PRAY FOR ME- Part 10

Akanbi left for the motor park he had to get back to his life in Abuja. Everything he thought he had been working for was a sham. How would he trust anyone again? Titi had her shortcomings, yet, he  had loved her regardless.

Akanbi took the last seat in an already filled bus. The journey from Ibadan to Abuja was a long one, but he had more than enough to occupy his mind.
Reya had been calling since the incident but he was just too ashamed to open up to her.  He would eventually, but right now, he couldn't. The betrayal was still fresh in his mind.
He brought out his headset, plugged it to his phone, listening to the tunes from Fela, he dozed off as the car set out for the highway.


Reya was in such a hurry. She never liked to be late for any appointment. This would be the first time she was meeting George. Making a late appearance, would be rude.

She  cursed under her breathe as she tried to beat the traffic light. It was a weekend, thank heavens! the road safety guys were out of sight else, they would have been on her in a flash.
she walked into the restaurant looking for where her mother was seated.
Joyce waved,  Reya noticed them and walked their way. Joyce was all smiles.

"Hi George" Reya smiled

"Reya! I've heard so much about you" George replied

"Hi mum..." she hugged Joyce

"Baby! I thought you weren't going to make it" she hugged her

"I'm so sorry... I had a lot to do today"

"It's okay you are here now" George said

They went on to have dinner quietly. Afterwards, they spent the entire evening catching up.
Rey stood up to order a drink from the bar and  Joyce followed suit

"Rey, i found out the truth. Thanks to you, Bayo is cooling off in gaol"

"I knew that guy was up to something. You shouldn't have dated him though, your bad"

"You knew?" Joyce gasped

"Of course mum! what do you take me for? A child?" she chuckled

"I guess we all make terrible decisions" Joyce brushed the thin strands of hair from her face

"I guess so too..."

"By the way, how's your friend Akanbi?" Joyce asked

"I haven't been able to speak with him, heard he lost one of the twins"

"Oh he did? that's so sad"

 Reya and Joyce walked back to where George had been waiting

"George, Mum, i beg to take my leave. I have a lot to prepare for. Thanks for making my mother happy  George " she stood to hug him.

"She will be for a very long time" he returned the hug.


"Akanbi where are you? you haven't been taking your calls" Reya was hysterical

"I just got to town... I'm sorry i had so much on my mind"

"It's okay.. are you at the motor park? i could come pick you"

"Yes i am... why not?"

"I'll be there shortly"

Rey drove with the speed of light! she knew Akanbi was hurting, she would wait, wait till he was ready to talk about it.
Akanbi saw Rey's car, he got into the car, put on his seat belt and as he turned to say hi, he couldn't hold back the tears Rey held him close... "the other twin would be fine Akay you guys would have more kids" she stroked his back softly

"They aren't mine... i built my castles in the air, the kids aren't mine. They are Bayo's he destroyed my life" Akanbi sobbed

" Sweet Jesus! it's okay you don't have to talk about it right away" she held him closely

"Thank you! i don't know if i can talk about this anytime soon, but just know i'm empty right now"

"It's okay A.. i'll pray for you! i'm here always". She kissed his forehead, reached for her wheels and drove off.

 "A, just know God's plans for you are greater than a man's plan Same Bayo who tried to set you up,is cooling off in gaol right now" she changed gears

 "Bayo! Why did he go that far though? I have never done anything to hurt him or anyone else" Akanbi scratched his head

"God Loves you... He's seen your good heart and he has quite a lot planned for you. Children of many prayers are never lost, I remember you telling me how hard your mother prays for you in one of our conversations. God sees... He hears... "

Akay reached out for her hand, " God heard my silent prayers... he brought you my way before this happened"


Titi walked into the ICU, she watched as Taye's body was being folded into a thin box

"She's gone ma'am" the female doctor consoled.

Titi opened her mouth to scream but she couldn't hear her own voice....

"I lost it all" she whispered



  1. Awwwwww...let me act like my mum now. You should continued into the part Akay and Reya got married, had kids and even grew old. A wonderful story...Lesson: prays works is always a covering over those who are being prayed for; then a pure heart will never be allowed into the worst of life. Prayer, may men like Akanbi search for us and make us a honest woman; may we ladies not be like Titi.

  2. and they lived happily ever after. moral lesson, keep your kpekus closed!

    1. Monaaaaa you are just a mumu I swear but I love you like that

    2. I love you too darling

  3. Unlike Ese's gist,i didn't enjoy this story from the start but I definitely loved how you twisted the whole saga. Nice story becks well done

  4. Akanbi deserves better... Better left to be imagined please where is Ese's story madam writer?

  5. Great wrap Spider B...I love happy endings

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