MISCONCEPTIONS- Inside God's house

Justina walked briskly to the front pew, she knew all eyes were on her... the fact that she had worn a short skirt didn't help matters everyone was staring at her like a sinner. This skirt was just 2 inches above her knees and one of the ushers(her mother's friend) had called her to remind of the bible passage 1 timothy 2;9 and also called this her fringe skirt "mini".
she was going to pretend like she didn't know she had committed sin 101 "Your body is God's temple and whosoever defileth "THE LORD SHALL DESTROY" her 'church members' seemed to put the capital letter sign on the latter part when they said it.

She soon found a place to sit adjusting her skirt, she placed her bag on her lap the problem was solved but, her bag was also too colorful and she knew her 'church members' wouldn't approve of the show off... "sister Justina, this isn't modest" they would say.

She knew all their secrets, though they all had their hair covered, long flowing skirts with big shirts, and straight faces,  their secrets weren't entirely hidden.

for instance, Clara who had whispered that her scarf wasn't covering her entire hair was secretly dating the pastor's son, not just dating, they were also doing it! she knew this because, the pastor's son had approached her too and he almost tore her top with his lustful gaze.

Nneka who kept eyeing her till she found a seat exchanged men like clothes, she was her hostel mate back then in school, besides that, everyone knew how Nneka fought over a boy, a mere CD plate seller at the popular Uselu market {they were both UNIBEN alumni}

Blessing, oh Blessing... her escapades were numerous. she was famous as 'the liar'. Blessing could tell her way out of any situation with a mind blowing lie she even lived in lies.... who doesn't know how she lied about the offering that went missing? she was the head of ushers. Clara used to be in the ushering department and she knew how financial records always had a dent as a gossip, Clara would also spread the news to anyone who cared to listen

The famous peter, was a chronic womanizer, he could sing his way into the arms of a dead man, but his trouser zipper had a fault.

She was no judge, but if we all have one or two things we hide, we shouldn't accuse people who are bold enough to serve God in a comfortable way. Doctrines were the main reason for division among Christians and the day we learn to serve God as  a father and not as a slave serving his master, that day we will know the true meaning of Christianity.

Theresa!  she almost forgot about how slimy she could be. One who didn't have her ears pierced. Virgin hair, practically wore long skirts and big shirts but was a different person in campus... her sister Grace, was Theresa's school mate and she brought the gist home.

Madam patience her mother's friend who had given her the little sermon before she got into the church, was a known gossip... she'd come in to the house every Saturday morning to tell different tales of every woman in the church and if you made the mistake of telling her your secrets, you had just  given a town crier the contract of exposing your life to the entire world.

As she listened to the sermon, she realized the emphasis on 'condemnation' was far higher than any other topic... she had started a one year plan on reading her bible and days before this service, she marveled at how loving, merciful and caring God could be. she was taught by doctrine, to know that when you fall into sin, you have would be destroyed by a very angry God... this was true, but what they failed to tell them is that they weren't supposed to beat themselves about 'the sin', they were to run back into God's arm and seek for grace. They weren't taught to hate sin, but to fear it! why fear sin? something that you could overcome with a life in Christ. The holy spirit was the great helper who through God, helps us to overcome the life of sin.

As church closed, she knew her exposure to the truth had set her free... even though she wore a decent skirt and a well covered shirt that wasn't suitable in the eyes of her 'church members', all that mattered to her was that she strives daily to live right...

We all commit sin; that someone else sins differently doesn't make you a better person. If you must know, the bible says "remove the log in your eyes before you take out the beam in another"... Justina knew the truth... her heavenly father was a just and loving God who saw the worse in her, came to die for her and now she continuously lived in grace... no one could judge her just like she couldn't judge anyone... Christianity was a race that they all ran differently.

The goal wasn't to pretend to be righteous, but to constantly strive to live right. wearing long shawls, without makeup, looking sick and ghostly in the name of serving God was't going to get you to heaven if your heart wasn't right with God. while it is important to dress right, do not forget to dress your heart. Preach love not hate. 

God is a loving father, one whom we should worship in spirit and truth do not spend your years attending to doctrines..... seek him daily and you shall find him.



  1. Peace be unto you!

  2. Simply put, hypocritic service everywhere. That's why I hate going to some churches. Well done Becca, you are a great writer

  3. Dear Becky, this should be published please the world needs to see this. I have sent this link to all my friends and I feel it's not just enough. Serving God is an individual raise the moment we know he is our other and not a slave master, we are ready for true service i caught a lot here

  4. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free... Glory!!!

  5. The bible should be our mirror and not doctrines, pastors or ministers of God. well said becky

  6. I attend one of the orthodox churches I can't change because its my family church and I am still at home for now.... This is my life very service day!

    1. i can relate....i play church truancy,u could try it

  7. the bible says we should work out our salvation,this is what every christain should know.there are different sides of God what part do u want to know? don't let anyone dictate to u,salvation is personal