone she might possibly settle with not some 33 year old boy who was jumping in and out of every panties he could access.

she needed the week off to think things through besides, she had a date with Jude on Sunday evening. Jude and her both finished a few years back from the London Business School despite the distance, his professed love had been constant over the years. He was coming in as one of the foreign investors and he had sent her a mail to give her heads up. she wasn't going to ruin a possible forever all because of some lazy ass. 

Her trust issues were the reasons she never gave the man a chance, he was a German,widowed with one daughter,and lived in London. she was a Nigerian who was schooling in London but needed to get back home to Nigeria and her life. If Jude intended settling here like his mail said, then she was ready to give it a shot. 

to be continued....


  1. I just hope Titi won't lose this guy to that rich girl...hmmmmm

  2. This Bayo is just a Yoruba demon very lazy somebody kai

  3. Akanbi, Bayo are both alike, am guessing he'll find a good reason to cheat on Titi with Reya... Mtchewww