Ralph tried to wake Rachael up. This was another Sunday she won't be making it to church.
His wife was the party rocker there was no Saturday she missed an 'owambe' but going to church on Sundays seemed so tedious. The only time you'll catch Rachel dressing up for church was, if there was some ceremony happening in church.

"baby, am dressed for church, i could wait for you to get dressed" he said

"nooo.. don't bother" she  responded half asleep

"i wonder when you will decide to take the things of God seriously. Every Sunday, i see women in church all dressed up ready to serve their maker, your job is just to make sure you attend various parties every Saturday am getting tired of all these" he spat

"when you are done preaching, please turn off the light on your way out" she rolled on her side

"i may get a divorce soon" he spat

"don't even go there, you won't dare! do i look like an idiot? I'll ruin you! if you dare embarrass me" she hissed

Ralph walked out of the bedroom rubbing his face. Rachael was a strong woman, anything he tried would end up bouncing back on his head. As he drove off to church he prayed for things to turn around in his home

He soon found his way to his regular seat but the seat was taken.. the reason why he never argued with Rachel on Sunday mornings was that the demon had a way of making his day miserable. The usher, soon found another seat; as he was about to walk into the row, he saw Ese seated on the same row! what luck he had ran into. He quickly brushed the seat he was given aside and went on to sit beside her.

"Ese! it's been ages i haven't seen you in like forever" he said

"that's because, you got married. Married people stay married; while single people move on to find theirs"

"no no no i need to apologize for what i did to you am really sorry"

"there's no need for an apology i forgave you already" she said

"we should....."

"hey Ralph! i came to serve God not to discuss some dirty past, please!" she cut him short

"okay; but, can i at least get..."

Ese beckoned on the usher for a change of seat,she moved swiftly to another seat while Imade followed suit.

"of all parishes i wonder why he chose this one today" Ese queried

"this Ralph guy must be high on something" Imade spat.


"Tobias, we were at my parents and you left me to go gallivant as usual. Why are you so bent on frustrating me?" Viv was fuming

Viv please i had a lot to drink last night i need to rest"

"rest? i slept by the pool side waiting for you.. thank God for Dave who told me about your arrival"

"at least i remembered you were still at your place and came over to pick you up. Please give me some credit woman"

"Tobias i am pregnant with your child. I deserve a little bit of respect from you. When you are not away on your trips you are out drinking....i am tired"

"now don't get me pissed Viv... if you want  a divorce., out with it! stop disturbing my peace this morning"

"we have a little fight and you want  a divorce Tobias?

"I'm tired of your nagging. It gets worse by the day Viv cut me some slack!"

"i hate you!" she spat as she barged out of the bedroom

she dialed Dave's number....
"Dave good morning please can you pick me up for church? am too shaken to drive"

"i just left the house now, I'll be heading your way shortly. Are you okay?

"i married  a bastard Dave... i married  a bastard" she cried

"it's okay Viv... i'll be there shortly pull yourself together" he said


Ade was in bed thinking about last night. Tobias was  a good one. She liked him and everything that came with him... if he wasn't married, this was the kind of man she would have settled for.
Her phone was ringing who could that be? it was too early for any one to call her; besides, today was Sunday
it was Kunle..

"hey you!" Ade blurted out

"morning Ade" Kunle greeted

"why are you calling at this time of the day... is it not too early?"

"i wanted to discuss something with you ; won't want to call you at the wrong time since it's a weekend. You might  have one or two outings lined up for the day"

"well, you are calling me at the wrong time but i can always listen..whats up?"

"fine fine... i just need a favor"

"Okay shoot"

"i know Ese is your close friend, i'm interested in her but she doesn't really like me i am also aware of your interest in Dave"

"I'm sorry? how did you know about that?"

"words get around Ade"

"hmmmmm..." she sighed "okay so? " Ade asked

I was thinking, an entente with you,to ensure that the relationship plans between Dave and Ese does not materialize. That way, you get to have Dave and i get to keep Ese..."

"Kunle you must be really jobless... am not interested in your so called alliance!" she hung up

She had Tobias now, Dave can go to hell for all she cared... Ese too can join him ! Kunle could go ahead and fight his battle. Her battle was with Viv she picked her phone to call Tobias....

"hey handsome...."

"hello girl.. last night was turnt..." Tobias chuckled

"you want  a repeat?"

"naughty girl... i don't mind" he teased

"my place, 45 minutes?"

"see you soon..." he chuckled

to be continued......


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