WORK KPALAVA - Lagos waka 2

After sitting in a borrowed car and gallivanting round Lagos all in the bid to get a job, you finally end up submitting plenty CVs,with little or no hopes for any. oh! i forgot to add, Delta state university will never give you license in time so you're left with some letter with the title - "to whom it may concern" some recruiters would actually look at this letter and throw it in some corner.

I have never seen a busier town like Lagos, i decided to stop by at the market to get a few clothes. "People when know me know say i like clothe pass any other thing" one advice, if you enter that market, you nor go come out early too many fine things. Problem number two, the bus conductors will never spell out destinations clearly "Yayanpaaaya, yayanpaaaya, yaaan...." nne, if you want to know where they are chanting, na  iyana ipaja o! lol.. 

okay so back to the gist, i missed my way! i was actually going to Badore I had stopped at Ajah market to get a few things and i didn't know it was just tricycles that conveyed people to Badore as a JJC that i am now, my cousin had dropped me off in Lekki on her way to her shop that morning(she was self employed so she could afford to leave home anytime).When i was finally done at the market, the struggle was to find my way to Badore and i didn't know how See what looking for a job can do to you! i finally found a life saver who told me to cross to the other side of the road and ask for Badore from where the tricycles parked.

Did i mention the traffic i encountered on my way back from Lekki? mtchw.... Story for when you meet me in person. lol

So after waiting endlessly for weeks, i got  a call, wow! yaaaaay!! finally!!!. I started work and the life was hectic it was a call job meaning you'd go to work for 24 hours at a stretch and stay home for one day. Sounds nice right? wait till you understand what i mean. Now, you get to go to work on a Monday morning as early as 6 am so you can beat traffic and resume at 8 am as stipulated. you work the whole day till Tuesday morning and close by 8 am going home from work should be about 2 hours! too much? traffic never do you something be that. Upon getting home, you want to put your house in order, eat, sleep and cook for Wednesday oh yes Tuesday was the day off my friend. Now Wednesday comes in and same routine goes on.

Did this for a few months and i decided to kaput! my license still wasn't out but mehn i couldn't deal with Lagos wahala i needed a better life but where to? Abuja? i had no one but a few distant cousins.

That city was planned, hospitals were way nicer, traffic is a no no, and the pay seemed better. All these i found out from google lol. well then, Abuja it is.


  1. Okay you are hilarious. Please how do I get an ID?

    1. Hello darling. Do you have a gmail account? Well you can comment with that or better still comment with your name. Click on the Name|URL option then write your name on the name box, then on the URL box use your name.com and post. Voila! Wellcome to the blogfam hun

  2. Na wa na real wa. Your old job was monkey dey work baboon dey chop. Gist Abuja own maybe me too go move come Abj sef.

    1. My dear.... You can say that again! The hospital was owned by Germans Oyibo people sabi use person my sister.