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"ladies and gentu men" in reekado's voice* happy post valentine day o...

So a few days ago i told you'all how i walked away from one job and got another in less than 3 months hmmmm but what i didn't tell you was, while i waited i almost lost my mind trust me waiting for a job, isn't an easy thing abeg i was almost frustrated but i scaled through mostly because my friend encouraged me and all.

Well i was up and about as usual one sunny Tuesday when i saw an ad for a newly built hospital. The place was fine nor be small and really big my dear, i was not confident mostly because my license wasn't out i knew the bigger the hospital, the more demanding they become but i gathered all the confidence i had and dropped my CV that very day, i got a call from an old classmate saying school had asked us to come pick our license...whoozaaa! God is good all the time. I traveled back to Delta State and got my license. The same week i got back, some one echo it with me (pastor's slang) i got  a call from the hospital to come in for an interview.. now lemme shock you some more, i was called by the CEO (levels) 
anyway, i got ready, headed for the interview and immediately i got in i fell in love with the interior this was one world class place mehn. We had some written interview done (easy peasy)now the koko here was the oral interview. One advice i'll give to every nurse is please when asked a medical question, do not bring your text book definition here pleaseeeee... calmly, use your discretion even if you have little practical experience, always answer the questions as though you have done them before.

for example, i was asked what i'd do if a lady,with head to perineum walks into the clinic? the simple answer any nurse would say would be, i'll take her into the delivery room bla bla bla...never forget to always call for a doctor before you give any answer they want to see how much of a team worker you'd be so going on to say i'll prepare her for delivery makes you look like you want to usurp authority. so the right answer should be, i'll receive her,get her in bed, call for the doctor on ground,and prepare her for delivery.

if they go further to ask, how a delivery is done, never start with all those midwifery jargon you are used to ( for example, the head rotates at 1/3 of the pelvis) who ask you? just go ahead and explain how you'd do a vaginal examination to check the cervical os, when fully dilated, check for crowning... and so on... always insist that you'd be patient with the woman and you'd never hurry the delivery, you'd prevent tear and give episiotomy when needed. you would not also hesitate to call for help when applicable. 
okay enough of the medical jargon this blog isn't for medics only (i'll do a real post on how to answer interview questions for nurses)
The interview ended and i got home at about 5 pm... i had left home around 9 am for an interview scheduled for 12 pm. I don tire nor be small, i went ahead to give a break down of how the interview went to my friend.
I got  a call to come resume work a few days later and i was elated, i found a work buddy who later turned out to be one great friend i have till date. I don't make friends easily so when i find one, i cherish them. This work buddy soon turned out to be my source for another job and oh, she was my valentine yesterday (le boo was outta town *wink*) 
i had fun working at this new place so much fun, i was practically on call alone, given the freedom to do some procedures on my own, e.t.c what i haven't told you'all is that i had not gone for NYSC! and the time for us to be mobilized was fast approaching i wanted to work it to Abuja, so i'd be posted to this my present office but God had greater plans for me like he always does....

una too like gist...shout out to all the commenters you all inspire me. Please leave comments on post, this blog is an interactive one. The gist would be continued in the next post


  1. Boys and gentu girls. Hahaha Becca you are hilarious abeg. Please update else's gist I keep refreshing its still not been updated.

    1. Ese's gist will be updated tomorrow darling sorry for the long wait

  2. This NYSC thing should be scrapped am at home waiting for the next batch in April I don't even feel up to it.

  3. awwwnnn... you'd actually like it when you get to do it but then, you can always get busy before the time

  4. You are a funny one girl.. We should hook up real soon I laughed throughout this series