Mrs Ayodele Brandon paced in her living room. She knew something was wrong with her daughter. Lately, Viv cried incessantly and snapped over little things. It wasn't just the pregnancy hormones. Viv was quite secretive and it'll take a whole lot to make her talk. Even though she wanted her daughter to be happily married, she wont allow her live in pain. Dave had walked out on her when she had asked him about what Viv and him had been discussing. Her kids were her life and if Viv wasn't happy in her marriage, she was welcomed back home.

"let's go to church we'll be late" her husband's voice jolted her back to reality

 "yea i'm ready i was waiting for you to come downstairs" she replied

"where's Dave?" Mr Brandon asked

"he left already, said something about picking viv up for church"

"again? i thought her husband was around? that young man keeps giving me reasons to wonder if that marriage was meant to be"

"me too..." Mrs Brandon replied as they walked to the car.


Dave honked to alert Viv of his presence walking into his sister's house was somewhat irritating since he learnt of her husband's behavior. He disengaged the lock on the car as Viv tried to open the car door

"Good morning bro..."  Viv greeted

"hey sis! you look like a bag of sand"

"scattered?" she asked

"yes" Dave replied

"i thought i looked worse..." she sighed

"where's Tobias?"

"he's in bed... suffering from a hangover"

"wait Viv; why don't you speak out? our parents can take you out of this please speak out"

"you don't understand Dave"

"understand what?"

"After we got married, dad gave me sole ownership to the spa in Lekki..."

"yes i know of that" Dave cut in

"Tobias runs the place along side his other businesses... i signed it off to him"

"are you crazy?" Dave spat

"i was just being a good wife Dave..."

"good what? do you know the implication of what you have done? you automatically made Tobias the owner of that spa"

"i know... that's one of the reasons i'm stuck in this thing"

"it still doesn't matter... that spa is one of a kind yes we know, but i bet our parents won't mind loosing a few millions over their daughter... besides a good lawyer should be able to sort this out"

"Yes. which is why i wanted to catch him cheating. I need a reason to walk away. That way, i wont be on the loosing end"

"it's not worth it Viv it's not"

"i know. I am expecting his child i'll be patient and watchful till the child comes. I want my child born into a wholesome family"

"if you say so... but just know i'll be here for you always"

"thank you Dave"

Dave soon found a spot to park while Viv arranged her hair and dress, using the car mirror. They both walked into the already filled church and found a place to sit.
As the church service ended, he noticed  someone who looked so much like Ese his heart skipped a beat he walked up to her....

"Ese!" Dave called out

the person didn't seem to turn around

"Ese... ee.." he kept calling as he walked towards the lady

Imade turned to see someone referring to her as Ese

"i'm not Ese" she smiled "Ese is over there" she pointed

"oh really? you are a spitting image of Ese just a little bit slimmer" he said

"i get that everyday" she chuckled "my name is Imade"

"oh nice...i'm Dave" he offered  her a handshake

"hmmm.. we finally put a face to the name" she shook him

"so, where's Ese? i didn't get the direction you pointed at"

"she's over there... standing with a friend" she directed him

"okay Imade i'll see you  around"

"of course we will... please treat Ese right. By the way, i'm her younger sister"

"i'm so glad i met you. Be rest assured Imade, Ese is in good hands" he smiled

Dave walked towards Ese having a conversation with her sister was a step forward. 

"happy Sunday Ese!" Dave greeted

"same to you!" Ese turned to give him a hug

"Dave meet Ralph, Ralph Dave" she introduced them both

"alright Ese i'll give you a ring" Ralph said as he left Dave and Ese

"how come you came to church in Ikoyi all the way from Lekki?" Dave asked

"i always attend this parish... i started this parish when i was living in Maryland tried a few other parishes around Lekki when i moved there but i still preferred this place so i came back" she said

"that's beautiful" Dave replied

"you came with your parents?"

"do i look like a child?" he chuckled

"no i didn't mean it that way, i just figured this was your family church"

"yes it is. But, i'm sure my parents would be on their way home by now" Dave replied

"oh i see..."

"i came with Viv though"

"oh! where's she?"

"over there..." he pointed

"Ese and Dave walked up to Viv....they exchanged greetings

"Ese you look beautiful" Viv smiled

"thank you... you look shaken" Ese observed

"pregnancy is enough to make me look shaken my dear" Viv sighed

"soon, you''ll be carrying your baby"

"amen..." they all echoed

"i met your sister, she's a spitting image of you" Dave said

"i'm here you don't have to talk about me...."Imade joined them

"wow! she looks like you though" Viv smiled

They all walked out of the church Dave walked Ese and Imade to her car , they had a short conversation after which, Dave left for his car to join Viv.

"you really like this girl" Viv said

"i do sis.. i do"

"she's a good one....stick with her" she smiled


Tobias picked Ade's dress from the floor "Get dressed  my wife will be back soon"

"what's with the hurry? i asked you to come over to mine but you changed plans at the last minute"

"awww......" he dragged her closer "i thought to make it special by bringing you to my home"

"yea... it felt special...when are we seeing...?" she asked as she dressed up

"that's a funny question....i want to see you everyday! you're too good to be left alone all by your self"

"that's sweet" she kissed him

"you know i like you right?"

"you do?" she asked

"i really do..." he kissed her

Tobias saw her out to her car, Ade waved at him one last time and drove off.

He was a serial cheat but this lady seemed special. A spontaneous woman thrilled him and Ade thrilled him everyday.  This one was definitely a keeper. A stable extra marital affair was the balance he needed in his life.

"pee pee" a car honked at his gate... he slide the window blinds in the bedroom to see who it was as the gate man opened the gate for Viv.... it was Dave's car. The boy never came into his house not that it mattered to him anyway, they had shoved his wife down his throat, their presence wasn't also needed around.

"who's home his wife shouted from the living room"

he didn't answer....she was headed to the bedroom anyway, why waste his strength to reply?

"hi Tob" Viv greeted

"hi church woman" he replied

"how was church? i'm sorry i spoke to you rudely earlier on, it was the after effects from being drunk last night" he hugged her from behind

"its okay... you smell nice... but Tob you smell different" she turned to face him

"yea.. i... guess... it's you.. I've been here all along" he stammered

"oh really.. wait! that's a thong on the chair and i definitely didn't keep this here" she reached out for it

 "you are necessarily being petty Viv, what's all this? that's should be yours"

"huh! Tob! do i look daft? i stopped wearing thongs 7 months ago when i fell pregnant you now bring your whore into our home?" 

" You are assuming and i don't like this Viv" he dragged her closer

"call the lawyer i'm filing for a divorce" she pushed him away

to be continued.....


  1. well done ma! Viv should kill this slut called Ade before she leaves the stupid Tobias

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    anyway, to my gist ... so this Ralph nor get shame? viv be doing like a typical Nigerian woman i hope she receives some sense how can you give your property to a man? Ade is just a she goat, who again? awww imade is a good sister. Dave!!!!! our boo be repping, Kunle abeg shift!

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