MISCONCEPTIONS- How he became broken

Jerry drove hurriedly into Ichie Ojemba's compound sweating and mumbling
under his breathe as he turned off the engine of his old Benz. He could see his father-in-law from afar. The old man was seated under the old Ube tree chewing on his kola nut....this was his usual position. Beside the Ube tree was a canopy slightly wrapped, few bottles of drinks littered the compound this people knew how to party, they probably had one of their too many meetings recently.

"ndewo....ichie" Jerry greeted

"ohh... nnor" his father in law replied

"this one we are seeing you today, i hope all is well?" his mother in law asked as she walked towards them with a cup of palm wine for her husband

"errrmmm... mama.... all is not well" he stammered

"ogini?" his father in law queried

"Amanda hasn't been home for two months now"

"Amada kwanu? and you are just telling us? that's your wife! you should know her whereabouts" her father in law spat

"yes papa...i have tried calling her but her number is not reachable. I even tried calling a few of her friends i know but they all said they haven't seen her" Jerry Lamented

"chinekei!" her mother in law screamed. "What have you done with my daughter?" she asked

"Mama i am here because i have searched for Amanda everywhere i know....i thought to come down to the village to find out if she will be here"

"she's not here! go and look for her. Our daughter is a good girl. I'm sure you have done something to offend her. Look for her Jerry!" ichie Ojemba spat

"i'll try and check for other places but please if you hear from her let her know, i'm extremely worried" Jerry turned to leave

"go and look for her!" ichie Ojemba barked at him as he walked away

Jerry walked hurriedly to his car, he tried to kick start the engine but it wasn't responding he knew his parents in law would never assist him in getting the car to move so he walked out of the compound and called some youths walking on the road.  "vrooooom" the car's engine revved to life as the boys pushed it. Jerry kicked harder, waved at them and drove off.

Being married to Amanda has been a living hell. Amanda was a new recruit who walked into his office  two years ago with a beautiful face and an amazing personality. The first time they spoke, he knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with her (or so he thought) they went on to date and four months later, they got married. He was too in love to notice any shortcomings while they dated. Months into the marriage, Amanda became the evil he had prayed against.
Amanda was an inpatient woman and they quarreled every other day over inconsequential issues.Her anger knew no bounds, she destroyed any of their possessions when her temperament was over the roof and would suddenly start crying a few minutes after the deed was done. She was one emotionally manipulative being. Although his life was a hell hole, he didn't mind patching it. His love for his wife was way beyond her shortcomings.

Amanda's promiscuity was another wedge that came in between them she was naturally a temptress and her promiscuous nature came into light shortly after he lost his job. She disregarded any thing he had to say and her disdain for him suddenly increased due to his Joblessness. She made sure to remind him of how unfortunate he was and how their childlessness was more of his fault than hers.

"stupid government" Jerry cursed as his car plummeted into a ditch.... His car's wheels were so hard, he was fighting hard to keep his hands steady and think about his already distraught life while he drove.

The first time he accompanied his wife to the village, her parents were really nice. He had been a rich young man and their wedding was the talk of the town for a while afterwards. His parents in law, reminded him of how much respect the marriage ceremony had given them. A year after, his job was gone and  his in laws heard of it they suddenly became unsupportive of their union. Amanda would report any slight misunderstanding to them and they'd in turn, call him to express their dissatisfaction. He began to walk on egg shells all to please her and her family. This was not the life he chose....he wanted to be happy... happy after marriage. He had kept most of his wife's embarrassing attitude to himself because, he knew his family would never approve of it and they'll either have her thrown out, or frustrate his entire efforts to make it work out.
 "How will a woman leave her matrimonial home without any reason?" he cursed again as he tried to dodge another ditch. Jerry had walked into his bedroom after a frustrating job search on a Thursday evening to find his wife's personal effects missing. Amanda was a woman whose fury could not be explained when provoked but, this sudden development was unprovoked. He searched the other rooms, there was no trace of her. All efforts to call her proved abortive as his calls were met with a busied tone. Amanda had  suddenly moved out without letting him know.  Jerry called all her friends when she didn't return home weeks after she went missing. He went to report at the police station yet his wife was no where to be found. Now, his visit to the village showed she never came back home or maybe her parents had something to hide as they kept acting as if Amanda being missing was solely his fault. Maybe they were hiding her! he wouldn't put it past them. His parents in law were mischievous and all they wanted was money, more money and much more money. As far as they weren't getting it, he won't put this situation past them.

Jerry noticed his phone was vibrating, he checked the caller, it was Tochi his bosom friend.... he knew taking a call while driving on the highway, was a risk but Tochi had been given the responsibility to search for his wife.

"hello Tochi any news?' Jerry swerved as he dodged yet another ditch

"my brother, are you okay? or rather, can you talk where you are? i finally found your wife ooo"

"go on... i can talk.. where did you find her?" Jerry kept on driving

"Amanda ran off with another man, my informant told me they conducted the traditional rites yesterday at their family house in the village?"

"what? i just left the house now, her parents seemed shocked and displeased over her disappearance" Jerry turned in his seat

"my brother, i just left her friend that gave me the information, i saw the pictures, Amanda fled yours to remarry..."

Jerry was mute

"hello Jerry are you there?" Tochi queried

"yes... yes.. i...am" Jerry stammered "are you sure you aren't mistaken Tochi?"

"i saw the pictures Jerry, i'll send them to you as soon as i drop the call i just wanted to tell you about it so you won't be bothered. Her parents are in on it and they will never tell you the truth" Tochi  said as he ended the call

Jerry's heart rate accelerated... how could she do this to him. He loved her unreservedly and all she could do was pay him back by breaking his heart?
"click click" his phone beeped it was a multi media message from Tochi. Jerry opened the message, he saw his wife Amanda with Ken ( Ken was someone they always fought about. An ex who refused to stay as "an ex" even after they got married. Ken lived abroad and he only learnt of his return a few months ago. This had led to another of their too many fights before Amanda had suddenly disappeared) . They were wearing matching outfits, another picture, showed both of them with her parents... he raised his head  to focus on his path as he drove but everything seemed blurry, all he saw was  a tree, one he could not avoid... he tried swerving but it was too late; his car had run into the tree...
"gbbbooom" he heard as the sound faded, lights dimmed and he could only hear songs of betrayal in his head. It was over... his journey was over... he knew this was the end... Amanda was the end of him.



  1. I was so scared to read till the end. I really was *wipes tears*

  2. What a story! Becky been catching up with all your series how far now? E don tey o

    1. Blog Lord!!! I have missed your comments... Welcome back darling

  3. Wow! Good men do exists thanks for pointing this out Becca

  4. Oh dear... Peace to your troubled soul

  5. Lord save us from women who'd break our souls

  6. Perfect example of being completely finished. When you marry a whore, you are finished, marry an unrepentant one, you are completely finished! Dude died for nothing while the whore will continue to live. Such a shame

  7. Jerry should wake up from the crash and fight on joor. That shouldn't be the end of him

  8. Jerry!!!!!!!! I weep for your soul...

  9. This is a detailed write up... Am proud of the person you've become becks. There are so many Jerry's out there. Some dead, some alive I hope love finds the living!

    1. Dr.Presh, I don't know what I did right by having a blog visitor like you. Thanks for your compliments it means a lot❤❤❤

  10. Well put. The circle goes on and on... Women hurt men, the broken men, in turn hurts women

  11. In summary, men also hurt. Well done Becca

  12. Jerry!!!! So sadddddd this story is really sad. I have a brother going through this although he didn't die, I doubt if he'll ever be able to love wholeheartedly again

    1. Time and the right woman would make it happen... He will. Just keep him in your prayers. E-hugs dearie

  13. I'm in love with a broken man. Don't even ask me to leave him cos I can't Admin please tell us how to go about it. I need him to pop the question soon. He loves me too, but he's just held back by his pasts

    1. We need more women like you If you're sure he loves you, then love him some more... All these men need, is more love. It'll take time to win his trust but he will come around. Peace to you darling