Akanbi arrived Ibadan... how he had missed this town. Everywhere seemed dusty and he could smell the rust in the air.
"The Ancient city of Ibadan"... he smiled.

 He went home to meet his aged mother who began crying, the moment she set her eyes on him
"maami why the tears, you should be happy to see me not all these tears you are shedding. Your son has a job now"

"i know... its both tears of joy and sorrow... i am happy you are back on your feet but i'm sad that you have to go through trials even amidst your success"

"no maami, God has a plan and i'm sure these are all part of his plans... Taye and Kehinde will be fine.." he hugged her

"big bro welcome home...."  he heard his sister's voice from the backyard

"funmilayo... bawo ni? how's school going?"

"fine fine... final examinations should begin in a week"

"wow... very soon you'll also be a graduate, that's nice" he smiled.

 Funmi was 8 years younger than he was. His parents had lost all hope of having another child after him and his father died 2 months before  she was born. Like her name implied, she brought joy instead of sorrow to them.

"have you been to the hospital to see my kids" Akanbi asked

"yes... i just got back from the hospital"

"how's Titi holding up?"

"this situation has really made her calm bro... she regrets not breast feeding them i overheard the doctor telling her that was the root cause"

"funmi that's not true... those kids have sickle cell disease" her brother corrected

"yes now, but the doctor said, formula feed predisposed them to the infection"

"hmmmm... lets pray they get better. I am dashing off to the hospital, see you when i get back"

"you won't eat at all?" his mother asked

"no maami. My children are more important than the growl my stomach gives from hunger"

"okay go well my son..."


Titi sighted Akanbi from the hospital lobby he looked really clean, he had changed. Indeed, money answered all things. She ran to hug him

"kaabo oko mi" she greeted

"thanks dear... am so sorry you are going through this stress alone" Akanbi apologized

"i understand why you couldn't be here earlier"

"how are the kids faring?" he asked

"hmmm... kehinde's heart is failing..." she sobbed

"don't worry, they will pull through this. Their father always pulls through anything and everything"

"yes true...we are waiting for the blood from the bank they need extra transfusions the initial one wasn't enough"

"madam... i have been looking for you everywhere, the Doctor will like to see you.." a nurse told her

"oh okay... "

Titi and Akanbi both walked down to the doctor's office

"the blood we requested from the lab is not available... so..." the doctor was trying to explain

"errm... sir can i donate for them please?" Akanbi cut him short

"why not, i was just about suggesting that"

"the nurses will show you to the lab... proper blood work will be done we need to check for  a few things before you will be allowed to donate your blood"

"okay then... no problem sir"

Titi and Akanbi walked out of the doctor's office

Rey tried calling Akanbi but the line was not connecting.  "damn this stupid network" she hissed.
she was so worried about him. They had spoken all through his way to Ibadan and he had called her to tell her of his arrival, now she wasn't able to reach him after then

"calm down babe, he's with his wife-to-be maybe he just doesn't want to be disturbed..." her friend advised

"no... we don't even have anything together he has told her about me i also need to talk to her"

"Hold on; you aren't dating that guy?"

"no am not. What were you thinking?"

"we  all thought you were, your connection is out of this world"

"Reya smiled. I like him a lot but, he's with someone else... i really value our friendship"

"wow! this is so nice to hear. That guy is really nice for not taking advantage of you. Even a blind man can see that you are hopelessly in love with him"

"Another reason i like him..." Reya smiled

"the line finally went through.." Reya mouthed

"Akay how are you... been trying to call you since yesterday"

"yea... network down here is crazy... the ICU is in the basement and i haven't been home since i came here to see them"

"you mean you slept at the hospital?"

"yes i did... Titi is even here"

"who's that? Titi asked

"it's Reya"

"Titi  hissed and walked away

"Rey sorry about that, she's not in a very good mood. The kids condition have worsened and its getting to her"

"i really understand. I wonder how she'd be feeling right now, i sent you some money"

"how did you get my bank details?"

"i asked Rafiu. That was the reason i feigned going back to use your toilet while you waited for me in the car when i came to pick you on the morning of your trip. I know you need money, stop pretending please"

"i even saw some money you sneaked in my bag... Rey you need to stop this i don't want you spending your money on a man it's not right... i should be the one giving you money not the other way round"

"what are friends for? if you were in my shoes, i'm pretty sure you'd do same for me... by the way, the money is for Taye, Kehinde and Titi...."

"thank you Rey but i'll pay you back. You've done too much recently i don't know what i'd even do if you weren't here as my friend"

"i just told you not to worry, please send my regards to Titi... i pray the kids get better soon"

"Amen. I'll call you when the reception is better"

"okay bye"  Reya chuckled as she disconnected the call her friend looked at her and said, "the way you like this guy, i just hope something good comes out of it"

"even if it doesn't, God has a plan for me..."


Akanbi had called Bayo  to tell him of his trip and the reason. Bayo cared less after all, that was not his problem. He had other issues bothering him. Joyce finally broke things off and now, he was facing fraud issues. He had manipulated all the reports Akanbi sent him. Reading through, he knew only God could save Akanbi from the problem he was about to put him. This wasn't his fault, someone had to take the fall but, it won't be him.


Joyce read through the files Bayo sent to her, from what she was seeing, Akanbi has not been fair to the company. This was someone she thought was different from every other young man she knew.

"they are all the same"  she thought.

She heard the housekeeper's foot step as she hurried to answer the door bell.  Reya was at the door how did she forget today was Saturday? this was supposed to be a dinner date but, she would discuss this with her. Reya thought too highly of the young man.

"Rey your Akanbi the spotless lamb is a fraud"

"why mum?" she asked as she took off her coat

"i have been going through the records so many things are missing... the guy thought he was smooth but i caught him"

"mum i doubt that... this guy cant even hurt  a fly i trust him..."

"well, i just realized we both trusted a fraud! what if he used the excuse of seeing his kids to run away?" Joyce nodded at the sight of chicken soup the cook had just served

"i have been in constant communication with him... if that was the case, he would cut off all communication he even sent  a picture of the babies. As we speak they are getting prepared for another transfusion and he's the donor"

"hmmmm...." Joyce hesitated "i'll go through the records again... i do not trust him, but i'll do it for you" she said

"we could go through it together this should be nothing,compared to some files i audit daily... besides i can smell a rat here"

"a rat?" Joyce drank from the soup

" yes.... those reports, were they directly from him?"

"no... his head supervisor sent them to me"

"same guy who told you we were sleeping together?"


"mum, ask Akay to send you his own report too... then go over them"

"hmmm... true. He  is supposed to report directly to Bayo but i'll shunt protocols and see where this leads"

"maybe you'll just find a deeper hole than this mum"

"hmmmm... maybe"

 "on a lighter note, how's Jude" Reya took a sip from her glass of juice

"he's fine..." Joyce's smile could light up a ranch

"i see you are happy... maybe you should invite him for dinner next Saturday" Reya smiled

"oh Rey! thank you! i was going to ask... thank you so much darling" Joyce stammered

"anything to make you happy mother..." she took a bite from her bread and sipped some more juice.

to be continued.......


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