WORK KPALAVA- Butt Exposure

Holla!!!!... hmmm y'all don't even want to know what i went through yesterday. My people, i have never been this disgraced or better put, embarrassed in my life.

It was 10.40 am, i dressed up in my 3/7 {corpers would understand this dress code better} i was told the previous week to go to the Kubwa office of NYSC Abuja to complete my relocation process... i got into a bike immediately i got to Kubwa just as  i got down from the bike, i heard the first "kpraa sound"! my brethren, it was my trouser  oh... i quickly checked it was just a slight tear i sighed and said "na wa" and continued my journey to the office.

Unluckily for me, i couldn't do anything the crowd at the office was not something to play with i need to blog about the hurdles we go through to do any national exercise in this country... since this is not the topic for today, lets move on. I got a bit frustrated and decided to use the usual long legs... my friend came through and the said person asked that i come back the next day for the registration exercise.

I walked out of the computer room and headed to the gate, i took another bike and decided to stop over at my Friend's place getting there, the first thing i did was take off the trouser and check, it was a tiny tear i was too tired and hungry to care so i went ahead to eat, gist and slept off.

Woke up later and decided to leave for my place, now my instincts started talking to me but my friend insisted that the tear was too tiny and my underwear wasn't showing... i dressed up and she took a picture of the tear.. true true the thing tiny ooo... oya now i headed for the junction and got a taxi headed for my direction... immediately i got down from the taxi, as i was about to step out, i head a loud 'kpraaaaaaaaaaa' every other passenger kept quiet they probably thought i farted... and i screamed 'oh lord nooo not now'. Lo and behold as i stepped down, the entire backside of my trouser was open and my ash color pant  was out for the world to see! it was no joking stuffs. If you live  in Abuja you'd probably know how Gwarinpa gate can be busy{for lagosians, take a deep breathe and imagine this happened to you in front of Lekki phase 1 gate}... i was melting deep down as if that wasn't enough, the cab driver kept screaming oya come down now i wan drive comot.

I flagged down a taxi who took advantage of my situation and billed me triple of what it'd cost to take me home.

Dear NYSC we want good uniforms, made with quality and strong material. If you were thinking i made it too tight, nahh i didn't.  I don't even like tight fitting clothes i feel it makes me too vulnerable to stares from different men. If the khaki was thick enough, it would't rip apart. I have since noticed that the seams are too weak and asides the fabric being too light, the seams rip open at slight pressure. Thank God i have extra uniforms else i would have been looking for a tailor by now. The items given to us are so weak, the shirts too light, and the shoes extremely big... we hope someday, these issues will be visited by the officials in charge. For now, just know that your favorite writer had a ripped trouser today.

Shout out to all my blog visitors that keep commenting... y'all are the real MVP's... Zara, Bose, iamkate, Dr.presh, Elfreda, Chioma, Christy, Molabo.... and so many others i didn't mention, you are just too many to count. I see you guys! thank you.


  1. Ikwakwakwakwa.... Sharaat to you too Becca

  2. Kpraaaaaaaa!!!!!looool
    Naija we hail thee

  3. E funny sha... But I feel your pain sorry dear

  4. My baby got disgraced. Ndo nwannem

  5. Oh darling... Don't mind NYSC we will have the dealt with

  6. Good lord! I can imagine what you went through same thing happened to me yesterday around festac was coming back from my PPA I was lucky I had my jacket with me I just tied it around my waist

  7. Pele, it is part of clarion call palaver.