Reya couldn't sleep all night, she was disturbed about a total stranger she had met at the restaurant. unlike every other guy she met, they always called her first to flirt but Akanbi was different. He hadn't called to even check on her.

"i should call him" she whispered

The phone rang on but he didn't take the call. what sort of guy was this? she stood up to take her bathe and prepare for her dance class. Today was Saturday; she had dance lessons and dinner with her mother later in the day. As she stepped into the bathe tub, she heard her phone ring she waited for the caller to be identified "Akanbi calling" the phone rang out. Reya jumped out of the tub to take the call

"good morning you!" she chuckled

"Hello Rey good morning" Akanbi was blown away by her voice... such sonorous voice he thought.

"Am sorry i missed your call i was away for my morning run.... i called back as soon as i saw your missed call" he said

"oh really....you work out? that's good"

"well, i won't say i work out  i usually run when i have  a lot on my mind"

"oh i see...i have dinner with my mum at 6 i was wondering if we could meet up before then...maybe see a movie?"

"that would be nice but, i have to be at the site today"

"your building site...?"

"i wish... no am just a site engineer i need to oversee what's been done"

"oh okay... i could join you at the site then we'll go to the movies together if you don't mind?"

"well i'll let you know when am done at the site then"

"okay bye she hung up"

She knew this was her silver lining a man who would be truthful enough to tell you what he does for a living in this Abuja was rare. She was constantly faced with liars, two faced, and proud beings who knew nothing else but to workout, depend on women for survival and grow a beard!

He seemed withdrawn... all good men does, and she will make him come out of his shell

"am not going to let this man go i feel it within my guts this was made to be"... she sighed


Bayo wanted to drop by at the site so he could monitor how the work was going... the last thing he wanted was having an issue about work with Joyce. They already had relationship issues he was not going to complicate things further.

Just imagine how life could be unfair to him, he had gotten Akay a job now he was gunning for his woman.  A few weeks ago, he was planning on getting himself a new girlfriend whilst he held unto Joyce for the benefits now, Akanbi was going to destroy every plan he ever had. His main problem was greed he lived the good life and there was no way he was going to turn down an easy way of making money to the usual hustling. Joyce was his meal ticket and he was holding unto her.

"Akay good morning " he greeted as he arrived at the site.

"good morning my brother, my benefactor..." Akanbi replied

"i'll be needing a run down of how the project is going please"

"okay... i'll send a comprehensive report to your mail box"

Akanbi's phone rang it was Titi... "Bayo please excuse me i need to take this call from Titi"

"oh! you two are still together? ..... wow that's a good one ooo"

"Hello Titi" Akay took the call

"Akanbi please i need you back in Ibadan i just got a call that the twins are very sick"

"sick? see i warned you about leaving them alone with  my sister" he barked at her

"stop apportioning blames its kind of serious ooo oko mi, your sister said she had to rush them to UCH last night" she pleaded

"I thought you were supposed to be back home two nights ago? i wonder how you think though! okay head to the hospital, i'll call you frequently to know how things are going you know i just started work, i can't just dash off like that"

"okay.... but please, send us some money for their upkeep"

"i will"... the line went off

"I hope all is well Akay?..." Bayo queried

"All is not well, my babies are both sick. The thing with having twin babies is that....."

"you have kids?..." bayo cut in

"yes i do... Titi got pregnant last year and the result was a set of twins"

"wow thats serious ooo... you guys should seal the deal already"

"yes we are working on that. That's why am working this hard"

"oh true.... how old are the twins?"

"They are about 4 months old now...."

"That's quite young... congrats bro"

He knew Akanbi as a principled man, even though joy launched her lusty attacks, Akanbi would not give in. He could be likened as Joseph who declined the beautiful portiphars wife. A revelation about his children and girlfriend showed he had nothing to worry about.

He noticed that Akay was walking towards a female figure, he couldn't see the face  clearly, the sun was hot and blinding  but the lady's features were 'blinding' as well...

he walked closer and saw her.... "damn ' he spat... This was Reya, Joyce daughter how did they meet?


Joyce's phone rang, it was Bayo... who else would it be? but the troublesome human being.

"hello Bayo"

"oh thank God you took my call..."

"I always take your calls what do you mean?"

"Am not calling to start a fight joy, am just calling to warn you about something"

"what is it?"

"I just saw Reya your daughter at the site with the new supervisor"....

"oh really, they met already... whats wrong with that?"

"nothing besides the fact that he is married with two kids"

"why do you think they are having an affair Bayo? Reya is single; if she was dating, i'll know by now am sure those two are just friends" she laughed

"well, i just thought to warn you, because, Reya is also like my daughter"

"oh that's nice... thank you but it's not necessary i raised a smart child"

"can we still have dinner today?"

"no we can't.. Reya is coming in for dinner. I already told you that"

"oh! well then ... i have to see you tomorrow its been a while you know... i have missed you"

"i can't tomorrow, maybe next week"... she hung up

It wasn't Akay... or was it? it wasn't. She sounded unbothered about his marital status... Joyce always cared about that. This was the first thing she asked him when they had first met... she never liked intruding or breaking peoples home. She always said she was called too many names, she wasn't going to add 'adulterous' to the long list. He was going to get to the  bottom of this... find out what was wrong.

"hello George... i have a job for you, i need you to follow someone around and give me details on her. i'll send you everything you need to know about her"... Bayo was on the phone

"okay sir... i'll be waiting.." the line went off


"madam these babies are sicklers... they are having their usual crises" the doctor said

"sickler ke? is that even possible.... and are they not even too young for that? so what do we do?"

"they are just a bit anemic we will transfuse them and they'll better. I also think you should breast feed them for now, they are too young to be introduced to formula feeds...their immune system is quite weakened..."

"hmmmm thank you sir..." she knew she was never breast feeding them... nothing would happen to her babies.  Akanbi's genotype was AS, she never knew... they had thrown caution to the winds and dated without finding out these facts. she had to talk to him about it but for now, thank God they had two children she wasn't going to have any more babies.

"Akanbi, our babies are sicklers oo..."she said over the phone

"wow! how come we didn't know this at birth?..."

"me too, i wonder.. you know i had them at the cottage hospital... they probably didn't do all these extensive tests"

"very true... it's well. Are they getting any better now?"

"yes they are... i'll call you later Akanbi let me go check on the kids"

"okay dear, i'll have some money sent to you soon"

"okay".... the line went off

"I hope all is well?" Reya asked

"no not really, that was my fiancee, she just told me our twin babies are sick and i haven't been paid from this job"... he sighed

"oh... am so sorry about that... were they hospitalized?" she tried to hide her surprise

"yes... they are presently in UCH Ibadan"

"oh wow... whats wrong with them"

"she just confirmed sickle cell anemia"

"wow... meaning you are both AS"?

"i don't even know my genotype but i think so...." he rubbed his face

Reya was burning... he had someone and even two kids... this man was so sincere. She had a chance, she was AA he probably wouldn't go on with the relationship since it wasn't a healthy one but she wasn't going to bring up this topic right now....

"okay, lemme give you an upfront pay me back when you get paid" she smiled

"no no i can't please.... i''ll ask for an upfront from my boss" he waved his hand at her

"no i insist. She dipped her hand in her hand bag and counted a few wad of notes, she stretched it to Akanbi mouthing the word, "take""

'This is really embarrassing i must say, but i really appreciate the kind gesture... i can't Reya, i can't"

'hmmmmm... okay ooo" she returned the notes in her bag.

Akanbi loved his respect... He valued her friendship and nothing more, she was giving him the green light and taking her money, would fuel something that could never be. He wasn't known to be insincere and he was not going to start now. He had some money saved up... he was going to send that for his children to be taken care of... hopefully that would be enough.  For now, he wasn't going to degrade himself into begging an innocent girl for money...

"i need to head back to the site" he reached out for the tooth pick box

"oh yeaa.... thanks for lunch.. but we are going dutch on this one i know you won't want me to pay for it" Reya smiled

" am sorry am putting you in this kind of position.. when am fully settled, i promise i'll pay you back"

"nooo it's okay.. i enjoyed the time out with you....i'll drop you off"..... she said as she stood up to leave.

to be continued.....


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