I promised to bring in more ideas so here we go.Today, we will be dwelling more on gift items for men.

so a brief case really isn't his style? he must be a back pack lover then. Get him  a good back pack trust me... if he is  back pack lover, you have won a place in his heart.

There’s nothing wrong with reminding him what a good pair you two are—and, in particular, how grateful he should be to have you as his partner. Get him a branded mug with choice words... '

GIFT PACKSHey girlie! make your own gift hamper. Does he like to watch movies? then get a few of the most recent movies. ones he has constantly talked about put them in a gift bag with a good bottle of wine and a can of sweetened nuts... have it delivered to him or show up at his place with the gift pack you should spend less getting this.

VIDEO GAMEHe plays video games? nice... get him some game cases a few recent ones. This is an expensive gift as one case could go for N3,000 or more. be very sure he loves to play video games and he has a video game too.

Men love jerseys i mean most men are football lovers get him his favorite foot ball club's jersey have his name inscribed on it. Please don't go overboard and write your both names on it or some lovers inscription. He will be the one to wear the shirt and not you. unless its for a pre wedding shot, have him wear a shirt with his name on it.

Get him a new wallet! men do not say this but the tiny little things you do for them gets to them...

Have you been able to figure out his favorite cologne? if you have, then go ahead and present him with a gift set of cologne, aftershave and deodorant. he'll love it!

Every man loves a good underwear. Get him a set of good under wears preferably cotton. if you are buying the 3 In 1 round-necked shirt, get a few good boxers to go with.

Get him a fine watch to make him look ultra modern! since most men are known to be uncomfortable sporting jewelry, a watch can be a perfect gift to remind him to make time for you. Other accessories includes, bowler hats, sunshades, brief cases, bracelets.. e.t.c

This is a little bit dicey and pricey too! but if you can, get him a fine pair of shoes, flip flops or sandals... he will love them

There are more female gift ideas to come next week.... just send the link for the female gift ideas on this blog to *le boo*.. we've got you covered *wink* have a great Saturday!


  1. thank you so much...i will go with the aftershave and wallet.

  2. You're welcome dearie. Glad I could be of help❤❤