Dave's phone rang as he walked into the office. It was his mum. He dreaded moments like this... Who wouldn't ?

"Hello mum" his sulky voice filled the room...

"David Ayodele Brandon" his mother leashed out!

 "Now this was war" he thought to himself, his mother only called his full name if she had something serious to talk about. It was 7.20 am and he was already in some sort of situation-ship.... 

"Mummy am here" he said'...

"David, am tired of calling or rather begging you to come over to the house...You have decided to stay away from me because....'

"you see mummy, this is the exact reason I don't like coming over to the house, I don't want to be nagged into getting married" David said cutting his mother halfway....

"Well, I and your father have reached a decision, you are to come home for your sister's baby shower, she's having it here at the house since her husband has decided to die in the US!....don't come alone, I want to see a girl with you, your girl friend, colleague, whomever I don't care!" His mother spat out...

Now David smelt a fish, a rotten one at that! It was enough trouble her sister was coerced into marriage, a decision she still regrets till date. She had been match made with one of the too many successful sons of his father's friends.Dude was too busy to even wipe his own ass after taking a shit! He had practically married his sister two months after they had been introduced to each other eight months down the line, his globe trotting in-law, had left his Pregnant sister back in Nigeria to go settle an unfinished business in the US one that has taken him away from home for 4 months now the sad news was that his sister was going to have to deliver over here as when she wanted to leave for the US, she had been told she wasn't fit to fly blame it on pre eclampsia. Hopefully, her busy bee of a husband will get to come back home before his child was born. He knew he was in for it who was he going to bring along? He had eyes for Ese but the new girl had eyes for him. She had whispered it in his ears earlier on at the parking lot notwithstanding the incessant phone calls since after the dinner party. He didn't have much choice but to ask them both for a dinner date even when he knew it was Ese he wanted! If she hadn't been so stiff he wouldn't need that trouser monger to get through to her he thought to himself...

"I just need to find a way around this" he hissed


Kunle wanted to call Ese, he had spotted her car in the parking lot, this was his chance, he always had eyes for that girl beautiful, hardworking, soft spoken and too decent If Ralph hadn't gone ahead of him, they would be courting by now. Ese was his trainee 2 years ago, she had walked into the office introducing herself as the new trainee under their division For a moment he was lost, he couldn't say a thing. 

"where did you fall from?"he had asked her

 The question sounded rude but it was just his own way of appreciating what he was beholding. Ese had gone ahead to fall for his friend damn his stupid self who had invited her for an evening outing with Ralph. Ralph had been too smart and calculative 

"I like that your colleague o" Ralph had told him a few days later.

"Oh really? Chyke her now" he had foolishly replied

Even though he knew Ralph was not a serious human being, he never thought anyone would be stupid enough to let go of such an asset. Now she avoids him like a plague 

 "You know your friend did hurt me badly" she had said to him one afternoon at the canteen.

He couldn't find words to say to her Couldn't even tell her he saw it coming He just kept chewing at his meat while she went back to being sober.


Ade didn't like where this was headed Even though she knew Dave really liked Ese, she would never let that happen! For Christ sake she had lied to her about Reuben, her fantasy of a man named Reuben was Dave Dave was the son of the board member she was crushing on. Well, yes Dave approached her at the party, but he had wanted to use her in getting closer to Ese She seemed like someone with a halo over her head. Every man Adored her, to think she won the award of the most dedicated staff was something she couldn't take her mind off She envied her, envied her successes, her calmness towards life, but Ese didn't appreciate her self She thought too little of herself. 

"I can't let her have Dave there has to be something I can do to make sure it doesn't work!" She said to herself. 

Terry was in love with her, she knew it, but terry wasn't her kind of man, she wanted Dave 'A sweet talker, one who had eyes for just one woman (she could tell as he practically gushed over Ese all through his stay at the party).He had just joined the office due to his fathers new status. Terry was a serial cheat, one who had slept with practically all the girls in that firm 

"dog.." she spat. 

His father was the reason she got retained (the chairman had gotten his own share of her booty) even though, Terry did like her genuinely, nothing good was going to come out of it she had bent her ray of sunshine.

"Someday, i just hope you won't destroy your life with your hands" her brother had told her

"Oh please, don't play the perfect son game with me" she had angrily replied him

She was from a wealthy home, her parents gave her all she wanted until she had told them she mortgaged her car to save herself from being disgraced publicly over a few debts

"Adesuwa! Truly it's not the wish of the fire to birth ash" her father spat

This had happened shortly before she graduatedEse never knew this, no one knew this and even though she had a dark part of her life, the attention she got from different men, was enough to keep her going until she fell for someone who wanted someone else

"This would be the death of me" she hissed.

to be continued

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