Before you get a gift for your partner, you should know what he or she would appreciate

*what does he|she like?

Some people fancy very simple things, you should be able to tell what your partner likes... If anyone was to get me a valentine gift I'd appreciate, besides getting me a pair of shoes, a very good book would do... So find out what it is your partner likes....


Men, there are cheap body sprays... I don't mean the kerosene smelling types!😂😂😂 there are body sprays made by Victoria secret they go for as low as N1800-3500 you can find them in shop rite or any good supermarket. Get a gift bag and buy 1-2 of those with a can of danish cookies(this should be around N900)

* A set of lingerie... This shouldn't break your bank account.....if you don't know her bra size, please stick to buying her pants only with a nice night wear to go with

*a pair of shoe.... soul kates are the most trendy design of shoes for ladies... If you can't afford ' the louboutin version of soul kate', madden girl makes an exact same pattern😃

* if you have the money, then spoil her! Get her a great gift.... A very good perfume (Chanel no5, Elizabeth Arden) etc...

*Its a season for change of phones, get her a new phone especially if her current phone is misbehaving, .... If you don't have the money to, don't bother... Stick to buying her a simple gift.

*Valentine is on a Tuesday, whatever gift you are getting would be twice as special if you have it delivered to her at work place.... Women love emoshy things!😂😂😂😂😂 we are dramatic like that!

*ladies get in here! Now we are fond of buying them all those akwoshey packet shirt * excuse my bush language* now there are nice t-shirts that are not so expensive... I got into a male shop a few weeks ago, and I was marveled at the great things I saw for lesser prices.... A polo shirt would do (please not the one with the rider upside down)... Get him a good belt ... I saw belts for as low as N6,000

*You can also get him cuff links and a Tie to go with.... Cuff links sell for as low as 3,000 ... A nice tie with a pocket square should do. this is my life saving kit!

*Better still, vals day is on a Tuesday, get him a simple gift and send it down to his office... This always works, men like to be pampered! Spoil him

Dear ladies, check this site for cheap offers... They sell pocket squares, hand knitted sweaters and cuff links with socks to match for as low as N10,000 .... I think what you want would depend on that huge price or even less.. They do have lower packages also and whatever you buy comes in a box that's delivered to you


There are more suggestions to come.... watch this slide........


  1. This is lovely, so who will be my value mami.

  2. I can be your val bae... Hehehehe

  3. I want louboutin o! Please help me tell your daddy 😘 Good job love

  4. Haahahahaha... Yes ma! He will hear. Thanks sis you inspired me ❤❤

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  6. Wow! Lovely, I have being going through online stores to pick something unique for that special one. You just broaden by horizon. Thanks

    1. Awwwnnnn... Am glad I could be of help darling. Thanks for reading ❤❤

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