"Ese you are glowing, your outfit is really cute plus You look really organised today." her colleague Ember announced as she stepped into the office.

Ese smiled

"What's the secret babes?" ember queried

"God is my secret"

"Well done. Like you haven't been serving the same God. Please talk jare and stop hoarding sweet gist"

"Ember. I just told you the secret. I found a new relationship with Christ"

"Okay carry go. one day breeze go blow, fowl yansh go open" Ember took her seat

Ese knew how nosy Ember could be. She always avoided times like this. The girl knew how to pose questions. She wasn't about to let the entire office know she found a new man- had she? well, Dave had been giving hints... she didn't know if finding Dave was the reason for the sudden change. All she knew was  that, she was in a better place.

"There's a call for you Ese" Ember was on the telecom

"Where's it from?"

" From the Director's office"

"Oh okay.....please transfer to my desk

"Good morning Sir..." Ese greeted

"Morning Miss Ese"

"Ese stiffened. It was Chief Ayodele Brandon

 "I want you to stop by my secretary's. I have some paper work for your department"

"Okay sir..."

" I want you to work on them and give me a proper presentation. I'll be handing that account over to someone reliable and you came in highly recommended"

"Alright sir, thank you for the privilege sir"

 "Enjoy your day"  He hung up

"What was that about?" Ember asked

"Some new business to be handled"

"And the boss called you directly?"

"well, he isn't just the boss, he's a member of the board and he presides directly over the department" Ese defended

"He boycotted the Head supervisor, Head of department, and called you?"

"Stop making a big deal of it. Everyone knows i handle most of the juicy businesses. He probably needs a good hand on this new project besides, i supervise this unit too"

Ember went silent.

Ese quickly faced her computer she wasn't in the mood for any office gossip. 


Ade walked into the office. The small cubicle she was assigned to, seemed stuffy today. She settled into her seat, turned on her system and as she was about to log in, her cell phone rang. It was Dave, why on earth would the monster call her.

"Hello Dave..."

"Hi. I saw you get down from my brother-in law's car"

"Ermm..rmm that's not true" she stammered

 "I knew you'd deny it. I am neither blind nor stupid i know what it was i saw"

"Dave i got to work in a taxi"

"whatever! Stay away from Tobias. This is a warning!  lie all you want, but i did see you get down from his car"

"You are accusing me wrongly"

"Have  a good day!" He hung up

"Why was Dave on her case, she cared less if he was with Ese. But, monitoring her wasn't allowed. She had warned Tobias about dropping her off, he had bluffed her 

"I hate all of this!" she spat.

"Hi Ade...."  Kunle leaned on the door frame

"He-devil!"She murmured underneath her breathe. "Hi Kunle"

"How was your weekend?"

"fine" she replied sharply

"I just thought to stop by, have a good day...." he turned to leave

"Wait! Kunle...about that entente, what were you planning?"

"Kunle walked into the office smiling... "i see someone has had a change of mind"

"You want to talk?"  Ade was growing impatient

"I'll see you later today... your place?"

"No... i can't my parents are home"

"My place then...i'll send you the address"


"I'm glad you are finally coming on board...." he leaned towards her. "You smell nice"

"Thank you"

He stole a kiss and walked out of the office hurriedly.

"urrrghhhh... Kunle kissed me,.. ADE AREN'T YOU OFFICIALLY THE WHORE OF THE YEAR?"  she smacked


Dave picked his phone to call Viv. What would he tell her? that he had seen her husband drop off one of the staff? Someone he had invited to her party. Gosh that bitch! she probably met Tobias at the party. But how? maybe it was around the time she had been left alone. That girl was evil.

"Viv, stay put in your husband's house. I don't think you should leave right away" Dave was on the phone with Viv

" Stay with this cheat?"

 " I  know what i'm saying Viv. You can savage your home don't allow any one come between you and Tobias. Does he hit you?"

"No he doesn't"

"i'm not trying to justify his attitude, but i just want you to hold on a little longer"

"Dave, you have always supported my leaving Tobias. Why the sudden change of mind?"

" I just have a feeling things are not the way they seem. When he gets back today, talk to him have a hearty conversation with him. A man values his home, he won't want to jeopardize it over some manipulative bitch"

"okay...." Viv sighed

"Get some rest. I'll talk to you later"

"Alright bro....have a good day"


Tobias walked into the bedroom, he was trying to avoid his wife's prying eyes.

"Tobie where have you been all night?"

"You sent me out of the house...remember?

"Well, you found your way back in"

"Viv, please give me peace. You complain over every single thing... give me peace"

"Tobie, i'm sorry... i just craved attention. I'm pregnant with our child. I want you to be around more often"

"Tobias sat on the edge of the bed and stared at Viv. Pregnancy had done its part but, he  could tell apart the worry lines on her forehead. What was he doing to his wife? despite his emotions being all over the place, he loved Viv. For the first time in days, he drew her closer to himself, and kissed her.

"I'm sorry viv.... i'm sorry

to be continued.....


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