Dave Strolled from his office to the cafeteria. The day seemed to run really fast.
Asking Ese out on another lunch date would be pushing his luck too far. He walked towards the waitress and ordered chicken and chips. The waitress kept genuflecting while he talked and this  made him really uncomfortable. Boss or not, everyone didn't have to walk on egg shells around him. He picked one of the seats by the window so he could indulge himself by watching those who walked past and probably gaze into the empty courtyard till his food came.
Ese walked in with another colleague...Why didn't she come alone? "spoiler" he muttered as his food arrived.

Ese took a seat facing the other inside of the cafe. She didn't want to be caught sitting directly opposite Dave. His face, demeanor and stares made her uncomfortable. Right now, she could feel his stares on the nape of her neck.

She waved at a waiter, "one cup of fresh juice, a plate of rice, ripe plantain and fish; how much will that be please?"

"Errmm....that would be... please excuse me." The waiter left to answer Dave who had beckoned on him.

"Is this the only waiter in this cafe? why would Oga's son choose to call him. Oppression of the highest order." Ember hissed.

"Maybe this waiter served him before we came in....the guy probably missed up his orders. Who knows?" Ese considered

 "Ah ah! defender of the universe. How would you know all of this?"

"I don't; which is why, i used the clause "probably" madam Ember"

"Okay then. Call another waiter"

"Do it yourself.. I'd rather wait for the one i called" Ese spat.

Ember signaled a new waiter but the waiter who had gone to meet Dave stopped her. 

"Ma'am i'm sorry i got distracted. May i take your order please?"

"I'll have the same thing she's having" Ember pointed at Ese

"How much is everything?" Ese asked

"Ma, about that, Mr Dave paid for the both of you"

"oh My, that's so humble of him... i'll go say my thanks." Ember beamed

"Ese was gob smacked. Same 'aunty' who was criticizing Dave.....now that she got a free meal, she's all warm and cozy towards him.

 "Please send our thanks" Ese told the waiter.

"I'll like another plate of food packed to go please?" ember said

Ese nipped her arm "Ese it's free food. I'll have more than that please." Ember eyed her

"Okay ma.. i'll get to it the waiter left their table.

 Ember stood, walked to Dave and thanked him for paying for the meals.. Dave smiled revealing his perfectly set dentition.- "Gosh that killed ME" ember whispered.

"This Dave guy is really nice. It's a pity i have eyes for my fiance only. Come to think of it, you are single, every one knows i'm engaged to be married soon; yet he paid for our meal. Am i missing anything?" ember blinked "oh oh oh... yeaaaa! how come i didn't figure it out sooner? nice one." She smiled

Ese smiled, picked  her cutlery and got down to her food.


Ade dialed Tobias's number. 

"Hi Tob...."

"Hi Ade"

"Errmm... how's my boy doing?" swinging her chair, she curled her toes

"i'm fine!" he answered sternly

"Are you okay? you sound off"

"i'm fine" he repeated

"I was just checking up on you"

"oh; okay. Thanks"

"Are we still seeing today?"

"Ade, i'll talk to you some other time. I'm busy right now." He hung up

 Ade stared at the phone for a few seconds. First off, Tobias never ended the call without saying the "i love you" phrase. He was totally cold. What could be the reason? They've been together for a few weeks; and he practically gushed over her until today. She dropped the phone in her bag and made out for the cafeteria. She won't loose on both ends. Tobias wasn't enjoying his marriage. Although he hadn't mentioned it, she could tell from the way things seemed. Dude was too comfortable in his cheating game, Men who sought solace outside, battled with horrible marriages she thought.

She walked into the cafe and went ahead to take a seat with Ember and Ese. She never liked Ember;  too blunt and nosy. Ese mixed with everyone and everything. Little wonder she was classless.

" I see someone has made a new friend" Ade said avoiding Ember's prying eyes

"Ade, since you relegated my position in your life i had to find someone new" Ese mocked

"Guys, i heard there'll be a ball in honor of the new directors by month's end"

"You and balls; i pray you meet your target" ember spat

"Hey! i wasn't speaking to you... i never even called your name" Ade fumed

"You said, 'guys'. That's a collective noun; last time i checked" Ember laughed

Ade waved at a waitress and placed her orders.

"Hi Ade, Ember and Ese" Dave's voice rang from behind

"Hi dave, thanks for lunch" ember smiled

"Oh. He paid for these? small wonder someone is eating more than she can afford" Ade rolled her eyes at Ember

Dave stooped beside Ese, and whispered something in her ears. The hairs on her neck stood. She barely heard a thing he said. "o..k..ay" she stuttered
Dave smiled at the other girls and left

"woooow! I love this." Ember laughed. "Wedding bells, Wedding bells" she waved at Ese

"Yea Yea; not all relationships end in marriage though" Ade replied sarcastically

"Please take your negativity elsewhere" ember spat as she stood to leave

"Girls, take a chill pill. No one is getting married for now. I'm enjoying everyday as it comes; besides, i and Dave are just friends.

"Friends indeed. Soon i'll be planning an event" ember jabbed Ese

 Ade, you should stop by at the house later. i have a few clothes to give you.

"Really? you went shopping? Ade asked

'I didn't. My younger sister just got back from school and i did ask her to shop for me from the UK. Some of the clothes came in bigger sizes

"Oh yea ? see you later then"

Ember and Ese walked out of the cafe.

"Babes, please be careful i just have a bad feeling about this girl," Ember said

"Ade?  she's naughty; yes. But, there's nothing more to it" Ese replied

"I hope so. Just be careful please"

"I will..." Ese laughed

"Let's take this route" Ese ran hurriedly to the side elevator

"Why? Are you hiding from anyone?"

"Yes... him..." she pointed at Kunle

oh.. that sly?


Yea... story for another day

Though Kunle had not seen Ese fully, his instincts told him she did circumvent to avoid him.
He took the flight of stairs in a second so he could reach out to her; but, she had used the elevator already. Damn it! She made sure he never got any access to her. Why would she ruin his emotions in this manner? Was it a crime to love someone? hopefully, the lady he had caught a glimpse of beside her wasn't ember. If it was, she would have rattled him out. The girl had mouth diarrhea.

Ade walked in on Kunle by the lobby. He looked ruffled. 

"Are you good kay?"

"ye...s, yes i'm fine" He stuttered

"You don't look so"

"Did you by any chance see Ese?"

"Yea...we were together at the cafe....she even brought the lousy ember along."

"I knew it.. kunle cursed under his breathe"

'What is it? You look shaken"

'Nothing...when did they become friends?"

"They moved her to procurement department recently.. Ember is an ass kisser, i presume she stuck close to Ese for the favors. We all know how gullible Ese is."

"Yea Yea....Ember isn't an ass kisser, she's just a loquacious being"

"I see no difference. Go get lunch i'm headed for the office. I have a few targets to meet this week"

"Alright... I sent you my address did you get it?"

"Yes I did. See you later."


"Baby....lunch is ready!" viv announced

Tobias took his phone; deleted Ade's number and her pictures. From the time he had spent with viv, he realised she wasn't such a bad person. Theirs was special, they were forcefully given to each other in marriage, but he knew they could work this out. It hadn't always been bad, there were great times also. He had made so many mistakes. Asides Viv wanting to make this work, his parents had also warned about the marriage going south. He would work on it....He would.

"What are we having for lunch?" he kissed Viv

"I made you plantain and beans"

"My favorite." Tobias smiled. His phone beeped as he sat to eat lunch.

Viv who had been standing behind him all the while read the text out aloud

{"I promise to wear you out tonight...." your's Adiie}

"Oh dear. I knew it! you were cheating Tob"

"I can explain.. it's all in the past right now"

"Explain to the dogs..." she walked out on him.

"This girl is cursed." He muttered. She knew he was married, Why all this raunchiness around him?

Tob pushed the food aside, he suddenly lost his appetite..

He went into the living room....Viv was lying on the day bed

"I'm sorry Viv...it's all in the past. I want to be a changed person for you please. I'll tell you about everything and everyone. Please give me a chance to"

"I love you Tob...but, i think we need a breather. I'll be leaving for my parents"

"I love you baby, please don't leave me.. please.

"Maybe you need the time to think..." she said; as she walked towards the bedroom

to be continued...


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