Ade was frantic. In the last hour, she had given Tobias over 20 missed calls.
Obviously, he was done with her. Tobias had used and dumped her. Not again; she was no item for men to play around with. Usually, she'd call his bluff, and moved on with someone else, but she was too in love with him. Kunle had seduced her into his bed on the grounds of teaming up with her to break Dave and Ese apart.  Not that she cared so much about those two,  she had agreed to grace his bed because she had been sex starved - A few nights without Tobias and her body craved to be touched by a man. The sex wasn't convincing enough,  she didn't care about Dave,or Ese,  all she cared about, was Tobias and being his mistress. Besides,  Kunle's plan had been too lame to implement. she hissed.

There was no way, tobias would leave her hanging. This time, she would forcefully take what was hers.

Her phone rang; it was Tobias. "Tobie, i have tried calling you severally"

"Ade, i'm sorry you got caught in my cheating web. I had some issues with my wife and we are trying to reconcile. I may have been a bit careless around you, but certain circumstances has made me realize i love my Wife."

"I know you do. I'm not asking you to marry me. I just want a space in your heart too" Ade begged 

"I can't. Right now, my wife is at her parent's; i want to go sort things out and bring her home."

"I guess you called to say Good bye then? " 

"Ade. i'm so sorry.....please do understand"

"This hurts Tobias... it does" Ade cried

"I know... i'm sorry"

"Well then,  i guess it's goodbye" she sniffed

"Goodbye Ade." he hung up

Ade covered her mouth and let out a low scream. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she wept bitterly. The pain of a broken heart from a 'married man' hurt badly. She would hurt him; Ensure he cried over her and anything he held dear; make him regret his very own existence.

"Capo... good day" Ese was on the phone 

"Mama i hail o! Anything for the boys?"

"Yes. I have a job for you"

"Okay mama....ride on"

"I want a quick job done. I want her killed. No mistakes and do not leave any traces."

"Alright mama"

"Wait at our usual spot. I'll come around in 20 minutes with everything. I hope the price hasn't changed."

"Mama.. you na my person now.. just add small thing for your boys..."capo laughed wickedly

"I'll see you soon."

Ade dressed up in a pair of khaki shorts and a pale pink top. She walked into the kitchen. Her mother had announced her arrival a few minutes ago but she was too busy with thoughts of Tobias.
"Mummy welcome home" she greeted

"Thank you. Her mother rolled her eyes. It took you so long to respond to me... You can go,  I no longer need your help"

"No mum. I'm sorry. I had quite a lot to do... see you later she dashed off.

 Ade walked stealthily into the uncompleted building. Capo who had been observing her from an obscure location, jumped in from one of the windows along side two of his boys. Ade shot a quick glance at them. One of the boys, had a gun by his waist; the other held a bottle of vodka. She waved at them

"Mama wey the package?"capo's baritone voice filled the air

Ade stretched forth a brown envelope to them
capo opened and inspected the items in it. "Mama oh..." He hailed Ade as he saw the wad of Naira notes.

"I want a clean job capo."

"A clean job you'll get." One of the boys said as they left the building
Inspecting her surroundings, Ade walked briskly out of the building.


"Dave i need you to speak to my wife on my behalf. I have made a lot of mistakes no doubt,  but, i am ready for a fresh start"

"Hmmm... why the sudden change?"

"i...h..ave lived life worthlessly for a long time. I'm tired. Though it took too long to come to terms with, I love Viv and i want to make it work"

"I know you tob, you have never been good to my sister. She's been the one loving you all this while."

"I had  a failed marriage. My ex- wife left me broken. My parents thought the marriage to Viv could heal my broken heart; honestly, i didn't care about Viv initially; but when i saw the divorce papers she prepared for us, i was jolted back to reality. I never thought i'd mind losing her;  I can't afford to lose my baby and the woman i love.  I have decided to make amends."

" It's okay. Everyone deserves a second chance. Although, i'm quite sure Viv wouldn't be needing  much persuasion. I'll talk to her. She still loves you, i can tell."

"Thank you so much Dave, Thank you."  Tob  walked into his parents in law's house.

Dave strolled to the pool side. He hadn't spoken to Ese since the last time at the cafe. One week had rolled by and they had not spoken to each other. He had quite a number of issues. Ranging from work, to family matters. Thankfully, Tob had regained his senses, Viv's happiness would be reassured if this worked out well.

"Ese!!! i haven't spoken to you in 4 days! feels like 40 years" Dave was on the phone with Ese

"Hmmmm... you sure know how to blow things out of proportion. How are you?"

"I'm fine... i'll love to take you out to lunch tomorrow"

"Lunch. My mum taught us to reject free lunch"

"That's hilarious!" he laughed

"I know. But our lunch dates are beginning to be bore me."

" I see....i guess  it's not bad to ask your girlfriend on a date"

"Girlfriend? that title is a bit heavy. When did we metamorphose into that?" Ese rolled her eyes

"The very day....i kissed you"

"I didn't realize taking advantage of my lips was a way to ask a lady out."

"You are hilarious babe...."

Her stomach churned. "babe? now we've graduated further" she chuckled

"Okay E; i like you, i have liked you since the first day i set eyes on you. I don't want to waste any more time  debating on what i want. I want you and that's it."

"Aptly put....love me some brave man. I like you too Dave; but, i'm scared. i just got out of something....."

"I don't care what it is you came out from. I want a forever with you" he interrupted her"

"Wow! that's huge don't you think?"

"Well, i like dreaming big and I've never woken up without actualizing them. Give this a try babe"

"I can't say no can i?"

"No you can't!" he chuckled

"Well, i guess you just earned the right to call me babe" she chuckled

"Babe, babe, babe, babe..." he laughed

"Better don't abuse the privilege. I just might change my mind"

"I love you." he laughed

"I can't return this....not yet"  she stuttered

"It's okay, we can't be on the same page. Give it time; i'm here always."

"Dave.. Please come....viv is in labor!"  Tob shouted from the lawn

"Errmmm....babe, i'll call you back. Viv went into labor"

"Oh dear, please be careful"

"Yea i will....i love you he hung up"


"eissshhhhhhh...oh my God!" Viv screamed as she sat in the car

"Sorry babe.. sorry..." Tob patted her waist

"Dave rushed into the car, drove out of the compound speedily"

"Shit! the gate has been blocked" he spat..."maybe you should use the other alley" Tob suggested

"Dave turned to take the other alley but was blocked by another car"

"It's an emergency please get out of the way"  he honked at the driver in the other car

"Get down from the car...."the armed men rushed at them, brandishing their weapons. They seized Viv....."eissshhh" Viv screamed as one of the men grabbed her arm

"Please she's in Labor" Tob launched forward to hold Viv.

"Get back one!" one of the men shouted as he accidentally released his fire arm

"Damn it! Capo screamed at the boy who had released the shot. "He's not the target"

"These people seem rich. Take the other guy along too; he'll fetch a good ransom" Capo instructed

"Stand up! The bald armed man screamed at Dave. Dave stood up facing the ground, "walk slowly or the next sound you'd hear will be a bullet piercing through your side." The armed man jabbed his side with a gun

They all jumped in the car, with Dave and Viv while Tob was left to bleed to death.

to be continued..........