WORK KPALAVA - house hunt, luck and grace 2

So, i went searching for a place to stay i was living with my cousin and one thing i wanted was my space let's not get into too many family gist (its not interesting abeg)

I had already started working in the same place my friend was working and she was really supportive for someone who had not been a friend in school ( i had few friends in school) i was mostly the " when you see me walk by, halla at your girl" kinda person so i didn't have too many close friends. We went out to hunt for a house and i decided to start with kubwa. It was one of the nice places in Abuja with affordable rent.

We both saw a sign advertising a house in kubwa for N120,000 this was for a self contained apartment. I screamed yes ooo I don hit jackpot so we went further took the phone number displayed on the sign and went hunting. We called the agent and he asked us to take a bike to kubwa market my friend was like "if na kubwa market the house dey e nor bad now" i nodded in agreement. When we got to the market, the agent met us at the agreed point and hailed another bike we both shot each other a glance. "Which kind another bike situation one this naw?" anyhoos, we left. The bike took several turns and we finally stopped. This is no longer kubwa o babes i whispered to my friend. She was already irritated at the guy. The agent dropped another bomb "aunty you go wait o i nor get the key" ahhhhh we had to also wait? my friend pointed at a big house and said, "if na this house, no problem house looks good and the road to this place is okay." i concurred.

My dear,little did we know our journey had just began. The agent got the key and started the journey, i really can't say how many more minutes we spent going round till we got to the place. Okay wait let me describe the "thing" this agent called a house. The room was isolated, before you get to the room, you had to pass through a closed door like some secret chamber this door was beside a well and there were goats everywhere we didn't bother going in. 

Moi Becky? tufiakwa!it cant happen my friend was steaming with anger the agent kept saying we needed to pay him his agency fee for showing us the house. We both hissed, hailed a bike and left.

Grace---I was still bothered about getting a place when my friend told me not to worry. I'll speak with the MD she said, we will get one of the staff quarters and voila, our MD did give us a staff quarter. Now i got  a job, an accommodation in less than one month of getting into Abuja plus i didn't have to pay rent. whooozaaaa now scream "God connect me with my helper" she was a helper indeed.

suddenly my friend had been promoted as head of Nursing, so i was given double shifts with double pay: the meaning of this Greek i just wrote in English is that my salary got doubled. lol
We lived together peacefully although we had our own differences, they were not irreconcilable.

Luck--- I had moved all my things to my new place inside the hospital but i forgot some of my personal items in my cousin's room. when you have too many clothes, this is one problem you'd encounter. i left for her's one afternoon and decided i was going to pick my remaining things. Trouble came when i took a public taxi from my sister's house in Area 1 Garki, to my place in Gwarinpa i had boarded one chance taxi i didn't know! whewww... one of the guys brought out something and stuck it by my side it felt cold. huh! it was a gun. I just started praying i couldn't call anyone so i kept calm. we drove past Gwarinpa junction and the driver kept driving, at this point, it was apparent we were headed for outskirt of town. Luck shined on me, we got to an army check point and i don't know what came over me i just gave the guy some eye signal, he caught it and asked that the car stop for check. well, they did stop but just as soon as i got down, they zoomed off. My things were in the boot. I lost some of my personal effects that day, but am alive to write this story.

We soon connected with all our patients. This was FCT and we were opportune to attend to notable people as patients, some would insist we'd be the ones to attend to them even when we were not on shift because we lived in the premises, we practically lived inside the hospital wards.

This later became our pedestal we became everyone's favorite and the tips kept rolling in.

i didn't work there for long though. Left there 6 months later for a better job. God is good, all the time this new Job was also another miracle

bam bam bia ba... okay bye


  1. Don't go anywhere o come and give us some more gist. When is the next work kpalava gist please? I keep checking for you to post something on Ese and the six months story we want the next part o

  2. Awwwwn my darling ain't going no where. A new part on the series "its been six months",will be posted on the blog on Thursday you can always subscribe to posts so you'd get notifications. Thanks dearie 💋💋💋