PRAY FOR ME - Part 3

 Bayo stood up to leave the house "where on earth do i get this proposal typed?"he queried.

He had moved to kubwa a few weeks ago even though the cost of accommodation was moderately lower than other parts of town, he still had some reservations about the environment. 

"Good afternoon Oga Bayo" his gate man greeted 

"oh hi Kasali, abeg you know where i fit see business center?"

 " Yes sir na just by the estate gate one plaza dey outside when dem dey call veterans plaza" 

"oh really? thank you so much" he said as he beckoned on Kasali to open the gate. 

Bayo thought about a lot of things, the fact that Joyce was a direct boss over him made him very uncomfortable, that woman was very difficult to please  She wanted everything to be prim and proper and he had his shortcomings when it came to making things perfect.Joy as she was fondly called was an independent woman who found so much pleasure in her job little wonder she became the regional manager just barely 3 years into the organisation. she never mixed business with pleasure 

"Don't you dare dodge away from your responsibilities last night was as demanding for you as it was for me she had spat out a day after they had one of their too many adventures. 

Yes he was dating his boss but Joyce had made him understand it was never going to bud beyond sex. He wanted more, a life, a home, a family but most of all, he was a game player If it meant him cleaning his plates to get involved in some of the juicy contracts going on at the office, he didn't mind cleaning them with his tongue!

He liked Joyce,despite being 15 years older than him,he would'nt mind settling down with her

"Do you ever see our future together?" he had asked her one evening after coitus 

"No i don't!i have a daughter i need to raise and an empire to build

 "This daughter of yours is always in the hiding we should all go out for lunch Someday"

 "nahhh, she doesn't know am seeing one of my work subordinates I have a standard to set for her" 

 "as your lordship pleases" the conversation had ended coldly. 

Bayo was about to walk in to the plaza when he saw a face he knew
"this can't be true" he swore


  Akanbi took a walk from rafs place to the nearest junction he needed to get a bike to federal housing 

"eiss okada" he flagged down a bike 

"federal housing na where i go for fit do photocopy?" 

"oh okay na veterans plaza be that " the bike man replied

"how much"? 

 "na N100 ooo" 

 "nor be N70"? He bargained

 "no pay N80" the bike man smiled 

"na N70" he insisted

"okay enter" the bike man said as he started his engine 

He needed to update his CV, set out to town and drop it anywhere he found an opening

"i hope luck shines on me" he prayed.

 "Akay 47!!! Akay my man" someone hailed from behind him as he alighted from the bike. He paid the bike man, turned and saw his old school friend Bayo

 "ahhhhh Bayoooooo!!! he exclaimed its been ages" he greeted and offered him a handshake 

"Yes it has... what are you doing here? Bayo grabbed the offered hand 

"Well, i came to update my CV am new in town i need a job Bayo i am suffering" Akanbi sighed

"wow! that's sad, but then lets go to the business center upstairs i have some documents to tend to".

They both talked about themselves for a while, Akanbi got to know he worked with Julius Berger.

 "you are a big shot o" a surprised Akanbi blurted 

"hmmmm its God jare" Bayo replied.

"There is this project going on at the office we may need a few hands on contract basis although you may not get to work as an accountant you are more likely to be a site engineer, or a project supervisor, if you don't mind i could put in a good word for you am quite close to my boss" Bayo said.

 "Ahhh Bayo i don't mind being the site worker my self as far as i get paid, my brother this is a good one o God really made his luck shine on me through you" he answered.     

Bayo knew a part of his bother had been resolved. Joyce had asked him to get a few contract staff as supervisors she wanted three project supervisors to oversee the work at the site but with Bayo he was covered. He knew Bayo was ready to multitask he would pay him to do the work of three persons and then make do with the rest it wasn't easy to get a job these days doing this for Akanbi would be a huge favor. 

Akanbi was elated who wouldn't be? he had just prayed for luck to come his way and shortly afterwards, his prayers had been answered. Julius Berger! he thought to himself. According to Bayo, the contract was going to last for eighteen months, and if he impressed his manager, they could use him for further contracts. 

"This is a blessing" he chuckled.

"Here's my CV" Akanbi offered Bayo the pale sheet

"oh that's good" Bayo said as he collected the piece of paper 

They exchanged contacts and other important details.

"I'll set up a meeting with my boss for you tomorrow by 9 am I hope you can make it in time?"

"Bayo if you want me there by 7 am, I will find my way there he laughed  

Akanbi couldn't hide his joy he knew this was the beginning of greater things to come. 

"I cant wait to share this with Titi and Raf" he thought to himself. 

"Lets go grab a beer" Bayo said as he turned to leave.


 Rafiu was back home. Akanbi had dropped the key like they agreed

" ah egbon Akanbi still went out searching for a job today? na wa o" he sighed.

He really liked his cousin... no one in their family was educated they were mostly school dropouts or artisans but Akanbi had set out to make a difference he had seen himself through school and even furthered his education when he couldn't find a good job. Rafiu had left Ibadan for Lagos after he completed his NABTEB examinations but realized the city was too congested this made him seek out for Abuja the city was planned so was everything in it.Learning a trade was the only thing he could do as he had no money to sponsor himself through school even if he could,schooling wasn't one of his core strengths. Rafiu stayed  back to work for his boss after his training was over mostly because he could not afford to get a work space of his own being a mechanic wasn't so bad hopefully when he had saved enough,he would get his own workshop.

 "who is home" Akanbi's voice filtered in... 

"ah egbon ekabo" Rafiu replied

A joyous Akanbi couldn't hold back all that had happened to him he went ahead to narrate his ordeal to Rafiu.

"This is good news ooo your first day in Abuja and you got this lucky you see why i was insisting for you to relocate to Abuja?" 

"My brother, you and Bayo were God sent to me" 

"well go have your bathe while i make food for us" 

"nahh am fine you haven't even had yours how was your day?" Akanbi asked.


Joyce dabbed some cologne on her neck and pulse points, Bayo would be arriving at hers shortly that man knows nothing but to pounce on her like a dog on heat she thought. 

She was comfortable with this arrangement he remained  a subordinate who attended to her desires officially and unofficially. 

"Ding dong" the door bell rang...

"that must be him" she said as she stood up to unlock her bedroom door the housekeeper had gone to let him into the house. 

"Hey you!" she greeted

"Hello darling i have missed you" Bayo smiled.

 He didn't wait for her to shut her bed room door before he went for her. 

"You look beautiful" he murmured

 "i do"? she chuckled

They both kissed. His rough hands soon found a way to her breasts they were firm

"did she even breast feed her daughter?' he thought.

Joy reached out for the bed side lamp and turned it off as she undressed....the room went dark.

"We should talk about the contract" Joyce stood to pick up her underwear from the sofa, he had flung it there at their intense moment. 

"Yes, i found a project supervisor" Bayo layed on his back.

 "oh yea? tell me about him" she said as she got Dressed

 He went further to explain who Akanbi was, leaving out the details of the payment mode. 

"Joy didn't care about all that, all she wanted was the work to be done. she had higher authorities to answer to" he thought.

 "i set up a meeting for 9 am tomorrow is that okay by you?" Bayo asked

"yea that's alright i have a board meeting tomorrow  but that should be after 9 am".Joyce adjusted the strap of her nightie 

The door bell rang! they both stiffened. 

"mum"?? Reya's melodious voice filled the air...

 "OMG" Joyce gasped... 

"your daughter"? Bayo asked...

 "of course! get dressed pick up your files the house keeper will show you a back door out of the house i'll see you at the office tomorrow" Joyce rushed out of the room.... 

"i hate all this" he spat.

to be continued..........


  1. Bosses sleeping with their workers since time immemorial where is part 4 oooo king Becca?

  2. Hi dear, we are working on it. Part 4 will be out by next week. Thanks for reading