PRAY FOR ME- Part 9''

"Hello sir, I followed her like you asked me to. That woman is seeing one oyibo guy like that. They've had dinner at three different luxurious restaurants in town and it seems those two are an item Sir."
George was giving feedback on his mission.

"Hmmmm... thank you George. Do you think you can get the name of the guy?" Bayo asked.

"Yes I found out his name is Jude he is a foreign business man and he is known all over for his successful investments"

"Thank you... this information is enough... I'll have your balance sent to you"

"alright sir.. have a nice day"

where did this Jude guy fall from? some white man now has hold of his woman. Joyce didn't like commitments how come she got so carried away with someone new? He would wait till he got to work and discuss this little development with her. If she was sneaky with these things, he would help her bring it in the open.

Bayo walked straight into Joyce's office but was stopped by her secretary

" You cant go in there sir... she's in a meeting" the secretary blocked his way

"Well, I'm already in"  he said as he squeezed himself past her

"What madness is this Bayo? " Joyce spat fiercely

 "I need to see you it's important..." he said arranging his ruffled tie

"So? Can't  it wait?"

"No it can't..." he eyed her

Joyce waved at the secretary who was standing by the door... she walked away.  Bayo found himself a seat

"I thought your secretary said you were in a meeting"

"Yes i was...on Skype.... everyone couldn't make it here personally so we decided to do a Skype meeting. So... how may i help you Bayo?"

"Joyce you are cheating on me and i find it disrespectful" he spat

Joyce burst out laughing... "i can't even breathe... this laughter is choking..." she was laughing hysterically

"Laugh all you want but i found out everything... i found out."

"Wait Bayo... are you mad? or you are trying to be mad? when did i become answerable to you? i had an itch, you did too, and we both took care of our itches! its time to move on... do so swiftly" Joyce was fuming

"Do you even know i care about you deeply"

"oh shut it!  I may have been a sex starved single mother but i am not dumb! you love my money, my position, you like things easy, I was your meal ticket and yes you were my bedroom fantasy... we have both achieved what we wanted....game over.. wake up!"

"You are gonna leave me for some white guy you just met?"

"hey there, i see you have been doing some back ground check.  I guard my life jealously, i don't know how you got info about him, i beg for you to stop and walk away peacefully. I remain your boss and i could recommend a sack... it'll take a few minutes for that recommendation to pull through. Move on, settle with someone you like and call whatever we had, your past."

"Don't even dare use and dump me Joyce. You may be my boss but what you don't know is that, i am worse than a demon"

"Threaten all you want... i never got this far without dining with a few demons....what you don't know is that, i now command a legion of them"

"Okay then....we'll see!" Bayo walked out of the office steaming . What was he going to do? he had some falsified paper work Joyce had frowned at days ago and the sum of money missing from the book was in millions, now Joyce would scrutinize everything... he knew what to do... Joyce valued her image and self worth.. he was going to make her loose it "black mail" he thought.

Reya had brushed aside Akanbi's gist when her mother brought it up a few weeks ago over dinner... she didn't want anyone to judge her for seeing the good in this man. These past weeks, she  has seen their friendship blossom into something great. They talked everyday and though he kept his distance, she could tell he was beginning to warm up to her. He had told her the kids' illness had worsened and he needed to travel back home to see them. She had sneaked some money into his travelling bag as she dropped him off at the motor park and when he found out he had just said, "I'll pay you back and don't even say no".
The man was responsible, too responsible... he sounded a bit off last night when they spoke maybe because he was back home and 'she' was there, but then... He never sounded off when they spoke everyday since he left. Yesterday was so bad she had to tell him she'd call back when the time was right.
Her phone was ringing, she looked at the caller it was Akanbi

"Akanbi are you better now, you sounded off last night"

"Yea that's why am even calling... sorry i sounded that way. I have  a bit of family issues and its weighing on me"

"you want to share..?"

"no its too embarrassing" he sighed

"Nothing is... I am your friend and i care about you i am here to render my help anytime"

"i know.. Rey, this one is just too embarrassing and i bet you can't help me out of this... i just called to apologize about the way i spoke to you and trust me i value our friendship.. you are one ray of sunshine in these stormy clouds. Thank you"

Rey took a deep breathe and smiled "i never knew i meant this much. I'll always be here, take it easy on yourself and don't forget to pray"

"i will... thank you.." the line went off

This was the first time Akanbi was sounding emotional... he was a nice person, he never made her feel awkward and he never took it further than the friendship ties... something must really be wrong with him she'll wait till he came around to telling..."God help you A..."  she sighed

"Baby please i am begging you please don't let the world hear  our little secret" Titi was on her knees

"Titi... i loved you, cared for you, gave you all you wanted. With the little i had, i built a world you could live in....what did i ever do to warrant this betrayal? We won't have an issue if you start talking"

"I'll talk I'll talk please just hold on..." she sniffed

"Your parents would be here any minute so start talking." Akay wiped his tears.

"We are here already," Titi's  father's voice rang from the corridor ..."you better talk before i kill you with my hands" her father raised his hands to hit her

"I will talk..." titi was sobbing.

"It's Bayo!"

"Which Bayo..?" Akay shifted

"Your friend Bayo.... Bayo Ajisafe same one you met in Abuja"

"What? how did you guys meet?"

"Bayo shuttles Ibadan and Abuja...i met him last year"

"Talk... omo Ale!"  her father spat

"When and how did you meet Bayo because, i told you about him the week i got to Abuja and you feigned not knowing Him"

"E-rrmmm... i have always seen Bayo... we were an item back then in school...he had to back out when he realized i cared so much about you. Last year, we both met at Bisi's wedding, we got talking, and one thing led to another we did it. I missed my period that month but i never thought i'd be pregnant for him since i also met you days after i and Bayo got down together."

"Please take this woman away before i kill somebody please".... He stood up to leave but stopped halfway.  "Wait Titi, if the children's case were not this bad and i didn't come back home so i could look after them, would you have mentioned this?

"i never knew i got pregnant by that incident.." she sobbed

"errmmm... Akanbi please how did all this come to light?" his mother coughed.

"Maami, ibejis needed more pints of blood after the initial one, she called as usual for more money and i felt sympathy for her. I came home to support her emotionally. That was where i told the doctor i wanted to donate some blood for the kids... this was how the problem started. They ran a few tests to check for compatibility and other things and found out that, my blood group was type AB titi's own type B the babies were blood group O... the doctor went further to check my genotype i am AA.. there was no way i could have had kids with sickle cell disease even though she was AS.  Maami i almost died at the hospital it took me so much courage to get home"

"Titi... i always spoke to you about your philandering acts i never told my brother because i knew how much he cared about you..." Funmi hissed

"You can't come into my house Titilayo! you have decided to bring shame upon yourself and not me... so, when you leave here, go anywhere you want" her father pushed her away from his feet

"Mummy please beg Akanbi and daddy I'm ready to change please..." she cried

"Beg who? you have ruined your Life! this is what you want right? Yoruba's say, one who is childless won't breast feed a goat! I am with your father on this, i disown you!" her mother walked away.

"Akanbi felt betrayed. He loved titi so much he didn't even know if he could love anyone else in the same manner"

"Titi i forgive you...i can't put my self in this position to be hurt by you, please go away"

"Titi picked her remaining items turned to look at him and said " you deserve better akay, you do"

His sister sat on the arm of the sofa he was sitting, looking at him as she gently  patted his back she said,
"big brother, when you asked us to pray for you, we prayed that the city brings you good tidings, this is God at work."

"hmmmmm i don't even know what to say" he lamented

Bayo i am checking your records, they  are so inconsistent. I know about the missing money from the project.. you made me almost arrest an innocent man

"Joyce i can explain please"

"Explain what? it's either you pay back or I'm handing you over to the police!"

"wait! you'd do that?" he laughed

"I am asking you to pay back Bayo"

"See joy don't act like a saint you know i have your own secrets too and i will spill if you don't let this go"

"You lower yourself to cheap blackmails?"

"I will go ahead and tell the board we were having an affair"

" I saw this coming.....I already did...and while you were blabbing, the police were Listening"

Bayo turned to see three armed policemen walk into the office they handcuffed him and took him out.

To be continued......


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